Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Singapore is a Lucky Country!!!!!!!!

Singaporeans are lucky people. If you open up the newspapers in Singapore to read , there is nothing but good news and good ideas from the ruling government. There is daily hope that things will get better. Once a week someone in Singapore achieve something big - like urine power batteries. Everyone live in harmony with the government - even opposition in Singapore is nice and quiet. The government is virtually perfect based on what the Singapore news papers say and are always thinking of ways to improve the lives of Singaporeans. The govt of Singapore is always helping its people - recently to help the poor buy flats. It looks like Singaporeans are relatively problem free and happy - not much suffering in Singapore.
When I went on tour in the US for one month and when I read the newspaper, I was horrified this country has so much problems. People going on strike because they think their pay is too low. Politicians arguing with each other on various issues. Unheard of in Singapore. The newspapers is full of criticism of the govt - obviously the Leaders in America are not as smart as Singapore leaders - nobody in Singapore can find anything wrong with the PAP. The people I met in America are generally unhappy with their lives and always talking about trying to change it - they dream of becoming rich, becoming movie stars, becoming singers, becoming this on that. I even met a 40 year old guy who was attending medical school - obviously he is unhappy with his job as a waiter. Contrast that with Singaporeans who are very happy with their current existence many are happy with their current jobs and don't dream much about the future.
When I was on tour, I found out America has poor public transport system - no MRT, few public bus. Can't imagine how they get around.
Their service sector is behind us by decades, I went the hotel restaurant to eat, the first day they were very nice to me. The second day I went back, they were not nice. I was offended, so like very good Singaporean I complained. They told me I did not tip them the first day. Waliao, in America must 'tip' to get service. In Singapore, I never have to tip!
Another day I wondered on to the streets and found a man distributing anti-government material. I read it and it accused the US govt of causing the suffering in 3rd world countries. Why does the US govt allow the people to accuse it? In singapore, this person would have been arrested. Another day, a Hispanic union group gathered in a rally accusing employers of discrimination - how can they do that? don't they know that busineeses if not given a free hand to do what they want will just invest in china or india. How come their union is not working with the employer to harmonise worker relations and persuade workers to accept their current conditions.
One day when I was on the "free and easy" part of my tour I found a way to take the bus around in Los Angeles. At my 3rd stop, a cyclist wanted to take the bus, the bus driver got down the bus and help him to mount his bicycle on a structure at the front of the bus. I was disgusted, how can he do that, it caused delay to everyone on the bus. I'm surprised Americans put up with that. Half way through the ride, the bus got a bit crowded, just like Singapore people don't move to the rear. At the bus stop people trying to get up shouted loudly at the people in the bus to "move to the rear guys!! we can't get up!!". In Singapore, people would have kept quiet and waited for the bus driver to do something - if nothing is done they would have just waited for the next bus. This shows that Americans are impatient lot - unlike Singapore they don't trust the person in the leadership position(bus driver) to do his job.
As I move around in America, I realise the problem of older workers getting jobs is far worse that in Singapore. I saw very few old folks working in America - they are mostly sitting in parks or playing with their grand children. I guess they do that because they are unable to find a job. In contrary, we see many old folks in Singapore working as cleaners and at MacDonalds. We should be thankful that in Singapore even old folks can find jobs. In America, old folks are jobless and sitting around doing nothing. It is obvious the American government is unable to solve the structural unemployment problem and are unable to redesign jobs for older workers. These old folks in America must be suffering without an income and spending so much time in the park when they should be working.
I went to one place that was having an election for a Mayor. So much money wasted on posters and hundreds of people wasting time campaigning for the candidates. Why do they waste time doing that? In Singapore, instead of having so many people choose a president, we simply have a panel of 3 people to do it - it is cheaper and waste less energy. Obviously America has alot to learn from Singapore.
The only place I like alot is Las Vegas. Wow the bright lights and the wonderful casinos. Yes, I like it alot although one night at the jackpot machine, I don't know what happened to me and I lost $500. For some reason, I couldn't stop myself. But later when I watch the show with the pirate ship and girls in bikini, I felt much better and forgot my loss. Certainly I'll come back to Las Vegas. You can see that the Singapore govt also realise that most Singaporeans will like Las Vegas, so they are build 2 casinos in Singapore to bring Las Vegas to Singaporeans. See, how much the PAP govt cares about you, to make sure you're well entertained and have some excitement in your life.
You can see for yourself how lucky singapore is as a country. People above 60 are still able to find jobs and continue working. Everyone living in harmony happily. No time wasted on debates and protests. No confusing concepts to deal with. After my tour in America, I'm so glad that we have such a good government that put the smile on the faces of Singaporeans everyday...and when I open up the newspapers, I can see everything is fine and dandy. Our citizens are obedient and trust their leaders.


peasant said...

Well said! We are uniquely singapore because the whole country thinks alike. That is our strength that no other country is able to emulate.

We do not waste time engaging in meaningless debates amongst people motivated by their self-interest. Instead, we have the smartest people - oxbridge and ivy league scholars - in the country to decide what is best for the common good of the populace and to chart the direction of the country.

So much precious time is saved that allows for the fast execution of ideas and plans. We are already miles ahead while our neighbours are still quibbling between themselves.

It is indeed worrying when our integrated resorts are delayed by nearly a year due to the thorough public consultation exercise. I hope PM Lee and his team can be more confident in assuming the authority that the people of Singapore have entrusted in them.

Our leaders, under the tutelage of MM Lee, are some of the smartest people in the world. If they were ever proven wrong, it was the best judgement possible made with the knowledge they could possibily have at that time. One can never have total information and even if one has, there would be intervening circumstances which will throw off the prediction out of gear. Our leaders are constantly learning from their errors and move on, and not to repeat them.

Majulah Singapore!

Anonymous said...

Singapore is certainly the best country to live in!

Singaporeans have no worries whatsoever. Everything is well taken care off. Heck, even our retirement is planned in the form of CPF. All we have to do is to follow instructions set by our highly competent ministers.

Study -> score As -> serve army -> further study -> work/reservist -> find spouse -> give birth -> work till 70 -> retire -> die. What could be more fulfilling that that? Cheers!

Anonymous said...

nice blog. Keep it up !!

Anonymous said...

oh ya.ya. nice country, supre gov, just study,work, pay and pay & pay through your nose. and sing and dance every election yr.... wayang wayand day after day..... good country, fine gov..... ha ha ha

Anonymous said...

I'm Singaporean living in America for the last 8 years and after reading your posting, it just goes to show how 'closed minded' most singaporeans really are. Most just apply formulas to everyday life. You just do whatever you are told to do - by the government, your teachers, your hawker and even your bus driver. No matter what kind of crap, most singaporeans just sit by allow it to happen or simply play ignorance. With all due respect, having a civil and chaos-free country like Singapore is great but too long and too much of it stiffles the creativity of the minds of people living in the country. No one seems to care, bother, have any sense of what patriotism is (since elections are usually walk-overs resulting in no chance to even vote and what vote ? When there is one ONE party leading). Having a one month stay in America does not give you a clear perspective of what America is. I'm proud to be Singaporean and always will about my country but there are things about it which do not compare to the United States - especially the lack of independence and the ability to 'think outside the box' thats truly lacking in alot of Singaporeans.

My Name is Stupid said...

Anonymous, you mean that all the years in the USA and you can still not get the sense of sarcasm here? You said think out of the box? Doh.

Talk about transplanting money-making Singaporeans aboard.

The sarcasm is so thick in the blog post that .... sigh.

Anonymous said...

This is too funny... oh. I've just been introduced to your blog. I am looking forward to reading all of it.


JZAC said...
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Anonymous said...

I felt the blog post was filled with sarcasm but Mr. Peasant got the wrong idea, i guess. The Singapore government is indeed a totalitarian one. There is no reported corruption since they have payed themselves the highest salary in the world. What truly is that a corrupt group of people including a family wields their power in Singapore. And the Singaporean citizens are just employees in this well run business.

Anonymous said...

Ivan said...

U have turn this country goverment to a family goverment. Speech by Mahatih

Anonymous said...

Okay. Even though Singapore is a good place to stay, the pay you get for being an actress here is like nothing compared to the US. If I wanna be an actress, I would definitely go to the US and pursue my dreams because of the money (to live a blissful life) and also because I'm only interested in English shows and there's hardly any English shows in Singapore. In my opinion, US is the perfect country to get started if you wanna be an actress. Literally. :)

Anonymous said...

To the dude that lived or is living in America for the past 8 years: I totally agree with you! I'm so jealous of you! I wish I was living in America RIGHT NOW so that I can START pursuing my dream. I wanna be an actress, so bad! I would do anything to get close to that. Since I'm in Singapore, the only way I can get close to fulfilling my dream is to audition online... But the problem is, SCHOOL! Damn the school problem! If America and Singapore has the exact same studies, I'd be able to go to America right away! It's too bad. I gotta wait for another 2-3 years to get out of secondary school. And there's no way in hell I'm gonna wait until I finish college to start. I'm giving up college to act in America! Wooh! (if I can get cast) ._.

Anonymous said...

All you see is the good side of America. Days before, i saw a statistic that shows America has a whopping 45s/rape a year. And people in California is allowed to carry guns with them. Imagine you just left your gun on the table and your kids just happened to play with it. what could have happened? But do Singapore have such a problem? We don't. Even if Singapore is a 'FINE' city, being a 'FINE' city just enhanced the discipline in Singapore and brought peace to everyone. You won't see riots and protestors on the streets every alternative weeks. We are not exactly racist-free, but majority of us respect every race and religion in Singapore. Imagine what would happen if more races were added to America. They already had problems between black and white. It's true that we are not that creative than people out there, but our population is small, you can't expect everyone in Singapore(with its pathetic small size in the globe) to consist most of the talented or experts. We choose our government because we think that they are capable of moving Singapore into a much better place to stay or work in the world. Try building a nation in less than 50 years. All in all, I am proud to be a Singaporean.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

this is hilarious

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