Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Martyn See to be jailed?

He has obviously broken laws enshrined in the Film Act. A law breaker has to jailed otherwise who will respect the law. The police is also investigating his friends to make sure all are taken care off and the cancer does not spread :
What Martyn See does is dangerous to Singaporeans. He is trying to introduce ideas that has not been officially approved by the government. In took 40 years of PAP rule for Singapore to reach this state. We cannot allow him to confuse us with alternatives and undermine our state of happiness. Singaporeans minds have been molded by years of reading the Straits Times and listening to the state media. Everything they read and hear is consistent with what the PAP govt tells them.
It is thus necessary to introduce the film act and anti-sedition laws so that the minds of Singaporeans are not corrupted by dangerous people as Martyn See. Martyn See is telling us that Democracy, Freedom and Transparency is important to Singaporeans. This is hogwash, the PAP has told us that the most important thing is keep the PAP in power so that they can keep the good news coming through the state media and Straits Times - this is the best way for Singaporeans to stay happy - the film act, censorship, anti-sedition laws are all put in place for the good of Singaporeans. is all for your own good...and protection


peasant said...

Yah. We must eradicate people who tries to make our life so complex by introducing alternative views.

LuckySingaporean said...

Yes. Martyn See can be prosecuted either under the Film Act or Anti-sedition laws.

There is no way out for him. The price to pay for trying to upset Singaporeans is high. It has to be high if we want to maintain this high level of happiness amongst our population.

Anonymous said...

Remember "The Beach" starring Leonardo Di Caprio? Singapore is becoming one such beautiful place! Singapore is PARADISE!!!