Friday, September 23, 2005

Leadership that is too good for the people..

Sometimes I look at the members of the PAP government and instantly feel sorry
for them. First of all, as the MM has told us numerous times, these talented people
could be in the private sector earning far higher salary than the one and the half peanuts
they earn as ministers. As if such sacrifice isn't enough, they have to deal with a fussy population that expects everything to be done perfectly even when perfection is impossible. When people complain not enough jobs, they created thousands of jobs, then people complaint about the jobs, they actually have to go and redesign the jobs for these people. Tell me one govt in this world that is put through such a situation. None.

Everything hinges on these ministers even when mosquitos breeding in citizen's flower pots cause mosquitos, these ministers have to turn mosquito catchers to solve the problem, such is their versatility, they are seen as a solution for everything. Costing only 5 plates of fried noodles per person, a bargain is an understatement to describe their pay. I notice the enormous versatility of our ministers, they can be law minister one year, then foreign minister the next. They can be minister one time, then cross over to business like David Lim, look at the profit of NOL under his tenure!

Singapore is too small a country for men of such abilities. That is why we need a second wing to grow. We can also import more people to hit a higher enlarge population for these ministers to look after. This is done in the FT policy.

It seems there is nothing beyond them, too many cars - COE solves it! too few babies, FT policy solves it, no tourists casino solves it, .......bus fare cheats-jail solves it, drug problem - death penalty solves it, .....

Singaporeans should consider themselves lucky to have such great leaders to guide them.


Anonymous said...

Their sacrifices are great indeed, earning just peanuts for the sake of the citizens. I salute them.

Lao Xin Zhou said...

They earned tons of money, but on the other hand, they sacrificed alot of their private time.