Friday, September 30, 2005

Singapore Students Minds Need Molding.....

I read with interest the newspaper articles that students who have written negative stuff about their teachers have been severely reprimanded by the principals. In the more serious cases, they were caned publicly. Even though principals are generally outstanding individuals (most of them superscale civil servants), the promptness of the action on these BLOG offenders still impresses me. It shows how attentive these principals are to errant behaviour that will later on lead to activities that will be harmful to our society. We all know that Singapore is a country where the people respect and obey authority. It is this obedience that makes Singapore what it is today and central to our form of government. This obedience and respect for authority has to be cultivated from young, and students have to be taught this - not to question authority and obey.
The principals have obviously thought far ahead and considered the bigger picture when they acted for the good of the student. If such disrespect for authority is allowed to persist, our society will be jeopardised. The student might also grow up to show dissident behavior - like Martyn See, Chee Soon Juan or even behavior. He might grow up to be a disgruntled citizen instead of a happy one. For his own good, he has to be taught and such negative ideas purged from his mind from an early age. Borrowing the words of Chua Lee Hoong -'Blogs to pro-democracy protests tomorrow?'. Principals have to be applauded for nipping such tendencies in the bud.
Some of you may ask, doesn't this cause our youths to grow up to be docile adults? Precisely! That is why the PAP also control the media to protect its citizens from bad ideas. What is wrong with being docile and happy anyway? Sure beats being angry and disgruntled - like Martyn See, after 2 rounds of interrogation, he still hasn't understood that he is harmed society and deserved to be punished. Doesn't docility case a problem, we won't have enough creative people to drive our economy? ...tsk tsk, the PAP has also thought of that they have the FT policy, they can hire all the creative talent from anywhere in the world to 'drive' our economy. See they have thought of everything. We Singaporeans are so LUCKY to have the PAP lead us.

Thursday, September 29, 2005

Excellent improvements to the CPF !!!

See how quickly the PAP realised it can make improvements. After introducing the CPF investment scheme in 1992, the PAP has discovered that unit trust has been charging investors to high a managment fee crippling their returns. It only took the very brilliant elite leaders 13 years to uncover this. Any other govt would have been stumped and would not be able to solve the problem. Not the highly paid brilliant scholars forming the PAP government:
The solution of course is to reduce cost of fund management and the PAP has promptly look into this after 13 years of implementing CPF investment scheme. Singaporeans are so lucky to have such a caring intelligent govt looking out for them protecting them from banks that want to profiteer from unit trusts.
The other brilliant solution from the PAP for retirement is annuities. First you give monthly contributions to an insurance company most likely NTUC over the course of your working life until you reach your retirement age which will most likely be revised to 70 years old. When you reach this age, you would have contributed 45 years to the annuities. Then every month NTUC will give you back a fix amount until you die.
When you die, you don't have to worry about your children fighting over your CPF remainder because an annuity ends when you die. What a beautiful idea, you come to this earth with no money and leave no money when you die. I'm beginning to appreciate the beauty of the PAP's thinking absolutely brilliant!

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Martyn See to be jailed?

He has obviously broken laws enshrined in the Film Act. A law breaker has to jailed otherwise who will respect the law. The police is also investigating his friends to make sure all are taken care off and the cancer does not spread :
What Martyn See does is dangerous to Singaporeans. He is trying to introduce ideas that has not been officially approved by the government. In took 40 years of PAP rule for Singapore to reach this state. We cannot allow him to confuse us with alternatives and undermine our state of happiness. Singaporeans minds have been molded by years of reading the Straits Times and listening to the state media. Everything they read and hear is consistent with what the PAP govt tells them.
It is thus necessary to introduce the film act and anti-sedition laws so that the minds of Singaporeans are not corrupted by dangerous people as Martyn See. Martyn See is telling us that Democracy, Freedom and Transparency is important to Singaporeans. This is hogwash, the PAP has told us that the most important thing is keep the PAP in power so that they can keep the good news coming through the state media and Straits Times - this is the best way for Singaporeans to stay happy - the film act, censorship, anti-sedition laws are all put in place for the good of Singaporeans. is all for your own good...and protection

Sunday, September 25, 2005

HK Disney workers protest for better conditions

Just open a few weeks only they have industrial rife.Really goes to show how inferior their system is comparedwith our superior Tripartite system. Among other things they ar protesting:
1. 13 hour work day.
2. Cannot dye hair.
3. Cannot drink water in front of guest.
4. 15 minutes break for every 4 hours.

This is a joke right. Like that also cannot take it.Compare that with our superior Tripartite system, lets take the case of S'pore taxi drivers:
1. Endless rental hikes.
2. 14-18 hours work per day.
3. No sick leave, no leave or holiday.
4. Taxi company make higher profits year after year.They make more in rent than what taxi drivers bring home.
5. They increase more and more taxis causing drivers to drive longer and longer hours to break even.
Yet you never see a single worker protests in Singapore. This is because the government explains to workers clearly what is expected from them so that they understand and become happy with whatever they receive. Workers after the explanations will see that the govt is doing all this for their own good. Remember what the MM said during the SIA saga, such protests in which workers ask for more will destroy Singapore - so he saved Singapore by demolishing Ryan Goh. Until today many Singaporeans continue to be thankful for his interference to bring Singapore back from the brink of destruction. Hong Kong on the other hand has seen numerous protests and has been destroyed over and over again by its workers. That is why they are no match for Singapore.

If the Hong Kong Disneyland protests had happened in Singapore, it would have been solved instantly by our elite leadership:
1. The Hong Kong govt make the first crucial mistake of insisting that the workers in the theme park have to be Hong Kongers. The Singapore govt would have hired FTs instead of Singaporeans thereby averting the whole sorry episode.

2. They don't have MM Lee to step forward to crush the protestors. MM Lee would have crushed them and made them agree to 15 hour workdays for their own good.

3. The protestors would have been sued for defamation if possible.or sedition or the Film Act.

4. The newspapers will paint the protestors as fussy, ill disciplined, unreasonable workers who failed to understand the world has changed...just as they did the SIA pilots.

Now you see how superior our Singapore system is? Workers after 40 years of PAP rule, know their exact place in society relative to the ruling elites. Hong Kong is far far behind us.

Saturday, September 24, 2005

Singaporeans MUST play a bigger role!

The PM of Singapore has put out the challenge to make Singapore a Globalised City. What does this mean and why must Singaporeans do to gear up for the challenge of a Globalised city. By globalising Singapore, it means that Singapore does not just belong to Singaporeans, it has to embrace the numerous foreign talents landing in Singapore for high quality jobs. Our ministers have emphasised many times that Singaporeans have to improve their service standards to serve the people in this Globalised city. They have to take orders better and anticipate the needs our foreign visitors. The Singapore government sets a fine example in serving Foreign Talents, around the world they have "Contact Singapore" offices to help these foreign talents find jobs in Singapore, they also help them to settle in well. In 1996, the Singapore govt also realise some for these FTs would be taken aback by the high housing prices in Singapore provided enormous help to these foreign nationals on accomodations.

I think Singaporeans should be proud when they serve their National Service. They are protecting not just their fellow Singaporeans but the large number of FTs and PRs that reside here. In other words, NS has become more important in a Globalised City and Singaporeans must live to their new obligations to this Globalised City. All Singaporeans must now feel lucky for playing a more important role in this world. They should be thankful for the great leadership from the PAP leaders who have elevated Singaporeans to play this bigger role.

Friday, September 23, 2005

Leadership that is too good for the people..

Sometimes I look at the members of the PAP government and instantly feel sorry
for them. First of all, as the MM has told us numerous times, these talented people
could be in the private sector earning far higher salary than the one and the half peanuts
they earn as ministers. As if such sacrifice isn't enough, they have to deal with a fussy population that expects everything to be done perfectly even when perfection is impossible. When people complain not enough jobs, they created thousands of jobs, then people complaint about the jobs, they actually have to go and redesign the jobs for these people. Tell me one govt in this world that is put through such a situation. None.

Everything hinges on these ministers even when mosquitos breeding in citizen's flower pots cause mosquitos, these ministers have to turn mosquito catchers to solve the problem, such is their versatility, they are seen as a solution for everything. Costing only 5 plates of fried noodles per person, a bargain is an understatement to describe their pay. I notice the enormous versatility of our ministers, they can be law minister one year, then foreign minister the next. They can be minister one time, then cross over to business like David Lim, look at the profit of NOL under his tenure!

Singapore is too small a country for men of such abilities. That is why we need a second wing to grow. We can also import more people to hit a higher enlarge population for these ministers to look after. This is done in the FT policy.

It seems there is nothing beyond them, too many cars - COE solves it! too few babies, FT policy solves it, no tourists casino solves it, .......bus fare cheats-jail solves it, drug problem - death penalty solves it, .....

Singaporeans should consider themselves lucky to have such great leaders to guide them.

Sunday, September 18, 2005

Ingenius approach to bring down Unemployment in Singapore

The employment rate in Singapore subbornly stays at historically high levels. This despite very determined effort from the government to redesign jobs, retrain workers and lumping the PR with Singaporeans in computation of unemployment figures. I thought the government might be at its wits end. But that is not so!!!! Indeed our ingenius government should never be underestimated.

I work at a small company in Kallang Basin, needless to say most of the workers are from China including the programmers. Many of them cannot speak English so I have to double up as TRANSLATOR which secures my job as the employer is not good as Mandarin. During break time, they sometimes show me pictures from back home. Many of these Chinese are from villages, and their houses are like those old time kampung houses very backward. So what has all this got to do with unemployment in Singapore? ....

Well I was chatting with one of Chinese software programmers, he told me he has applied for Singaporean citizenship and will most likely get it, he said he receive much encouragement to be a Singaporean. WOW! I thought this must be a stroke of GENIUS by the PAP government:

1. By converting mainland Chinese to Singaporean, it would mean our unemployment will go down since there is one additional citizen with a job. Now I fully understand what the Singapore minister means when he said 'bringing foreigners to singapore will help to create jobs for Singaporeans'. Jobs are created for Singaporeans because the foreigner becomes a Singaporean!!! If that is not genius, what is?!

2. The conversion of Chinese to Singaporeans will also quickly help solve the problem of Singaporeans unwilling to take up the responsibility of having kids.

From this episode, I can say some of the brilliance of our govt cannot be so easily appreciated...

Important to presecute internet RACISTS!

Based on LHL's national day speech Singapore is all set to become a major Global city. This means that the proportion of foreigners is set to increase rapidly over next few years. If the internet is not controlled and certain individuals can incite hatred towards others, how can Singapore be a Global City with more foreigners. The government will ensure that these foreigners are welcomed and feel comfortable in Singapore. We cannot allow a handful of individuals on the internet to incite hatred towards others especially foreigners. That will jeopardise our aspirations to be a global city.

I believe after catching those racists, the government will catch those who incite hatred against the govt. How can we allow our harmony and trust between the govt and people built up over 4 decades to be destroyed by a handful of disgruntled individuals resulting from their personal agenda. Certainly, those unlicensed website run by average Singaporeans whose purpose is to cast aspersions against our govt has to be shut down and these people have to be charged in court for sedition - which is basically the activity of creating hatred. These websites damages the ties between govt and the people which has been fostered through immense hardwork such as the diligent use of the media to impress upon the people that the PAP govt is WORLDCLASS. The media has also impress upon the people that the PAP's primary concern is the well being of Singaporeans. It is also carefully crafted in our media that hose who are sick, homeless or jobless are basically fussy Singaporeans who up to no good. Those evil websites that seek to shatter our citizen-govt harmonious relationship and paint a different picture from that of Straits Times are clearly seditious in nature and have to be put down.

Friday, September 16, 2005

Why I decided to be a STAYER!

2 days ago, I woke up in the middle of the night suddenly remembering the enjoyable time, I had in my last vacation in Australia. Spontaneous thoughts about migrating there for a better life started to corrupt my mind. I quickly grab a copy of the Straits Times and started reading all the good news about Singapore to banish those thoughts. However, that copy of Straits Times did not work, because it didn't contain any Chua Mui Hoong articles. I frantically searched through my pile of old news papers but ...Goddamnit the karang guni man came yesterday and I sold off the priceless collection for $1. I tried to get my brains bombarded and irradiated by the state TV to eliminate those cancerous thoughts but it was so late at night they were showing only the test pattern - ooops damn it those thoughts of cool weather, friendly people, beautiful scenery and freedom of speech start to grow stronger in my mind.
I calm myself against those 'quitter' thoughts and made a list of why it is worthwhile to stay in Singapore:
1. I will never get to meet so many foreigners if I migrate to Austrailia - if I see them in Australia, they are probably tourists and are not there to work and contribute to the country.
2. If I go, I will begin to miss the HDB flats I stay in, they are very small and easy to clean. If I go to Australia my house will be so big, I will tire myself out cleaning it!
3. I will miss the MRT & Buses. If I migrate, I'll probably have to buy a car because the public transport there is not as good. Instead of having someone drive me to my destination, I will have to drive myself around, how tiring.
4. If I migrate to another country, I'll be lost because the govt there does not tell me what to do unlike the Singapore govt.
5. There will be no NS and reservist to provide me with a break from work and forced exercise.
6. I might be given welfare when I'm out of job, that might make me lazy.
7. I might have to vote. For the past 35 years in Singapore, I never have to vote.
8. The hospitals are not crowded by dengue patients, it might be a lonely experience if I get sick and warded.
9. The govt ministers are paid only a fraction of what PAP ministers, how can I trust them with my future.
10. They allow people to protest, what happen if they do it on the street while I'm driving, I might be caught in a jam and be late.
11. Their newspapers don't give the same views as the govt, that might tire my mind trying to resolve the inconsistency.
12. I'll miss the Straits Times and Chua Mui Hoong articles.
13. I'll not get to buy pirated software.
14. I'll miss all the great govt companies like NTUC, HDB, PUB, SingTel, etc.
15. I'll miss those sensational murder stories of foreigners getting chopped to pieces and body parts left all over Singapore.