Sunday, September 25, 2005

HK Disney workers protest for better conditions

Just open a few weeks only they have industrial rife.Really goes to show how inferior their system is comparedwith our superior Tripartite system. Among other things they ar protesting:
1. 13 hour work day.
2. Cannot dye hair.
3. Cannot drink water in front of guest.
4. 15 minutes break for every 4 hours.

This is a joke right. Like that also cannot take it.Compare that with our superior Tripartite system, lets take the case of S'pore taxi drivers:
1. Endless rental hikes.
2. 14-18 hours work per day.
3. No sick leave, no leave or holiday.
4. Taxi company make higher profits year after year.They make more in rent than what taxi drivers bring home.
5. They increase more and more taxis causing drivers to drive longer and longer hours to break even.
Yet you never see a single worker protests in Singapore. This is because the government explains to workers clearly what is expected from them so that they understand and become happy with whatever they receive. Workers after the explanations will see that the govt is doing all this for their own good. Remember what the MM said during the SIA saga, such protests in which workers ask for more will destroy Singapore - so he saved Singapore by demolishing Ryan Goh. Until today many Singaporeans continue to be thankful for his interference to bring Singapore back from the brink of destruction. Hong Kong on the other hand has seen numerous protests and has been destroyed over and over again by its workers. That is why they are no match for Singapore.

If the Hong Kong Disneyland protests had happened in Singapore, it would have been solved instantly by our elite leadership:
1. The Hong Kong govt make the first crucial mistake of insisting that the workers in the theme park have to be Hong Kongers. The Singapore govt would have hired FTs instead of Singaporeans thereby averting the whole sorry episode.

2. They don't have MM Lee to step forward to crush the protestors. MM Lee would have crushed them and made them agree to 15 hour workdays for their own good.

3. The protestors would have been sued for defamation if possible.or sedition or the Film Act.

4. The newspapers will paint the protestors as fussy, ill disciplined, unreasonable workers who failed to understand the world has changed...just as they did the SIA pilots.

Now you see how superior our Singapore system is? Workers after 40 years of PAP rule, know their exact place in society relative to the ruling elites. Hong Kong is far far behind us.


peasant said...

Yah. nothing beats our tripartite system in which the employers, the trade union and the government work for the common good of all.

There are no conflicts between the objectives of the employers, employees and the government. We need to keep the businesses afloat before the workers can get to enjoy the fruits.

Under the system, the garment gets the first layer of returns through taxes and fees. Businesses get the second layer though guaranteed profits. Workers get whatever that is left, if any, and made to bear whatever marcoecnomic policy and business decision errors, which have nothing to do with them and definitely not their faults.

So you see, what a strong and true trade union we have in Singapore!

Cynical Man said...

LOL...excllent job!!

Anonymous said...

Alamak HK so sucky and ineffecient.

In Singapore, 100 riot police will be despatched witin 15 mins and the protest will be history in 20 mins chop chop curry pok.

We're the best!

Anonymous said...

This is about 4 years late, but I was researching Hong Kong Disneyland and came across this.
Granted, Hong Kong Disneyland is far from perfect, and management problems are rife, but it's not so bad that it deserves to be on the end of this arrogant, nationalist rubbish. We have not been "destroyed over and over again", to say the least. Also, I don't see why it is a negative thing to allow workers to verbalize their rights once in a while instead of having them "crushed" in some act of dictatorship along the lines of MM Lee's. You're not even allowed to chew gum, for God's sake. Workers are not dogs to be worked to the ground by the "ruling elites", despite what you might think.
With the benefit of hindsight, I agree that the Disney workers' protest was excessive, but it helped HK Disney realize where it had gone wrong so it could improve the park as a whole, and that is no negative thing.
Lastly, I sincerely hope that your English grammar has improved since this was posted.