Saturday, September 24, 2005

Singaporeans MUST play a bigger role!

The PM of Singapore has put out the challenge to make Singapore a Globalised City. What does this mean and why must Singaporeans do to gear up for the challenge of a Globalised city. By globalising Singapore, it means that Singapore does not just belong to Singaporeans, it has to embrace the numerous foreign talents landing in Singapore for high quality jobs. Our ministers have emphasised many times that Singaporeans have to improve their service standards to serve the people in this Globalised city. They have to take orders better and anticipate the needs our foreign visitors. The Singapore government sets a fine example in serving Foreign Talents, around the world they have "Contact Singapore" offices to help these foreign talents find jobs in Singapore, they also help them to settle in well. In 1996, the Singapore govt also realise some for these FTs would be taken aback by the high housing prices in Singapore provided enormous help to these foreign nationals on accomodations.

I think Singaporeans should be proud when they serve their National Service. They are protecting not just their fellow Singaporeans but the large number of FTs and PRs that reside here. In other words, NS has become more important in a Globalised City and Singaporeans must live to their new obligations to this Globalised City. All Singaporeans must now feel lucky for playing a more important role in this world. They should be thankful for the great leadership from the PAP leaders who have elevated Singaporeans to play this bigger role.


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peasant said...

Wow. What an enlightenment! All singaporean males are in the service industry! No wonder PM Lee emphasised the need to improve our service quality at the ND rally. Btw it is not just National Service but also Reservist ok!

FTs take over our work (and for some of us GFs too) when we are on 3-week overseas reservist traning. Bosses like that and promoted them over us so that we locals can continue to service them more!

Anonymous said...

I didn't know my importance till I read your blog. Hey man! I'm a defender of the global world! So very cool!

I'm so proud to serve SAF. So proud to cut slope hairstyle during reservist. Proud to polish my boots. Proud to fold smart four neat neat so that those hardworking CSMs RSMs don't need to spend time tekaning us and they'll have more time to focus on jogging, playing football etc, tekaning our kids etc. I'm SOOOOO PROUD.