Friday, September 30, 2005

Singapore Students Minds Need Molding.....

I read with interest the newspaper articles that students who have written negative stuff about their teachers have been severely reprimanded by the principals. In the more serious cases, they were caned publicly. Even though principals are generally outstanding individuals (most of them superscale civil servants), the promptness of the action on these BLOG offenders still impresses me. It shows how attentive these principals are to errant behaviour that will later on lead to activities that will be harmful to our society. We all know that Singapore is a country where the people respect and obey authority. It is this obedience that makes Singapore what it is today and central to our form of government. This obedience and respect for authority has to be cultivated from young, and students have to be taught this - not to question authority and obey.
The principals have obviously thought far ahead and considered the bigger picture when they acted for the good of the student. If such disrespect for authority is allowed to persist, our society will be jeopardised. The student might also grow up to show dissident behavior - like Martyn See, Chee Soon Juan or even behavior. He might grow up to be a disgruntled citizen instead of a happy one. For his own good, he has to be taught and such negative ideas purged from his mind from an early age. Borrowing the words of Chua Lee Hoong -'Blogs to pro-democracy protests tomorrow?'. Principals have to be applauded for nipping such tendencies in the bud.
Some of you may ask, doesn't this cause our youths to grow up to be docile adults? Precisely! That is why the PAP also control the media to protect its citizens from bad ideas. What is wrong with being docile and happy anyway? Sure beats being angry and disgruntled - like Martyn See, after 2 rounds of interrogation, he still hasn't understood that he is harmed society and deserved to be punished. Doesn't docility case a problem, we won't have enough creative people to drive our economy? ...tsk tsk, the PAP has also thought of that they have the FT policy, they can hire all the creative talent from anywhere in the world to 'drive' our economy. See they have thought of everything. We Singaporeans are so LUCKY to have the PAP lead us.


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I personally believe that Singaporean students are one of the best in Asia. In fact, Singapore has one of the higest literacy rate in the region. However, what is emphasized here in the manifestation of what was learned. That is the essence of education.