Sunday, October 30, 2005

Nightmares about Los Angeles....

I've been given close to 10 hardship assignments to Los Angeles. Every trip starts with me flying to LA on SIA. This is usually the best part of the trip. The moment I land in LA, I become disoriented, and homesick. Compared with Singapore, LA is a horrible, terrible place....chaotic, confusing....and most of all un-Singaporean.

How bad is LA? Lets start from the Airport....

Once I get to the airport, I usually need to get a cab. Unlike Singapore where the pubic transport is excellent, people in LA have to drive themselves around - terrible. On my first trip, I went to the airport information counter and ask them how to get to the city - they said the best way is to rent car. When I said I can't drive, the guy at the help desk jaw drop - he has never seen an adult my age who can't drive in LA - everyone drives even teenagers - I was told.
So I get to the hotel via taxi. So far every single taxi I took was driven by a foreigner or new immigrant - some were Nigerian, Russian. In Singapore, every taxi is driven by a Singaporean. The job of driving taxi is seen as a step stone to something better in life. In Singapore, you may be a bank manager but end up as a taxi driver once you get retrenched. This is something to get used to. You can never predict what nationality the person driving the cab is. Cabbies there generally have quite low work load compared with those in Singapore. They really need Comfort to teach them how to turn their taxi drivers into money making machines.

Once I get to the hotel the jet lag set in. I always book a hotel near a bus stop with a DASH service - US$0.25 cents per ride - flat fee + free transfer. I heard the bus company is loss making. They should learn from Singapore bus companies how to turn a profit.

When I'm there, if I have a weekend, I usually visit my friends who have emigrated there. I take the opportunity to tell them what they are missing in Singapore - good govt and all the recent accomplishment of the PAP govt. They usually complain to me about how difficult life is in LA - how hard it is to decide which car to buy at US$21,000. One of them has a hard time washing his Lexus - I really sympathise with him. His house at St. Gabriel area is also very big with a garden, very troublesome to clean compared to the 3 room flat he was living in Singapore. I've tried many times to persuade him to return to Singapore but he was just too stubborn to listen to all my reasoning. Imagining living in a state where the governor is a former champion bodybuilder and Hollywood actor - how to sleep well at night with this kind of people running the government.

The only good part about LA is its proximity to Las Vegas. There are free bus offering day trips + free meals usually to the lesser known casinos. I would take this bus together with some of the residents of Chinatown. The seem to enjoy it because I keep seeing the same faces. Although those day tours are free, the day trippers end up losing more that a few hundred bucks. I'm so glad the govt of Singapore is bringing the best of America - which is the casino- to Singapore - hope they also give free meals and drinks.....and hours of enjoyment for retirees to spend their retirement money.

XiaXue : Its all about TOILETS!!

Talk about an anti-Climax!! Should have known better. One thing about XiaXue is she is able to get the Straits Times to allocate precious space to write about her....wonder how she does that?!

There is so much PAP accomplishments and stories of happy Singaporeans to write about, why did they give her a full page on the toilet issue - they could have used the space for $50,000 shopping advertisements. But the media loves XiaXue - she is the model Singaporean. When so many Singaporeans are jobless. some homless and in financial distress - the bigget issue for her is the use of handicap toilets - her indifference training is really superb....reflects well on our education system.

Back to the issue of handicap toilets, if you are urgent and feel the stuff coming out and the normal toilets are all full. What do you do? The answer is obvious - the handicap toilets are used like 15 minutes per day.....the rest of time it is idle. Between shitting in your pants and doing a quick one in the handicap toilet that nobody uses - it is common sense what to do next!!!
Of course you will be an even better Singaporean if you can hold the shit it until its your turn to something that is the equivalent of waiting for for your turn at the polyclinic when you're suffering stomach cramps.

I notice the queues outside women's toilets are always longer then men's. Maybe women have greater tendency to use handicap toilets - due to practical reasons.

Saturday, October 29, 2005

PAP Govt makes Major Leap in Competitiveness!!

The govt just announced that 300,000 (yes no joke) Singaporeans earn less than $1200 per month. This number has been growing over the past decade. This is indeed a major accomplishment and wonderful news for businesses and GLCs. Despite rising GDP, unlike other countries where workers get higher and higher pay, we are able to maintain a large pool of low wage Singaporeans to preserve our competitiveness. This is great news, companies announce rising profits and top executive salaries have been rising rapidly. When the salaries of top private sector executives go up, there will be compelling reason to raise the pay of our top civil servants and of course our ministers. That is why they are motivated to ensure that Singapore is competitive and share a common interest to better the lives of some Singaporeans. We are indeed lucky to have such a good govt that ensures that Singapore remains competitive as the salary of top earners go up rapidly every year.

Xiaxue in trouble!!!!

To me she is the perfect Singaporean, the type that comes out our training system obsessed with : shopping, eating at restaurants, pubbing, tours. Her blog which gets 50,000 hits (versus 52 for James Gomez) per day is certainly what Singaporeans want to read about - handphone color, hair color, nail color, shoes etc. She excels at the Singaporean activity of whining about fellow Singaporeans. I thought she was on the way for a National Day award for being such a good Singaporean.

But that is not to be. My sources say she has violated the Anti-Sedition Act - by making a racist remark - this will be confirmed in the Sunday Times. It think it is wise of the government to clamp racial remarks to reduce misunderstanding and promote racial harmony. She was nearly perfect but for a few cancerous thoughts, I believe she can be reformed to be perfect Singaporean.

Friday, October 28, 2005

Remaking of Singaporeans....

Yesterday somebody wrote in the ST Forum - a girl was molested on the bus, nobody came to her help when she screamed, she went to the bus driver ...and 2 commuters complained that they will be late and the bus shouldn't be delayed due to such a "small matter".


Look like all the years of indifference training is really working. Singaporeans do what they are told, take care of themselves, don't ask too many questions and close both eyes when they see injustice. I would say all these traits are desirable for a harmonious society - you don't see protests, Singaporeans are always happy....even though it was reported that 300,000 (20%) earn less than $1200 income per month. If you're not one of the 300,000 who cares just enjoy life. If you see CSJ at Raffles Place shouting questions that will wake your conscience, walk around him. If you see beggers at the bus interchange from the corner of your eye, just walk a bit faster and that image will disappear. When I was in Ireland recently, the people were so busybody they were protesting poverty in OTHER countries (Africa).....why do they care so much about others half way around the globe...I don't know, I'm a Singaporean.

It is important to strengthen these desirable traits in Singaporeans in the internet age. We must not let our guard down:

1. Make sure students are fully focused on school work scoring As and getting scholarships. Better still make it a life and death issue for them - all else is secondary.

2. Make sure Singaporeans are always financially tight, be it car loans or housing loans - so they will never have time to think of anything else.

3. Build good shopping centres & casinos. Should they end up with some extra cash make sure there is ample opportunity to spend it, it will take up the spare time shopping.

4. Jail a couple of bloggers using sedition act. This will remind people that even in the internet age, nothing has changed.

5. On and off crush a few dissenters & protestors to show it does not pay to fight for your fellow Singaporean. Even a White Elephant poster is a cause for concern.

6. For those who have the urge to change things, provide "channels" such as feedback unit, meet the MP sessions so that their views can be slowly managed within the system.

As we refine our system, it will get better and better, things will become more harmonious and orderly. Singaporeans will be alot happier if they don't think so much about the less fortunate and the lack of rights. If they ever feel guilty, they can do their part by donating to the NKF, they can feel much better about themselves.

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Maids now get day off.

Yes well done! The Singapore govt has finally complied with UN basic labour standards, which stipulate that all workers should get one day off . We must congratulate the PAP govt for meeting this standard after decades.

Some maid employers looked very worried when this was announced. Why? ...Not because they want to over work the maid but because the Singapore govt demands a $5000 security deposit that will be forfeited if the maid run away or get pregnant. So in addition to worries about getting competent maid and honest maids of sound mind, employers have one more thing to worry about.

So how to ensure the maid does not get pregnant and comply with the one-day off rule? ....

1. Allow male maids.

2. Get maids that are past child bearing age.

3. Test the maid for moral values.

4. Chastity belts?

Yesterday somebody asked me why the govt has to earn $5000 (security deposit) when the maid run away? ...and how impossible it is 'control' the maid with one day off. I told him straight ..."No questions plse we are Singaporeans...."... if you start asking this type of question you will exhaust yourself ...why does 3 room flat cost $100K? Why you have to pay for TV&Radio license?...?????? .....all these have been thought out by our policy makers who have masters degree or Phd, for you try to understand everything will take forever, just focus on paying the fees and the left over can be used for shopping....don't think too much.

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Warwick not ready for Singapore!!

To the person who wrote this forum letter today. PLEASE WAKE UP YOUR IDEA!!!! She has got all the facts reversed.

In the 1970s, NUS was the hotbed of political activities. Students were actively championing worker's rights, human rights and urging the government to be more open. They were like any other campus of other democratic countries. ...that was our university education more than 30 years ago!!!

Of course the government of Singapore has to ensure that there is progress from what it was 30 years ago. For their own good, students are made more and more to focus on their academic work and spend less time on politics. Look when you go to a multinational company, they will pay you higher if you score more A's. So concerned for the financial well-being of students, the govt step in to clamp down on time wasting political activities. Student activists were arrested under the ISA and some like the very harmful notorious Tan Wah Piao had to escape to England. He is now a well known lawyer and helping the under-privileged there. Thank goodness, we got rid of him otherwise an evil person like him would have harmed our society.

So NUS/NTU students are very much focussed on their academic studies and ECAs. They understand the importance of studying hard getting good honours so they can get high paying jobs so they have alot of money to buy cars, condos and do lots of shopping during their lifetime. ...see how meaningful it is.

Warwick has alot to learn from Singapore, they are like 30 years behind us...and still doing what we did 30+ years ago with student activism. We must wait for Warwick to catch up and learn from the Singapore system, before they are ready to set up here. Otherwise, Singaporeans enrolled in Warwick will be taught not to use their time optimally to increase their economic buying power after they graduate. If they spend time fighting world hunger, Iraq war, poverty and the rights of taxi drivers ....their grades will suffer and they will have less money for shopping and tours.

Monday, October 24, 2005

China to adopt new jobless rate method.

"The current method only accounts for people who register with the government not those who failed to register".

"...the new method can double the figures".

I'm so amused by the Chinese govt. They have learned nothing from the Singapore govt. Why change the method when it is reporting a lower unemployment figure and everyone feels good about it?? The Chinese govt still has plenty to learn from the PAP. Singapore has been improving its method of calculating unemployment over the past few years. Changing the method of calculation can actually help to lower the unemployment rate with less effort, thus making Singaporeans more optimistic and happy:

1. Lump PR & Singaporeans together in the calculation. The number will be better.

2. Keep good old practices such as counting only people who register with the MOM database. Those who don't register, it is safe to assume they not actively looking for jobs or don't need a job anymore.

3. Keep everyone focussed on re-training, workfare and job-redesign as solutions to the problem.

4. Emphasize other types of figures such as total employment to show singaporeans things are always getting better and better.

We, Singaporeans can look forward with optimism as things are always getting better and better through various new methods of calculation.

Another drug smuggler to be hanged.............

To get rid of drugs hang the smuggler. What else could be simpler?
Every country that is more or less free from the drug menace does
that - North Korea, Vietnam China & Singapore.

Death penalty definitely easier than setting up a DEA like US to fight
the war on drugs. Definitely cheaper to use death penalty.

The main problem with death penalty is when foreigners are caught and needs
to be sentence to death. We can easily hang Singaporeans, no problem because noboby except a few jokers from SDP & Think Centre will make protest against it - all these groups can be managed. However, when we hang foreigners especially those from fully Democratic countries, their govt will protest, their human rights groups will protest, their minister will fight for them. Simply don't understand why these people fight so hard to save the life of a criminal. In Singapore, if one of our citizens is caught and hanged say in some other country - nobody in Singapore will bother. Why should we disrupt our happy lives to fight for a criminal just because he is Singaporean? Really don't understand these foreigners.

Take the case of Nguyen Tuong Van, everyone in Australia is so worked up because Singapore is about to hang him. This Austrailian Vietnamese was forced by the triads to smuggle drugs to help his twin brother who is in debt. If he is a Singaporean nobody would have cared, time is just too precious to fight for a criminal, Singaporeans has many other more important things to do like shopping, tours and karaoke. Something is really wrong with Australians, why bother with Singapore hanging one of their citizens, they have 20 million people so much more than us. They should understand Singapore is helping them to get rid of one of their criminals - they should thank us, now that their nation is safer. Nguyen Tuong Van will obviously endangered the lives of people by his crime, why else would a "rational country" like Singapore want to hang him? These Australians and human rights group are acting so emotionally and irrationally over this.

These Ang Moh dominated countries have to be taught to understand the logic that Singapore uses. If the drugs is smuggled into Singapore, it will turn many into addicts and they might die of overdose. So drug smugglers are in fact murderers. Similarly, cigarette importers bring in cigarettes that cause people to get addicted and die of lung cancer should be considered for death penalty.

Yes, logic prevails in our death penalty implementation, we should never give in to these emotional irrational demands for us to get rid of it.

Appeal to save death row Australian

October 22, 2005
AMNESTY International said it is appalled at the imminent execution of
an Australian drug runner and is appealing to Singapore to spare his

Melbourne man Nguyen Tuong Van, who was convicted on heroin smuggling
charges, could be hanged as early as next Friday after losing his final
clemency appeal, civil rights groups say.

The 25-year-old sales executive was convicted of trying to smuggle
almost 400 grams of heroin into Singapore in December 2002.

He had told police he was smuggling the drugs to help pay off a debt
owed by his twin brother.

Spokesman for the Australian chapter of Amnesty International, Tim
Goodwin, said the group was appealing to Singapore's cabinet to
reconsider its decision to impose the death sentence on Nguyen.

"This decision is also a blow to the growing number of people in
Singapore and around the world who believe the country should instead
be moving to abolish this cruel and inhuman punishment," he said in a

"While an overwhelming majority of countries have rejected the death
penalty, Singapore has a shocking record, hanging more than 420 people
since 1991," he said.

"With a population of just over four million, it has the highest
execution rate in the world."

Mr Goodwin said Singapore's Misuse of Drugs Act specifies a mandatory
death sentence for at least 20 different offences.

"This is the real impact of Singapore's mandatory death sentences," he

"The courts have no discretion to consider any mitigating factors,
which can result in decisions which are completely disproportionate to
the circumstances of the case."

Think Centre, a group campaigning for greater political freedoms in
Singapore, said Nguyen could be executed as early as next Friday

Sunday, October 23, 2005

STUNNING fact about Singapore released!!!

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We all know that Singapore is a world class globalised city. Even then some
things about Singapore is still surprising....really surprising!

Everyone knows that Japan is the No. 1 exporter of cars. ...the Japanese brands are ubiquitous Honda, Toyota, Mazda...etc etc. If Japan is the No. 1 exporter of cars, then which country is the No. 2 exporter of cars?! Some of you will say USA or Germany or Korea...right keep guessing.
Which country?......The world's No.2 exporter of cars is SINGAPORE!!!!'s that for a surprise.

Our unique and wonderful system of car control has led us to be the world's No. 2 exporter of cars. We are ranked so high without a single car factory here in Singapore. Baffled? Read the report below. The COE system has resulted in 100,000 cars being exported overseas.


SINGAPORE : A bumper crop of 100,000 cars are being taken off Singapore roads and exported overseas this year, say car dealers.
Singapore is now the second-largest car exporter in the world, after Japan.
The Automobile Import and Export Association is aiming for Singapore to be a major transshipment hub for used cars.
Thirty-two-year-old Nigerian Edward Anugo, who is working in China, travelled all the way to Singapore to buy not one but two cars for his mother back home.
Said Mr Anugo, "In Singapore, you see variety of cars, very clean and the condition is very good compared to other places. The models are very new, year 2000 models -- that's why I came here."
He is not alone: car dealers from far-flung countries like Libya and even the Caribbean island of Trinidad have been spotted here picking out choice cars for import into their markets.
They say Singapore cars are better kept, and cheaper than their Japanese counterparts.
Prime Leasing, one of the major car exporters here, says export numbers have been rising every year.
This trend is also due to more cars being deregistered or scrapped.
Last year saw a record 85,000 cars deregistered and so far this year, more than 66,000 cars have gone down the same road.
About two out of every three cars deregistered are then sold overseas.
But more importantly, this will also have an impact on Certificates of Entitlement, or COEs.
Said Neo Nam Heng, president of the Automobile Import and Export Association, "More deregistered cars taken off the roads means eventually the number of deregistered cars will be recycled back into the new COE allocation. The number of COEs for coming '05 and '06 will be higher."
COE prices reached record lows earlier this month, and with more motorists replacing their older cars with brand new ones, export numbers are expected to increase further.
Said Mr Neo, "These cars cannot exchange hands easily locally, so exporting is one of the easiest options available for rebates and for the car body to be exported and then, the car can be sold easily overseas."
At one of the 12 Export Processing Zones in Singapore, cars which have already been deregistered off Singapore roads are now on their way to being exported all over the world -- from New Zealand, to Russia, and even North Korea, Cyprus, and Mauritius.
The association is also exploring opportunities to bring Singapore cars to countries in South America; it is working with IE Singapore on this.
So if you are visiting Brazil or Chile anytime soon, don't be surprised if you find your old car on the roads there. - CNA /ct

Oops our Press Freedom position score is dropping!!!

Last year we scored 147 out of 167 countries. This year we scored 140. This is really a concern. The silver lining is Singapore's press freedom still score higher than those of countries like Afghanistan (125), Ethiopia (131) and the Palestinian Authority (132).

The highest position scorer is of course is the highly innovative N. Korean Govt. They scored 167 out of 167. Singapore has alot to learn from this country, perhaps it is time to send a study team there. From what I heard, this is just the tip of the iceberg:

1. In N. Korea, the radio can only tune in to N. Korean channels operated by their govt. Modification to their radio will lead to fine and jail. Singapore really has to catch up in this. Our laws only restrict satellite dishes that can receive mind corrupting transmissions overseas. We have tried to flood our airwaves on FM radio with Singapore channels...good effort but not as good as N. Korea.

2. Direct criticism of leaders results in jail term. In Singapore, worst case only defamation lawsuits.

3. Tourists in N. Korea are restricted in movement and closely guided. Singapore is so totally far behind here, but tourists looking at the fantastic beautiful amazing buildings usually never get to see the real singapore.

4. N. Korean leadership consists of selected people as opposed to elected people. They have a rigorous selection process that weed out unsuitable people who may put the regime at risk. We also have a selection process but still the problem is those selected people have to go for elections where people get to vote. Of course, voting is just a technicality but still we are less efficient because we need to do this extra step.

5. N. Koreans love National Day. No expense is spared, their stadium parades are spectacles...Madeleine Albright was once invited and she was totally stunned by the highly coordinated display. Of course the school children involved practised for months for this big occasion. In Singapore we are good, but not as good as these N. Koreans.

6. N. Koreans have total political stability,zero crime rate, it is drug free, people live harmoniously. Workers NEVER strike. No Opposition to present confusing ideas. I think they exceed us in all these areas. Their govt is even more stable, they have the same govt for 60 years we only enjoyed the great leadership of the PAP for 40 years.

I found a website with plenty of pictures from N. Korea :

Look closely at the faces of the people, not a single frown or ...very happy citizens in N. Korea I would say.

Saturday, October 22, 2005

New way to measure unemployment!!!

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Singaporeans should be thankful, the PAP govt has found yet another method
to make you happy!
Unlike other countries that report unemployment among its citizens regularly,
the very innovative PAP govt has decided to report total EMPLOYMENT Numbers.
So no need to measure unemployment because this number conjures alot of negativity
just report EMPLOYMENT numbers and everyone should be happy. This is not
the only innovation of the current Minister Ng Eng Hen, who is undoubtly one of the
most brilliant people around:

1. When unemployment figures are reported lump citizens and PR together. Unlike other countries we report unemployment figures for "residents" and not citizens.

2. Classification of an unemployed. If you give up looking for a job, you're not considered unemployed. If you forget to update the MOM database, your unemployment is purged after a few months.

3. Count employment instead of unemployment. If employment improves, you are expected to feel that the unemployment also improves.

4. A job is a job. ...whether it pays $800 or $3000. By sheer logic no singaporean is forced to be unemployed because 25% of the workforce is foreign and a Singaporean can ALWAYS get a job if he accept lower pay than foreigners. Almost all the unemployed Singaporeans are unemployed by choice. The ministers have repeated said the unemployed are fussy people.

Reading about rising EMPLOYMENT makes me optimistic and happy. Thanks to the very innovative Minister of Manpower, Singaporeans can start feeling good again.

Friday, October 21, 2005

Ordinary Singaporeans like to ask funny questions....

Singers for Sitoh=Yes.
TV programmes about MM Lee & Ministers=Yes.
Movies about CSJ & JBJ=No.

Apparently Zhang Di likes Sitoh alot, although he is a Taiwanese and not a Singaporean. Of course, it is okay for him to say what he feels. Perfectly alright, once Singaporeans see a foreigner praise a PAP member, perhaps they will appreciate the good work the PAP is doing. Some ordinary Singaporeans become confused...they ask if it is okay for a foreigner say a singer to praise CSJ or JBJ? Of course not ....why? Because it is NOT okay for Singaporeans to praise them, so definitely we CANNOT allow foreigners to praise these harmful people.

Imagine the harm that is done if someone big like Jackie Chan come and praise Goh Meng Seng of Worker's Party and cause him to get elected to parliament. That will give him a platform to express his alternative views and confuse everyone : . I get really confused just reading what he writes, everything is opposite of what Straits Times says. For the good of all Singaporeans, this should not be allowed.

Thursday, October 20, 2005

No Questions plse, we are Singaporeans....

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Once I was asked to escort a foreign speaker to Singapore. I was asked to plant a few people to ask questions among the audience by the organiser. I was puzzled and asked him why? He told me the last time he invited a speaker, the speaker was left stunned and embarrass during the Q&A session, he stood there and wondered if anyone understood his discourse because noone asked any questions. ....everywhere else he went he was greeted by a torrent of questions on the topic.

It set me wondering what is why singaporeans don't like to ask questions:

1. If you ask the wrong question, your life will become miserable. There was one feller who once asked "Where is the money?". ....the next thing he knew is he had no more money because he was promptly bankrupted by defamation suits. The problem is until today nobody knows what a "wrong" question you?

2. Sometimes when you ask certain type of transparency questions riot police can turn up.

3. Sometimes when you ask a question you ridiculed and humiliated. Andrew Kuan asked "Why can't I be President?"....and the answers came down like a hammer.

4. Sometimes your question leads to more questions and you get tired out. I noticed the HDB uses this tactic.....especially when people try to ask if the HDB flats are subsidised.

5. Sometimes you speak up and they do nothing to you physically and financially but make you seem absurd and rude....ask Jamie Han, he is still alive but there were 4 articles on him being rude.

In Norway when a child comes back from school his parents will ask, "What question did you ask the teacher today?". In Singapore, the parent will ask, "What marks did you get for the test?". After the child reply, the parent will ask, "Did anyone get higher than you?".

It is questions that will change the status quo and make society progress. However, Singapore is lead by the best of the best and we are near unlike other countries, there is no need to ask hard questions.

Monday, October 17, 2005

Good Speech, Bad Speech...

Harvard should invite our PAP leaders to do their commencement speeches instead of rock singers who don't cut their hair, aim to change the world, fight indifference and incite the people. ...this speech would be considered seditious under Singapore law:

Harvard 2001 Commencement Address is by a person whose long hair would have barred him from coming into Singapore in the 1990s. I won't recommend this to anyone who want to retain his indifference cultivated by years of Singapore education especially NUS.

"Freedom of speech is permissible as long as it does not threaten real political change or to alter the status quo" - Thio Li-ann, a law professor at the National University of Singapore.

Meeting friends and interesting people. Dating and dates for hobbies. Improve your social life and discuss
dating game in singapore fore singles. meet interesting people pen pals and make friends. make your social life more interesting. get to know more people. widen your circle of friends. Meet good looking guys and girls. Rollerblading in Singapore. lunch dates and dinner dates to make your life more exciting. Social life and hobbies are important for you.

Media Corp did not violate Film Act!

"The Minister may, subject to such conditions as he thinks fit, exempt any person or class of persons or any film or class of films from all or any of the provisions of this Act."

I'm thoroughly impressed by the reply from the Ministry of Information to Kelvin Lau who asked if MediaCorp has violated the Film Act. The reply contained so much superior logic of our superscale civil service officers, ordinary Singaporeans should be totally satisfied with the explanation Don't ask too many questions okay. Just accept what you are told.
The best thing for a Singaporean to do is not to think too much as the thinking has been done for you.

As I read through the reply from the Ministry, I begin to understand the intellect that runs our ministries. .....I realised the PAP govt can answer any question put forth by ordinary Singaporeans easily.....why? you may wonder.

They have such powerful templates, they can respond to any query from ordinary Singaporeans. Apparently the reply was drafted from a template that can be use to respond to almost any issue, (wow) I'm so impress! Our govt is so smart, it can answer all our questions on the ST forum.

Really the template can be applied to anything, even to support Martyn See::

Oct 15, 2005
Martyn See Film didn't breach Films Act

I REFER to the letter, 'Films Act: Did Martyn See run foul of the law?' (ST, Oct 14), by Mr Complain King. He asked if Martyn See filming of Dr. Chee Soon Juan earlier this year could have violated the Films Act.

The Film referred to is the documentary Singapore Rebel, which featured Dr. Chee. In the film, Dr. Chee discussed his personal struggle against the Singapore system to achieve greater freedom of speech, and enhance human rights for the people of Singapore.

The film clearly did not breach the Films Act as the contents were were non-partisan in nature and was filmed by Martyn see as a documentary to report an individual's struggle against the system.

K. Generic Template (Mr)
Ministry of XYZ

The original is here:

Oct 15, 2005
MediaCorp series didn't breach Films Act

I REFER to the letter, 'Films Act: Did MediaCorp run foul of the law?' (ST, Oct 14), by Mr Kelvin Lau Jit Hwee. He asked if MediaCorp's screening of a series on PAP leaders earlier this year could have violated the Films Act.

The series referred to is the programme Up Close, which featured five ministers. In the series, the ministers discussed with invited guests policy issues pertaining to their portfolios, such as youth, employment, education and health.

The series clearly did not breach the Films Act as the discussions were conducted in a non-partisan manner and were aired by MediaCorp for the purpose of reporting current affairs.

K. Bhavani (Ms)
Corporate Communications
Ministry of Information, Communications and the Arts

Sunday, October 16, 2005

Money, money for everyone except ....

An affluent society like Singapore seems to have no problem giving be it Huang Na, Nepalese twins ....there seem to be plenty for everyone except people like Girish (see article below). Even an American sex offender was given $6000 by Muis (New Paper).

The problem is Girish is she comes from a low income Singapore family earning less than $1K. There are about 100,000 such households in Singapore. Based on govt policy, it is important not to give such families too much help because it will make them lazy and dependent.

Girish has qualified for NUS but his results does not qualify him to be an elite scholar. Elite scholars are of course sent to overseas Universities such as MIT, Stanford or Cambridge at a cost of $250K-$300k per head. This is part of meritocratic system, which is not restricted to Singaporeans, the Singapore govt gives out thousands of scholarship to help foreign students find places in Singapore universities. I think this system is excellent, it gives foreigners the impression that Singapore is an affluent society that they can benefit from.

As for poor Singaporeans, the govt does little for them for their own good. They have to learn to be self reliant, independent and work hardworkinging. We are so lucky to have the PAP as our is always doing things for our own good.


The Straits Times
Sept 30, 2005

I am a student of the National University of Singapore and have just matriculated two months ago. What is very displeasing to me are the subsidies and the financial aid to help me pay my school fees.

My family's income is only $1,000 a month and paying $3,000 for each semester (there are eight semesters) is totally impossible for me.

SINDA did not help me when I approached it for financial assistance. SINDA told me there is no policy for Indian tertiary students to receive financial help.

It is very unfair because two of my Muslim friends who approached Mendaki for help have had their entire education fees sponsored. The full amount comes close to $25,000.

All their school fees have been taken care of, and unlike me their families' incomes are below $2,000 but well above $1,000.

How can I swallow that? Well, I decided to take a loan from NUS. But taking the loan is not solving the root cause of my problem. It is just piling up the debts with the bank when I graduate.

Why do I deserve to be put in this situation when other students can receive financial aid so easily?

The few bursaries that I had applied for in NUS did not get any attention. The Registar's office kept telling me the results would only be known at a 'certain date', and when I called to ask, it pushed the date further back.

As an eye opener to those who are unaware of it, the bursaries are only $1,500 a year and they don't cover me for each semester. So that is really not much of a help.

Worse still, the bursaries are not given throughout the course of study but only once. What's the point then?

How is this situation affecting me? Simple. It is literally impossible for me to concentrate on my studies when deep down inside, I feel I am being deprived of any help at all.

I and my family are making sacrifices to make ends meet.

NUS is among the top 20 universities in the world. But there is nothing to brag about when you can't even help your own students realise their dreams.

Girish s/o Ahsin Thannabal

Interesting News : Workers Party Alive and Kicking!

As an avid reader (or should I say student) of the Straits Times, I thought the only political party in Singapore is the PAP - actually what I mean to say is I thought the only active political party is the PAP......... that was my impression from the Straits Times. I seems the Workers Party also has plenty of activities you can visit their website
.....but be careful, it is full of information that is not properly harmonised with that of the Straits Times and the information has not gone through any approval. There is a high risk that it contains information that will confuse you and you cause to think....

Worker's Party is now led by someone by the name of Slyvia Lim a law lecturer by profession. She obviously knows the law intimately because she hasn't been sued for defamation, file her taxes wrongly, etc.

Slyvia Lim made an amazing statement that she will "get rid of GRCs when she come into power". I'm seriously troubled by that statement. Really troubled. You see every election for the past 30 years, I don't get to vote. So elections are normally boring affairs for me save for one fact - "What GRC am I in this time?". Sometimes I'm cut across to Bedok sometimes Marine Parade, perhaps XYC GRC in the next elections when they redraw the GRC boundaries. Not only that the 5-6 new faces in the GRC takes me the next 4-5 years to remember until the next election when they change people again. The GRC also takes very interesting shapes one is snake like stretching right across the middle of Singapore - I was thinking something shaped like Mickey Mouse might appear in the next elections.

The Worker's party also claim there is a "lack of transparency" in the selection of President? Hey what are they talking about?! They (govt & Straits Times) were very transparent what - all the issues of Andrew Kuan lack of qualification was shown transparently to everyone and all of Nathan's wonderful accomplishment was continuously reported prior to the elections. Also Andrew Kuan looked so fierce on all the Straits Times reports and Nathan has such a friendly smiling face - isn't it obvious who is qualified to be president. Instead of millions of people going to vote for president, isn't it better for us to stay at home watch TV and let a govt panel decide for us.....I believe the PAP, for the good of the people and not wanting to trouble them to take time off to vote, might want to implement such as system in the future for the GE. ...for me there will be no difference because I didn't get to vote for 30 years.

Yes the Workers Party also urges people to take time off from your golf and shopping to speak up. In other words sacrifice your entertainment time and speak up. That is really bad advice, scully kena like Catharine Lim case become humiliated in public or Andrew Kuan situation where all his former employers release confidential personal information about his job asessment. ...worst still Tang Liang Hong have to flee from the country. ....all these people did was stand up and speak up ...see what happened to them. Obviously, the Workers Party does not work for the good of Singaporeans by giving them such bad advice. Wasn't Tang Liang Hong from the Worker's Party?! Haven't these WP youth wing members learned their lession. Under the PAP, we are better off concentrating on our shopping and golf.

Saturday, October 15, 2005

Terrible News: Warwick Rejects Singapore!

How dare they! They say it is due to "lack of academic freedom". What are they talking about? Don't they know that NTU publishes more research papers than MIT? You're free to publish what you want. Except :

1. You cannot criticise the Singapore Govt. See Singapore students have been conditioned from young to learn that their elite govt is the best in the world and deserve its highest salary. If Warwick is allowed to do challenge, it will confused our local students and disrupt our harmonious society. Now we really don't want that.

2. You are not allowed freedom of assembly. Why does a university want to assemble its students for? I thought only primary schools do that.

3. You have to follow our laws on the Press. If you run a university newspaper, please model it after the Straits Times. We have to feed our students with consistent information so they can be relieved of the stress of politcal debates and concentrate on their studies.

4. You have to follow our laws on death penalty. Which includes hanging people for small amounts of cannabis, the amounts that probably some students at the UK campus keep in their lockers or smoke over the weekend for recreation. If they are in Singapore, they would have to be hanged, because these things threaten to destroy our Singapore society while it cause little harm in UK..... Why are theseWarwick people so concerned about a few deaths anyway? We Singaporeans seem to feel nothing about our fellow Singaporeans getting long as it does not interfere with our weekend shopping.

5. You have to follow our curbs on gay rights. Let the gay people speak up on this ...please put comments on my blog if you so wish.

They demand to enjoy same degree of academic freedom as in the UK. They are concerned that “the government will intervene if academic reports cast a negative light on their policies”. Of course the govt has to intervened what...just like the 2 NTU economics lecturers, Professor Lingle...and one guy who used to teach at NUS called Professor Chee (now known as CSJ). In Singapore everything must be co-ordinated and orchestrated with the govt, that is why Straits Times doesn't debate issues it explains them. This relieves Singaporeans from having to consider so many alternative view points and becoming confused in the process, these rules are laid for the good and happiness of Singaporeans so they have more time to watch TV and go shopping.

University of Warwick is so stupid to place matters of principle, freedom and academic integrity above all else.... especially with EDB dangling so many financial incentives.

Here's the knockout paragraph from the FT report:

Thio Li-ann, a law professor at the National University of Singapore, which said freedom of "speech is permissible as long as it does not threaten real political change or to alter the status quo".

The purpose of a Singapore university education is to change NOTHING and keep the STATUS QUO. Wise words indeed from a lecturer in NUS. No wonder after my NUS education all I wanted was to get a job earn money and use it for shopping.....yes there is NOTHING to change in Singapore because it is PERFECT. We are all so lucky to be living in Singapore.

Friday, October 14, 2005

Horrible News : Straits Times losing readership!!!

TNP - lost 59,000 readers Zaobao - lost 58,000 readers ST - 26,000 readers

What is happening? Our population is not declining....what are people reading these days? Straits Times is of utmost importance to our political well being - it explains the thinking
our leaders to the ordinary people and convince them that the govt is always right.

Hong Kong under poor leadership!

Sometimes I wonder why Singapore is afraid of Hong Kong as a economic competitor. They have pretty poor leadership -the Donald guy isn't even a graduate!! how to compare with our elite leadership who have studied in the best universities around the world.

Many things the Hong Kong govt does confirms the poor quality of the leadership - one example is giving out welfare to the poor and needy. Our Singapore govt has proven that what is needed is workfare which costs very little money. The rest of the money can be given out as scholarship to promising foreign students to study in Singapore, spent on GLCs such as Chartered Semiconductor. Of course over the next 5 years Singapore is spending billions to try to produce a Nobel prize winner - through A* which is run by Philip Yeo.
The whole Hong Kong society is a mess. Every week end instead of shopping, the many citizens spend their time protesting. The picture on the left shows a couple supermans protesting for minimum wages and better working hours. In Singapore, our system is superior, our workers can be offered any pay even $800 per month to drive taxi, they are also agreeable - 200 people signed up for that.

Now Donald Tsang is really asking for more trouble. He is saying he wants the society to be even more Democratic - he is not afraid of fair elections. He wants universal suffrage for the people of Hong Kong and more open debates on govt policy and issues. Instead of introducing smart laws such as Film Act, Anti-Sedition Laws, Printing Presses Act, Internal Security Act and GRCs, he is going to adopt a Western style Democracy. Didn't he read what Singapore's PM Lee said about Singapore not having Western Democracy? What is important is harmony and peace among the people, and that is already lacking in Hong Kong society today - where people passionately protest every weekend for justice and equality. Hong Kong really has alot to learn from Singapore. I notice they allow their opposition like Martin Lee to appear on CNBC and criticise the Hong Kong leaders - don't they have defamation laws to bankrupt these people who embarass the Hong Kong govt?! Their newspapers are allowed to confuse the people on various issues by giving opposing views. That will agitate the people and make them unhappy.....

The Hong Kong govt has alot to learn from the PAP. Their political system is a mess and backward compare with Singapore's. If they keep heading in the wrong direction, how can they ever hope to catch up and compete with Singapore?!

News Article....

HONG KONG (Reuters) - Hong Kong leader Donald Tsang said on Thursday he wants the territory to have full democracy as fast as possible, and urged swift and orderly debate on the shape its legislature should take under universal suffrage.

Tsang, who took over with Beijing's support after the unpopular Tung Chee-hwa resigned in March, said he had no clear signals from Communist Party leaders on the mainland -- his ultimate masters -- about when full democracy could be achieved.

"I, for one, would wish to go towards the destination (universal suffrage) as quickly as possible," he told reporters a day after his maiden policy address.

"Their position has not changed," he said of the state leaders in Beijing. "I have not got a clear signal."

Hong Kong, once a crown jewel of the British colonial empire, has been governed by China since July 1, 1997, under a "one country, two systems" formula that, on paper, gives the territory a high degree of autonomy from Beijing.

Like Tung, Tsang was not popularly elected but selected by a Beijing-backed electoral college of 800 people, and only half of the Legislative Council, or Legco, is directly elected. The system was flawed, but transitional, Tsang said.

Hong Kong's mini-constitution, the Basic Law, says the ultimate goal for the territory is universal suffrage, but the pace of political reform is decided by the Communist Party.

Last year, China's parliament ruled out universal suffrage in 2007 and 2008, when the city's next Chief Executive and lawmakers will be chosen.

"We must realise that we are not a sovereign state, and we must move things in a way in which the nation as a whole and the people in Hong Kong are in unison," Tsang said.

Mediacorp violated Film Act? Don't make me laugh!!!

When I read this article in the Forum section, I almost fell off my chair laughing. I'm still laughing. The writer expects Martyn See to be treated the same way under the law as Media Corp? A film on Chee Soon Juan to be in the same category as a film on our elite leaders? How can this absurdity be possible?

Obviously the person has not read the Film Act that states:

"This Act shall not apply to any film sponsored by the Government."

"The Minister may, subject to such conditions as he thinks fit, exempt any person or class of persons or any film or class of films from all or any of the provisions of this Act."

As long as PAP Minister say can, the Media Corp film is alright.

I can see this Kelvin's guy concern that MediaCorp might have broken the Law inadvertently, but don't you think our very efficient police would have already done something if it has?

I don't know why some people are harping on the TV series about PAP ministers having broken the Film Act - it hasn't because the PAP minister has a final say on whether it violated the film act. See how ingenious the Film Act is? Our elite leadership has thought of every angle already, don't waste your time thinking too hard, just work hard on your shopping and travelling and enjoy your life.

Martyn See as I've said early is a dangerous person, that is why he needs to be investigated by the police. He is trying to introduce political ideas that has not been approved by our leaders and is providing an alternative view of Opposition member called Chee Soon Juan. Such an alternative view might lead to confusion and disorder among members of our society, that is why the film has to be banned. The PAP has already said that Chee is a gangster, a flawed person, defamer etc. so only films that portray him as such can be allowed. Thoughts of Singaporeans have to be properly harmonised with that of the leadership otherwise there will be chaos. Singaporeans should concentrated hard on their car and condo shopping...instead of wasting their time on such matters. The PAP always act for the good of the people of Singapore.

Thursday, October 13, 2005

Redesigning Jobs: A Singapore Success Story......

I've travelled far and wide to many countries - in Asia, Europe and North America. I can tell you there is one thing that other countries cannot beat us and that is the ability to provide employment for the elderly. In other countries most of the elderly are unemployed, they are either sitting around in the park feeding pigeons, looking after grand children or playing chess with another unemployed elderly. I feel sorry for the elderly of these countries that their govt is unable to provide jobs for them.

This is where the Singapore government excels. You see old people working everywhere in Singapore at McDonalds, they even call me "Sir" and they say it with pride. In Hong Kong, there are so many unemployed old folks, the end up hanging around as customers at the McDonalds, so many that the McDonald's gives them for senior citizens discount cards....but discount cards are not the same as jobs which gives dignity and a sense of purpose to the old. In Hong Kong, I saw so many old folks at McDonald's, I ended up buying a Happy Meal, because I felt so young . Most of them are just idling away their time reading the newspapers and chatting with friends instead of doing something useful. You might ask where did all these old folks in Hong Kong get money to eat at McDonalds? Well, the Hong Kong govt is so lousy at redesigning jobs for them, they end up giving welfare from their financial reserves which is far smaller than ours - oh the Hong Kong govt is so lousy compared with the PAP. The PAP govt can use the money for far better things such as investing in Suzhou, Chartered Semiconductor and in Indonesian banks.

Our ministers have redesigned many jobs so that our old can continue to be employed for as long as they live. This is a uniquely Singapore success story.

LHL : No to Western Democracy,,,,!

Oops! I thought Democracy was invented by the West?! Guess there are other forms of Democracy such as ours which is non-Western although the it was the British that left us this Democratic Parliamentary system.

Definitely a liberal Democratic system will NOT work well in Singapore for next 20 years although it is implemented and working well in numerous other countries. Our nation is unique in the strong rapport between the govt and the people. The people understand that the PAP works primarily for the good of the ordinary citizens, although it seems otherwise sometimes, one just need to ponder a little longer and read the Straits Times more thoroughly to see this.

I urge Singaporeans not to be swayed by external influence that tells us otherwise. ...such as the outgoing US Ambassador to Singapore. I mean the US envoy behaves strangely, he was asked by our Singapore police if he wanted to press charges against 6 anti-Iraq war demonstrators and he said no, doesn't he feel that these people are causing embarassment to the Bush Administration?! We should not allow the same to happen to our leaders who command the highest respect from everyone.

News Article
--------------[LatelineNews 2005-10-06] SINGAPORE - Singapore will not adopt a Western liberal democracy with a multi-party system during the next 20 years, its prime minister said on Thursday.
The wealthy island at the southern tip of the Malaysian peninsula has been dominated by the People's Action Party of Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong -- the son of founding father Lee Kuan Yew -- since independence in 1965. Only two of the 84 elected politicians in parliament are from the opposition.
When asked at a Foreign Correspondents Association lunch whether he expected Singapore to turn into a democracy in 20 years where parties compete for votes, Lee said: "I don't think that's likely to happen."
"I think in 20 years our society will change. I think the politics of it will change. But I do not see a Western the target we want to aim for."
"We do not see (a Western democracy) as a model which would work well in Singapore. We have worked a system where there is parliamentary democracy, there are free elections and the electorate has given their confidence overwhelmingly to one party."
Singapore is a parliamentary republic and elections are held at regular, constitutionally mandated intervals, and some expect one in 2005 although it is not due until 2007. In the 2001 poll, Lee's predecessor Goh Chok Tong won 75 percent of the vote.
Opposition politicians have long complained the system is stacked against them and that frequent defamation suits by PAP officials stifles dissent. Opposition politician Joshua Jeyaretnam was bankrupted by libel suits brought by PAP leaders.
Lee, 53, took over from Goh last year after 14 years in office. Goh had taken over from Lee Kuan Yew, who founded the PAP and led Singapore as prime minister for 31 years.

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Easylink : $9M lost due to bus fare cheats!!!

How dare you Singaporeans cheat a GLC?!!! The EZ-Link card was introduced at a cost of tens of millions of dollars to prevent cheating. YET they reported that Singaporeans continue to cheat making the EZ-Link investment to prevent cheating useless.

Cheating a GLC is almost as serious as cheating the govt. It will not be tolerated and cheats have to be thought a lesson. That is why fines and jail is introduced to nap bus fare cheats. It is important for GLCs not to lose money to ordinary Singaporeans who cheat on bus fare. This will negate all the beneficial effects of transport fee hikes to help these transport GLCs make more profits. Therefore, for the good of Singapore, this cheating has to be stopped and the govt has decided to take harsh actions jail and fine to curb bus fare cheats.

I'm glad the S'pore fight so hard to ensure that our GLCs do well.....what will Singapore be without all these wonderful companies. It is time for Singaporeans to do their part...stop whining about fare hikes and stop cheating our GLCs!!!

Taiwanese reduce NS to 18 month?!

See what happens if you have a full blown Democracy with a 2 party system. Just look at the bad decisions they have made on National Service:

1. Jul 2005 Taiwan NS reduce to 18 months
2. In 2008, Taiwan NS will be reduced to 1 year.
3. In 2008, reservist duties end at age 35.

Oh, these Taiwanese politicians are damn silly, they should learn from our elite leaders.
Taiwan is under direct threat from China with a population of 1 Billion. Singapore is not under any direct threat yet our leaders make every male Singaporeans serve 2 years. This shows the strength of our leadership to be able to command the duty, obedience and commitment from our population.

Money Talk : All Singaporeans are RICH!

Yes our statistics department has spoken and given us more good news that even the bottome 20% of Singaporeans have net equity of $138K in HDB flats - wow!...Our statistics department is always able to illustrate that our govt has yet again achieved the extraordinary.

To show how super-duper this achievement is I dug out even more statistics, the bottom 20% of the household make $1175 per month. 12% of household make less than $1000 per month. Now see how incredible our govt's achievement is? Say, one of these low income folks set aside 40% of his $1000 to pay HDB every month and live on $600, that is $400 per month, a typical loan of average HDB loan of $150,000 at 2% interest will take 40+ years to finish paying. Just a single govt organisation called HDB is able to absorb away 40% of the income of the lowest 20% of households for 40+ years. I believe no other country in the world can match this. I read somewhere that these subsidized HDB flats cost about $45,000 to construct....incredible, I don't believe any other country's govt is able to sell public housing at more than triple the cost of construction. HDB achievements are just amazing.


Poor – and worth $100,000
Most Singaporeans are well off in terms of asset value, SingStat survey indicates

Tuesday • October 11, 2005

Tor Ching Li

MOST Singaporeans live in Housing Development Board (HDB) flats that they own and most such properties are valued at a six-figure sum. Therefore most Singaporeans are well off, asset-wise. True? Almost.

In a detailed breakdown released by the Singapore Department of Statistics (SingStat) yesterday, it became clear that those considered poor in Singapore are still in possession of significant wealth, as Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong pointed out in his National Day Rally speech.

Referring to the household equity of the poorest 20 per cent in terms of per capita household income, Mr Lee had said: "That means the value of the house, subtract the mortgage not paid, this is what it is worth to him. So it's not bad for the bottom one-fifth to have $138,000 of wealth in an HDB house."

More details came out yesterday to back that point. Some 71 per cent of the lowest 20 per cent households, per capita, had equity of at least $100,000 in their HDB flats while 7.8 per cent of this lowest income group had equity exceeding $250,000 in their property.

HDB home ownership was high across all income groups, at an estimated 87 per cent among the lowest 20 per cent, 95 per cent for the middle 60 per cent and 92 per cent for the top 20 per cent.

Contrary to expectations, most households in the lowest 20 per cent owned four-room flats — or 39.4 per cent of the households.

About 34.5 per cent of these "poor" households owned three-room flats while 12.8 per cent owned five-room flats. Of the 13.1 per cent staying in one- or two-room flats, 10.8 per cent rented as tenants.

Mr Nizam Idris, deputy head of research at IDEAglobal, pointed out that most lower-income households would need larger flats simply because they tend to have more children.

"This also means that the per capita asset will actually be quite small. Even if there are only four people in the households, two adults and two children, that amounts to around $34,500 in assets per capita."

Mr Idris also pointed out: "While the data shows that the outstanding loans of homeowners do not exceed the value of the asset, these assets are not very liquid. It is better to have assets than not to have any, but lower income families wouldn't sell the roof over their heads. And jobs would still be their immediate concern."

For Singaporeans, some 47 per cent of total assets in the household sector were invested in residential properties.

According to data from the Household Expenditure Survey 2003, the annual household income of the bottom 20 per cent is $14,100 — or $1,175 a month.

Their home equity is 90 per cent of the national average of $154,000.

But GK Goh economist Song Seng Woon said: "A broad spread of HDB home equity is not a social leveller. The difference comes in the higher disposable income of those in the higher income groups. It's similar to Singapore having the highest savings rate in the world, but due to forced savings in our CPF."

The valuations used by the SingStat survey are based on information posted on HDB's website for the purpose of reference for mortgage financing by the HDB.

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Gullibility Part 2 : Some Singaporeans are Gullible!!!

Usually I take the bus or MRT home, I would read during the journey chapters from my favourite book - LKY. The Man and His Ideas....but yesterday I had to rush home for my mother's birthday. No choice but to travel in luxury by taxi - but I got more than just a ride from home because the driver had an interesting story.

I chatted with the driver about how long he has been driving. He told me about 3 years after his retirement from the police as an investigating officer. When he retired after 22 years in the force, the govt gave him $200K and a pension of $1K per month. Wow not a bad deal from the old days. He even showed me his medical card - he said it will 'protect' him forever should he get sick - he can stay at B2 ward paying only 20% of the fees. I took the opportunity to praise our govt for taking good care of these retired civil servants from the good old days. He is indeed a lucky I thought.

A raw nerve was hit when I asked him about his family. He has 2 children a 17 year old son and a 22 year old daughter. He is quite happy with both of them. It was when he got to the part about his wife, that he became very animated and emotional. "That 'hun tan' woman!", he screamed. His wife is a 'business' graduate with a degree who did not work and stayed home as a housewife. He and his wife never quarrelled and he trusted her enough to gave her his $200K because she usually manages the family finance. As the children got older, she had more time in her hands. She started doing 'nonsense things' like attending court hearings of the many sensational murders in Singapore and all the 'useless idle things'. But those were okay because she did it to kill time. It was when she started befriending a young Malaysian 'xiao bai lian' (bigalow) whom she called her 'xiao ti'(little brother) that troubles started. This sweet talking malaysian started to spend alot of time with his wife and asked for money. I asked if all the $200K is gone, he snapped "Why do you think I'm driving a taxi!!!". As for he wife, he forgiven her for being so gullible but they quarrel alot these days. The taxi driver is quite a interesting feller, he took alot of pain to educate himself and took many courses while he was a civil servant, he showed off some of his knowledge from the "Law of Diminishing Returns" in Economics to Electrical Induction......etc.

I was thinking to myself....."wow these malaysian gigolos are really good can con Singapore women out of $200K of their husband's retirement money. Compared with the Singapore gigolos without initiative (see previous article) , they are miles ahead in terms of service". Singapore gigalos better buck or your jobs will be taken over by FT gigolos!

Monday, October 10, 2005

Singaporeans GULLIBLE?

Coming from an elite like Prof Lee Wei Ling who is the outstanding daughter of our Great Leader LKY and is part of his incredibly talented family, these worlds pierce though my heart like a dagger. Of course the IQ of ordinary Singaporeans cannot compare with that of our elite leaders and their offsprings but to say it so frankly hurts. Such truth about Singaporeans should never be spoken. That our leaders are superior to us is an obvious fact, that is why the rule over us and give us instructions to follow. Singaporeans already accept that we are only good enough to follow instructions and obey the mandate of our leaders. Even our bigalow gigalos are asking for instructions (see previous article).....

I was depressed all day over Lee Wei Ling's hurtful remarks and confided in a mainland Chinese colleague. This chap really made my day. He said, "Of course Singaporeans are not gullible, if they are they wouldn't have voted for the PAP govt in the past 40 years. Singaporeans are certainly smart to vote for such a good govt". I instantly felt better although I never got to vote in the past 30 years - but my fellow Singaporeans who strongly and smartly supported the PAP cannot possibly be gullible! ....We should bring more mainland chinese, they really know how to say the stuff that makes us happy.

The Reality about Service Standards in Singapore

Today's New Paper reporter goes undercover and found out that $200 per hour "bigalow" also got no inititative! that how can? Our govt already say to go all out to improve service standards. Singaporeans should listen and improve themselves, including this $200 per hour chap.

From my work experience, I find most Singaporeans lacking in one thing - INITIATIVE.
I don't know if you heard this joke yet:

3 men were stranded in s small boat after their cruise ship sunk somewhere in the Atlantic - a Japanese, an American and a Singaporean. The American was damn impatient ahd jump off the boat tries to swim to the shore, the Japanese cut out part of the wooden boat and made it into a spear - so that he spear for fish in case some fishes swim by. Now the Singaporean chap did nothing....for hours. Curious the Jap asked him what is going on. The Singaporean replied. "I'm waiting for my gahmen to tell me what to do".

See Singaporeans are so lucky their govt does everything for them until they lose this thingy called INITIATIVE. You see from young Singaporeans go through "indifference training", they are taught to be obedient, passive and to "mind their own business". This serves our govt well, as everyone lives in a state of harmony and happiness. Anyone who step out of line is taught a lesson - be it Andrew Kuan, racist bloggers, Catharine Lim or Martyn See. The problem is this line isn't clearly drawn, so a small number of people start to experiment where this line is. The majority of Singaporeans just stand passively by the side to watch. Some guy tries something new like starting the Talking Cock political satire website and nothing happens to him, then other clowns will follow suit. If they kena defamation lawsuits and shutdown, everyone else will stand by and do nothing. This creates a 'follower syndrome', just wait for someone else to do something first, the whole country loses its dynamism.

We then become more dependent on the govt even more, to plan our future, give out instructions and leadership. That is why our leaders deserve their million $ pay packages because they have so much work to do due to a passive population that is without its own initiative.

Now the govt is determined to improve service standards, they will persuade Singaporeans to smile more, be more courteous, be more thoughtful, have more initiative....they call this whole thing GEMS short for Go-the-Extra-Mile-for-Service. Before I knew what it was I thought it meant Government-Expects-More-Salary, since they are doing so much work to get Singaporeans to buck up on their service standards.

Saturday, October 08, 2005

Racist Bloggers to be JAILED!!!!

Wow our courts has exceeded all my high expectations of them. I feel so lucky that these dangerous people be put behind bars. Hopefully, the will not be given access to the internet when they are in jail. I think Singapore laws are very advanced indeed compared with other developed countries, I don't ever remember any other developed countries being able to jail people for what they write- no matter what is written!

The judge in this case said this:
"They must realise that callous and reckless remarks on racial or religious subjects have the potential to cause social disorder. In whatever medium or forum they are expressed".

An enlighthened statement indeed. Since these bloggers were out to cause social disorder, I'm a little surprised they are only sentenced to 1 month 53 yr old woman was sentenced to 11 years jail for shoplifting by our courts (see previous article) !! Social disorder = 1 month jail, Shopping disorder=11 years jail. These bloggers should be thankful the judge has exercised discretion and chose to be generous to them. According to the judge, their act would have cause Singaporeans to abandon their favorite past-time of shopping and watching TV, rise up from their vegetative state and be inflamed enough to cause social disorder. Wow! I knew the internet is powerful, but it is only now that I begin to see its awesome force of being able to inflame Singaporeans - I thought NOTHING can do that after 40 years of PAP conditioning!

The judge also mentioned what can happen citing the only example in Singapore's history of racial riots in 1964 - May 13. A day that will haunt us forever infamous day that we will never forget. This day in 13 May 1964, will serve as strong justification for the application anti-sedition laws on Singapore internet users forever. We must never let our guard down, we must continue to be vigilant and hunt down those evil men whose desire is to cause disorder in our society....we must jail them for their acts....let nothing come between our peace and harmony towards each other.

11 years jail for shoplifting....!

Singapore has the finest legal system in the world. It is based on important principle enshrined in our pledge that all judgements are based on "JUSTICE and EQUALITY". Indeed, we can see the success of the system in the low crime rates. Singaporeans are so lucky to have such a fine legal system. Under Yong Pung How, the legal system is even better now than ever!

Take the case of 53 yr old Mdm Yong who was given a jail sentence of 11 years for shoplifting, it goes to show how much advancement our judicial system has made since the 1990s. In the 1990s, a crook by the name of Nick Leeson, stole $1.3 billion and was only given 6.5 years jail term by our legal system. See how much we have advanced..... Now we are able to jail Singaporeans for shoplifting wallets and bangles for 11 years. The shoplifters makes a mockery of other Singaporean's favorite pasttime of shopping by taking and not paying.....this is heinous indeed, it is such an evil crime and our enlightened courts knows it.

As for Nick Leeson, he was released after less than 5 years. He is now Commercial Manager of Galway United Football Club.

The sisters then went on an hour-long shoplifting spree and were later nabbed.
On Monday, Yong, 53, was jailed for 11 years.
Now, it will be a long time before her sons get another chance to plan a Mothers' Day dinner for her.
Waiting for mum is now second nature to them.
That's because the Mothers' Day incident on 8 May was not Yong's first brush with the law.
For 15 of the last 20 years, Changi Prison was like her second home.
The divorcee was in jail as far back as 1978, and has returned many times since then, because of various thefts.
This time, she had been freed from jail just three months before she stole again.
Yong's lawyer, Mr David Ng, told The New Paper: 'She went out with her sister as she was bored. Her sons thought she'd be back soon and were waiting for her to go out for dinner.'
Yong lives in a four-room flat in Hougang with her three sons, one in his 30s, another in his 20s and the youngest still in his teens. They declined to be interviewed.

White Elephant Case CLOSED!!!!

Looks like I was wrong about the whodunnit. It turned out to be people in the PAP grassroots.
They will get a reprimand and case is closed. No mention on the papers who these artistic
creative individuals are.

PAP MP, Charles Chong : "There's no criminal intent. I'm glad they exercise DISCRETION and decided not to prosecute".

Grassroot member - DISCRETION is applied by police. ...., this Martyn See harbour evil criminal intent and must be thoroughly investigated his friends also have to be investigated. You mean you expect a respected grassroot member to be treated the same way as a criminal like Martyn See?
Cannot be..... That is not the way our society works, otherwise there will be chaos, riots and instability.
What is needed is DISCRETIONARY application of the law. If the person in question is an ordinary Singaporean, an elite, an ang-moh, we have to apply the law appropriately for the good of our society. Don't worry, ordinary citizens are not the worst off, the worst off are the opposition members. Once they open their mouths, some law is broken and they have to pay damages, fines or even go to jail. So you don't have to feel too bad, just think of the suffering JBJ went through and feel better about yourself.

Singaporeans should be happy that the laws in Singapore are flexible and applied with DISCRETION.

Yesterday's Straits Times : Life is SWEET!

Yesterday's Straits Times (6 Oct 2005) is a classic. This one I'll put in a separate pile so that I won't accidentally sell to the kurang guni man. Starting from the fantastic headlines, "Great Singapore Sale rings up record $5B in Takings" $5B - Singaporeans and the tourists really can shop 'til drop- the good news in S'pore goes on non stop until the back page. On the right side of the front page tenor Jose Carreras is in Singapore and all those Singapore women in expensive beautiful dresses surrounding him - life is good. Just below that report - COE has fallen to $11K and Singaporeans are all rushing to buy cars.

If you have any doubts that life is good in Singapore, read this copy of Straits Times.

As I read it cover to cover, I found that awful stuff is happening everywhere else in the world - of course there is the Bali Bombing that covered several pages, one article "What if hurricane hits New York", "New Orleans to lay off half its workers", "British Minorities isolated"....etc. I feel so fortunate to be in Singapore after reading all these articles. The news on dengue is shrinking I could hardly find it. Structural unemployment? Disappeared. Poor homeless Singaporeans? Don't exist. Yes. we are so lucky to be Singaporeans....

Thursday, October 06, 2005

Showdown at Potong Pasir!!!

Chiam See Tong is getting old. Steve Chia was suppose to be his successor but his 'artistic' endeavours makes it hard for him to win elections. Now the PAP is going for a showdown. As a happy Singaporean who loves his government, I have nothing against Chiam See Tong although he is Opposition. First of all he is always smiling and friendly. Secondly he does not write books and try to sell them at MRTs. Thirdly after so many years he knows what question to ask and what not to ask. In his early days as MP, he asked why HDB flats are so expensive. Now that is a silly question, because every Singaporean knows HDB flats are subsidised. He also asked for more benefits for workers in 2001 recession, I guessed at that time he forgot that LHL has already said that reducing worker benefits is good for workers because otherwise employers will run to China.

Chiam seems out of touch these days, fighting for the downtrodden, poor and unemployed. He still fights for freedom of speech and democracy. But what Singaporeans want is ENTERTAINMENT - SHOPPING and TOURS!

See his opponent Sitoh realised that and is organising a MEGA tour, he might even go as tour guide. Look at Sitoh's bright smile really lights up that banner wouldn't you say so. After 40 years of PAP, our citizens are happy with the state of our society, we don't worry much about the poor people, the sick people, unemployed people and the loss of Democratic rights and freedom. What we want as Singaporeans is good deals in electronics goods and good tour packages.

To win the next election, Chiam has to stop harping on issues like unemployment, poverty, medical care, cost of living, democracy and organise more budget tours and shopping trips. I suggest he organise a tour called "GIGA tour to Malacca" complete with stopover at JB for seafood and grocery shopping to beat this Sitoh feller's $88 MEGA Port Dickson package.

After 40 years of PAP and all the "indifference conditioning" (read my earlier articles), the Opposition parties and members face a uphill task. Unlike other countries, routine topics like unemployment matters little to Singaporeans whose pre-occupation is shopping.

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

WOW!! $11,000 COE now available!!!

Frankly speaking only human beings who are called Singaporeans think $11,000 is 'cheap'.
I don't know if you heard this joke that illustrates how smart our leaders are.

Once LKY in 1996 went to Malaysia to visit Dr. Mahathir. Mahathir is the person who almost single handedly created the Malaysian car industry. So when LKY came to visit, Dr. M eagerly showed LKY his Proton Saga factory - "Here we invested $300M, paid Mitsubitshi $100M for technology transfers, and invested $50M for branding. Now we are ready to make money, we can sell each Proton Saga car for $30,000". LKY laughed and said, "Oh...too much trouble, we print this certificate called the COE that costs 5 cents a piece, and sell them to our citizens for $40,000".

Make your conclusion which govt is smarter! Of course it does not end there, the PAP govt has devised the most ingenious money making machine from car ownership. And to get Singaporeans to take the bait, the MAS has allowed zero down payment car loans.

Car Price = Registration fee + Cost Price + Road Tax + COE + additional registration fee (140% of OMV) and customs duty (31% of OMV).

Of course once you buy the car you pay petrol tax which is 35%+GST 5%. In Malaysia, there is no petrol tax instead the govt gives a petrol subsidy to make it more affordable for people to drive. Ah the Malaysia govt is so stupid to miss such money making opportunities!!!!

Anyway, the Singapore govt puts all the surplus funds collected to good use. For example, giving out scholarship to foreigners, investing overseas, and investing in R&D....see when these foreign scholars finish school, they will need R&D jobs we have to ensure they are fully employed.

See how smart our govt is? I feel so lucky to be a Singaporean!

Sporting Glory : The Singapore Way!

Read in today's Sports Section of the Straits Times that Singapore expects to win more medal in the coming SEA games thanks to the imported talents from GuangZhou, Fujian province etc. You see, these athletes have no hopes of representing China in international competition but when they come to Singapore, they can smash our national records with ease and win regional games such as South East Asian Games. Of course our regional neighbors like Malaysia are still stuck in old-fashion thinking that it is worthwhile to train up their own indigenous talents and improve the performance of homegrown athletes through sheer hardwork. Oh what a joke, while they try so hard to spot local talent, train them, nurture them, ....Singapore through its INNOVATIVE foreign athletes import method, beat them like nobody's business.

Singaporeans can sit back relax and busk in the glory that our imported athletes brings home. Why train so hard? Why sacrifice shopping time, tours, movies and good restaurant food? Singaporeans should give up competitive sports altogether - why? Because you can spend all your time trying to beat your fellow indigenous Singaporeans, then when you think you can represent Singapore, your sports council import someone from GuangZhou and you become the subsitute. Now how stupid will you feel when that happens?.... ....

We, Singaporeans have such good leaders that we get to feel the thrill and glory of victory without much effort, we should sit back and enjoy this success that our leaders have engineered. Other countries are so stupid to try to train their own indigenous talents to win, make all their school children take part in Sports Day to choose local talent. We should get rid of Sports Day altogether and call it Theme Park day where the entire school take time of to visit Sentosa or Haw Par Villa etc. We can eliminate the agony of defeat by importing the best, we can beat our Malaysian/Indonesian sporting rivals with consummate ease.

Look at these pictures below, ah these chinese they train so hard, they are so hungry for for success. Singaporeans, would you want to work your children so hard? can just import them later. Let our children spend more time shopping and watching TV and let these imported talents win for us.....glory to Singapore! Cheers to our enlightened leaders for their innovation in sports!

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

All squatters cleared from Changi Beach!

Thank goodness. Our policemen have done us proud again. These squatters gathering in large numbers at the beach can shatter the reputation of Singapore as an affluent globalised society.
The Changi beach is now back to its pristine condition for tourists to enjoy:
The last 2 squatters a Mr. Jallaludin and Mr. Joe say they will join these folks at HDB void decks:

I always wondered what void decks are for, now I realised how much foresight our planners have. Not much choice for them as 9 policemen turn up to make sure they comply. Mr. Jallaludin & Mr. Joe said they rather go to jail than to be sent to a welfare home. ...I wonder why?

According to ruling elites, all these homeless and jobless people are homeless and jobless by choice. Yes, see what happens when citizens are 'given a choice'? ...They always choose the wrong one. Where possible, we should let our leaders choose for us. There are 10,000 unsold HDB flats available to them, yet these folks CHOOSE to sleep at the beach. There are so many jobs in Singapore, we have to employ FTs by the thousands, yet these people CHOOSE to be jobless because they are fussy. .... Don't come and tell me "foreigners took all the jobs". This is impossible, silly and ridiculous. If a foreigner takes a job for $800, Singaporeans can take it back by offering to do it for $600, by SHEER LOGIC, it is impossible for a Singaporean to be jobless unless he chooses to be.

Monday, October 03, 2005

NewPaper report Former SIA girl - down and out

Such a sad story I read in the New Paper (see below).

But I found many inconsistencies in the New Paper story probably the reporters are not as good as those in the Straits Times:

1. "Jane claimed she hasn't been able to find a job because of her criminal record". This very irregular, our govt has already conducted the "Yellow Ribbon" campaign to help these ex-criminals find jobs, so this problem is consider solved.

2. "Recalling the time when her son started teething, Jane broke down again and said: 'He had fever and a runny nose but I had no money to take him to the doctor.'" This again looks fishy. The govt has already said that medical care is affordable to all Singaporeans. ...but even as a loyal citizen who trust the govt 110%, I wonder how someone can find medical care affordable when he has no money.....I take it that some polyclinics give free treatment to poor Singaporeans.....has to be since our govt does not lie.

3. "Now, desperate to feed her son, she has resorted to begging on the street." According to LKY, there are no beggers on Singaporeans streets. I guess she must be the first one.

4. "She can barely afford to feed her son,". Hard to believe that with a govt that has accumulated $100B in reserves, there are citizens that claim they don't have enough
food. ......


SHE was a high-flier as an SIA stewardess. Hers was a carefree, plush life. Louis Vuitton bags hung from her arms. Visits to casinos were part of her jet-setting lifestyle.

Now, 14 years after she stopped flying, she's come down to earth with a rude thud. She was jailed for robbery and has now resorted to begging on the streets with her 2-year-old son.

Jane's husband, who also spent time in jail for robbery, only managed to find work about two weeks ago as a cleaner at a hawker centre earning $650 a month.

We are not using their real names to protect the child's identity and because Jane does not want her relatives to know she's been begging.

She claimed her life took a downward spiral eight years ago when she suffered a mild stroke.


Jane, 43, said the stroke has affected her speech and nerves. Her speech is slightly slurred.

She also suffers from pain in her legs. She says an acupuncturist told her this was caused by a fall in her younger days, though she has no clear memory of such a thing happening.

Yet that did not seem a hindrance when it came to crime five years ago.

Jane claimed that on the night she was arrested, she was drunk and had no memory of the robbery.

A check showed that in March 2000, Jane and her husband robbed a couple at knife point at East Coast Park.

The New Paper reported in August that same year that they were drunk and high on sleeping pills. They apparently resorted to robbery to get money for more pills.

Jane and her husband were arrested shortly after the robbery. In August 2000, she was sentenced to 30 months in jail, while her husband got 42 months and 12 strokes of the cane.

Since she came out about two years ago, Jane claimed she hasn't been able to find a job because of her criminal record.

She said the pain in her legs makes it difficult to walk, much less work for long hours.

She has no savings from her days as a stewardess because 'when I was young, I didn't think about saving for the future', she said.

'When I saw other people with Louis Vuitton bags, I wanted one too, so I bought one. And I loved to gamble. When I returned from a flight, I would go and play mahjong immediately.

'At that time, I really liked to gamble a lot. I went to casinos and never thought to put aside any money.'

She said she has since sold her branded goods to a second-hand shop in desperation.

Now, desperate to feed her son, she has resorted to begging on the street.

'I have no choice. We have no money, I have to feed my son... He needs milk powder and diapers. For my baby's sake I have to do it,' Jane said, breaking down in tears.

'If my legs can get better, I can find a job. But sometimes, the pain in my legs get so bad, I can't walk or stand. I can't even carry my own son.'

She takes the boy to the nearby MRT station or just downstairs her three-room HDB flat at Woodlands Centre Road to beg for money or ask people to buy him milk and diapers.

When she has enough - about $20 - she stops. When the milk and diapers run out, Jane goes out again.

Recalling the time when her son started teething, Jane broke down again and said: 'He had fever and a runny nose but I had no money to take him to the doctor.'

She recently sought help from the Community Development Council (CDC) and is now receiving $250 a month in welfare assistance for three months. PUB is also giving her a subsidy of $90 a month to help pay off her utility debt of over $400.

Her husband has also asked the CDC to help him find a job. Jane claimed he has tried applying for many jobs, but he's never heard back from any one because of his criminal record.

Jane says she's stuck in a vicious circle. She can barely afford to feed her son, but claimed she is unable to work because of her condition.

And in order to resolve her leg pain, she needs medical treatment which she has no money for.

'I just want my legs to recover so that I can work. I can't keep doing this (begging). It's not good for (my son) also.'