Sunday, September 18, 2005

Important to presecute internet RACISTS!

Based on LHL's national day speech Singapore is all set to become a major Global city. This means that the proportion of foreigners is set to increase rapidly over next few years. If the internet is not controlled and certain individuals can incite hatred towards others, how can Singapore be a Global City with more foreigners. The government will ensure that these foreigners are welcomed and feel comfortable in Singapore. We cannot allow a handful of individuals on the internet to incite hatred towards others especially foreigners. That will jeopardise our aspirations to be a global city.

I believe after catching those racists, the government will catch those who incite hatred against the govt. How can we allow our harmony and trust between the govt and people built up over 4 decades to be destroyed by a handful of disgruntled individuals resulting from their personal agenda. Certainly, those unlicensed website run by average Singaporeans whose purpose is to cast aspersions against our govt has to be shut down and these people have to be charged in court for sedition - which is basically the activity of creating hatred. These websites damages the ties between govt and the people which has been fostered through immense hardwork such as the diligent use of the media to impress upon the people that the PAP govt is WORLDCLASS. The media has also impress upon the people that the PAP's primary concern is the well being of Singaporeans. It is also carefully crafted in our media that hose who are sick, homeless or jobless are basically fussy Singaporeans who up to no good. Those evil websites that seek to shatter our citizen-govt harmonious relationship and paint a different picture from that of Straits Times are clearly seditious in nature and have to be put down.

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Anonymous said...

lol yea anyone trying to paint a different picture from the one painted by mm lee is asking for it.

all bloggers should learn from you and reinforce the beautiful image which took gahmen 40yrs to paint!