Tuesday, October 04, 2005

All squatters cleared from Changi Beach!

Thank goodness. Our policemen have done us proud again. These squatters gathering in large numbers at the beach can shatter the reputation of Singapore as an affluent globalised society.
The Changi beach is now back to its pristine condition for tourists to enjoy:
The last 2 squatters a Mr. Jallaludin and Mr. Joe say they will join these folks at HDB void decks:


I always wondered what void decks are for, now I realised how much foresight our planners have. Not much choice for them as 9 policemen turn up to make sure they comply. Mr. Jallaludin & Mr. Joe said they rather go to jail than to be sent to a welfare home. ...I wonder why?

According to ruling elites, all these homeless and jobless people are homeless and jobless by choice. Yes, see what happens when citizens are 'given a choice'? ...They always choose the wrong one. Where possible, we should let our leaders choose for us. There are 10,000 unsold HDB flats available to them, yet these folks CHOOSE to sleep at the beach. There are so many jobs in Singapore, we have to employ FTs by the thousands, yet these people CHOOSE to be jobless because they are fussy. .... Don't come and tell me "foreigners took all the jobs". This is impossible, silly and ridiculous. If a foreigner takes a job for $800, Singaporeans can take it back by offering to do it for $600, by SHEER LOGIC, it is impossible for a Singaporean to be jobless unless he chooses to be.

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Anonymous said...

so, tell me..how do one survive with $600 these days?(with the current living standards)..plus to even own a flat out of the 10,000 vacant pigeon holes?....