Saturday, October 01, 2005

Workers need re-education on Singapore's outstanding labor laws

I spotted a letter on the Straits Times forum page. I found it troubling what this
person has written. It shows a total disconnect between reality and expections.
Read this letter below.

Some of our workers seem to have missed out on published government policies and thinking. I think these workers need to be sent for education on this lest they turn disgruntled and end up like those horrible Hong Kong workers in Hong Kong Disneyland (See those terrible picturs below). My message to her is this:

Ms Boon please read your Straits Times more often. In 2000-2003, LHL reduce the retrenchment benefits of workers from the usual practice of 1 month per year of service to just nothing. LHL has explained that this is done for the OVERALL GOOD of Singapore Workers. He has clearly explained that if such termination benefits are not reduced and removed, the employer will have little incentive to hire people and hence there will be no jobs in Singapore. You have to ponder hard about this LOGIC, because it is reasoned by our elite leaders. If such benefits are taken away, McDonalds will not even set up in Singapore ....get it. Thank goodness we have such enlightened leadership. Now with such benefits removed, our dear leaders have created so many jobs, they need to import foreigners to do them...if that is not a demonstration of genius I don't know what is!

Ms Boon must be educated on why this has happened to her and that this is done for her own good. Its time for her to go for her upgrading training and national education ....

Ms Boon's Letter to Straits Times:

Oct 1, 2005Is it common for companies to sack older workers
I had been a loyal employee of McDonald's Singapore for the past 22 years and had risen from a Trainee Manager to Senior Restaurateur.
I had a reasonably good performance record over these years. In the past 12 months, my performance rating was excellent.
Recently, I was shocked to find myself given a Notice of Termination and was told to leave the company immediately without being given any reason.
I was given one month's pay in lieu of notice. I have to admit I had been naive to believe that a company needs to have reasonable cause to ask an employee to leave.
I subsequently wrote to the company to find out the reason for my termination, whether it was due to non-performance or something that I might have done that warranted such an action.
The reply I received was that 'contractually for termination of service or resignation from employment, either party is required to give one month's notice in writing or make payment of one month's salary in lieu thereof'.
So it had complied with the contractual obligations. This means that legally, it can terminate any employee's service anytime without having to give any reason.
In the past when McDonald's Singapore was a franchise, it showed compassion when it retrenched its employees, unless it was a case of dismissal.
It appears that McDonald's Singapore today, now owned by McDonald's Corporation in USA, would not hesitate to make use of a termination notice to remove its employees.
Employees are regarded as valuable assets for a company but if this is how valuable assets are treated, employees need to be wary of their vulnerability. This serves as a wakeup call.
I write to find out if this has become a common practice in other companies in Singapore, whether they have used this method to terminate the services of their old employees.
If there are others who face a similar predicament, perhaps they can write to share their experience. We can approach the Ministry of Manpower together to see if management employees can be given protection from companies which abuse the use of the termination notice.
Boon Geok Poh (Ms)


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expat@large said...

Goldhunter, ts: WTF?

Lucky, yes, she should be grateful for the being such lucky lady! When I was retrenched in that horrible place, Hong Kong last year, I was FORCED to accept a humiliating 3 month payout out in-lieu plus a demeaning 2/3 month for every one of six years worked...

How do you think I felt? Upset in the extreme. I had to get drunk to commiserate, and invite all my friends to get drunk with me, and any pretty girls we saw along the way. It was terrible. At least I FELT terrible three days later when I woke up in a WanChai gutter...

No comparison between there and here.

Anonymous said...

Its pretty clear that Lucky Tan has never been in a similar situation, thus giving her no right to have any say in this matter. She has little or no idea of what's going on and can only speculate in wanting her views to be heard. :(