Monday, October 24, 2005

Another drug smuggler to be hanged.............

To get rid of drugs hang the smuggler. What else could be simpler?
Every country that is more or less free from the drug menace does
that - North Korea, Vietnam China & Singapore.

Death penalty definitely easier than setting up a DEA like US to fight
the war on drugs. Definitely cheaper to use death penalty.

The main problem with death penalty is when foreigners are caught and needs
to be sentence to death. We can easily hang Singaporeans, no problem because noboby except a few jokers from SDP & Think Centre will make protest against it - all these groups can be managed. However, when we hang foreigners especially those from fully Democratic countries, their govt will protest, their human rights groups will protest, their minister will fight for them. Simply don't understand why these people fight so hard to save the life of a criminal. In Singapore, if one of our citizens is caught and hanged say in some other country - nobody in Singapore will bother. Why should we disrupt our happy lives to fight for a criminal just because he is Singaporean? Really don't understand these foreigners.

Take the case of Nguyen Tuong Van, everyone in Australia is so worked up because Singapore is about to hang him. This Austrailian Vietnamese was forced by the triads to smuggle drugs to help his twin brother who is in debt. If he is a Singaporean nobody would have cared, time is just too precious to fight for a criminal, Singaporeans has many other more important things to do like shopping, tours and karaoke. Something is really wrong with Australians, why bother with Singapore hanging one of their citizens, they have 20 million people so much more than us. They should understand Singapore is helping them to get rid of one of their criminals - they should thank us, now that their nation is safer. Nguyen Tuong Van will obviously endangered the lives of people by his crime, why else would a "rational country" like Singapore want to hang him? These Australians and human rights group are acting so emotionally and irrationally over this.

These Ang Moh dominated countries have to be taught to understand the logic that Singapore uses. If the drugs is smuggled into Singapore, it will turn many into addicts and they might die of overdose. So drug smugglers are in fact murderers. Similarly, cigarette importers bring in cigarettes that cause people to get addicted and die of lung cancer should be considered for death penalty.

Yes, logic prevails in our death penalty implementation, we should never give in to these emotional irrational demands for us to get rid of it.

Appeal to save death row Australian

October 22, 2005
AMNESTY International said it is appalled at the imminent execution of
an Australian drug runner and is appealing to Singapore to spare his

Melbourne man Nguyen Tuong Van, who was convicted on heroin smuggling
charges, could be hanged as early as next Friday after losing his final
clemency appeal, civil rights groups say.

The 25-year-old sales executive was convicted of trying to smuggle
almost 400 grams of heroin into Singapore in December 2002.

He had told police he was smuggling the drugs to help pay off a debt
owed by his twin brother.

Spokesman for the Australian chapter of Amnesty International, Tim
Goodwin, said the group was appealing to Singapore's cabinet to
reconsider its decision to impose the death sentence on Nguyen.

"This decision is also a blow to the growing number of people in
Singapore and around the world who believe the country should instead
be moving to abolish this cruel and inhuman punishment," he said in a

"While an overwhelming majority of countries have rejected the death
penalty, Singapore has a shocking record, hanging more than 420 people
since 1991," he said.

"With a population of just over four million, it has the highest
execution rate in the world."

Mr Goodwin said Singapore's Misuse of Drugs Act specifies a mandatory
death sentence for at least 20 different offences.

"This is the real impact of Singapore's mandatory death sentences," he

"The courts have no discretion to consider any mitigating factors,
which can result in decisions which are completely disproportionate to
the circumstances of the case."

Think Centre, a group campaigning for greater political freedoms in
Singapore, said Nguyen could be executed as early as next Friday


Anonymous said...

...Thanks again
Once and again I now know that I have been doing a "Great part" by not doing any Thinking(or think so much).
By Just doing Shopping, Tours, Karaoke in actual fact I have already 'contributed' to this 'little red dot island'.
HAHaha .....LL7928

Anonymous said...

"Every country that is more or less free from the drug menace does
that - North Korea, Vietnam China & Singapore"


Beach-yi said...

Try responding to this:

Anonymous said...

Except he was not bringing drugs into Singapore - he was in transit.

The significance of death is not to be underestimated - imagine a mother saying good-bye to a son she will never see again. Ever. Because her young 21 year old son made a mistake. Happy shopping Singapore.

Anonymous said...

Do you know that country like HK who do have death penalty actually hope for one. Only thing is that they don't say it openly.

A true case which happen:

In the 80s, if one recall that several men from HK caught smuggling drugs or transiting in Malaysia were arrested at the airport by Malaysian police for drug smuggling. Eventually, all the men were hanged in Malaysia.

Do you know that the HK police were aware that they are carrying drugs and boarding a plane and yet they did not move in to arrest them. Why because those people had engaged the best lawyers in HK to fight their case and the police lost the case in HK.

This time round, do you think that the HK police will let them off. Why tip off the Malaysian police because there is death penalty in Malaysia for drugs.

This was a true incident related by a CID man with HK Police.

Anonymous said...

Or the leaders could grow some balls and go after the REAL drug smugglers, the growers, producers, sellers. But of course, that would take political will, spending lots of money, and making hard decisions that might involve interfering with national sovereignty or possibly cost lives. No no, so much easier to spend the 400$ and hang the poor Vietnamese boy who was just trying to save face and keep his brother's honor intact..

Face, and honor. I'm sure mess'rs Goh Chock Tong, and Lee Kwan Yew, and everyone working up at the Istana understand about honor. If they were faced with a choice similar to the one that Nguyen Tuong Van faced, they would probably have behaved in exactly the same manner.

But alas, they are too busy defending their OWN honor, defending the FALLACY that Singapore is a drug-free state. Everyone knows that's bullshit, and they're willing to send a young man to his death just to keep that fact quiet.

Anonymous said...

You write that Singaporeans are too busy doing tours, shopping and singing Karaoke to be bothered about the fact that their country barbarically kills people who dare transit drugs through their airport.

It is said that people get the leaders they deserve. You stupid, heartless, vacuous, barbaric "lucky Singaporean".

Robert said...

umm - forceful point, but I think you may have missed the irony in the blog.

Anonymous said...

War in itself is tragic, however it is even more tragic when I consider the high number of Australians who gave their lives in the defence of Singapore. You are pathetic and I feel sorry for your urbane mundane life of tours shopping and karoke. You need to get a life. Ok la.

Anonymous said...

err... din the aussies defend spore onli becos they are feel that the Japanese will go on to attack them?

Anyway that is veri long ago already la...

Anonymous said...

I have to disagree with you!! I live in Australia, I do shopping, tours and karaoke, and I don't care about the drugs smuggler being hanged! So not all australians are what you think they are, okay?!

Anonymous said...

I can't get over how many Aussies have missed the complete irony in the post above. As an Australian frightened by the prospect of the Howard government's proposed Sedition legislation, I suggest you get used to the idea of reading commentary disguised as satire, as above. If you don't get satire and irony, you're going to have a hell of a time once the new sedition laws pass.

Cousin Creep said...

As an Australian now living in America I find the entire antics of these vocal left wing groups sickening and now a week before the planned execution of Nguyen Tuong Van have already started using it as an excuse to boycott all thing Singaporean! There's an American talk show called The Savage Nation which is hosted by Michael Savage who wrote a book called 'Liberalism is a Mental Disorder'. Given the antics of this Nguyen Tuong Van saga on how Singapore is being criticized for hanging a drug smuggler and a large portion of Australia wants to defend Nguyen Tuong Van actions as it wasn't his fault /he was forced into it/ he just needed the money/he shouldn't be arrested for doing that etc etc... maybe Liberalism is a Mental Disorder after all. read ‘Sticking it to Singapore’ - OR ‘How people will use Nguyen Tuong Van’s death as an excuse to Boycott all things Singaporean’

Frank said...

"cousin creep"
Might I suggest that you change your nick to "right wing creep" than find yourself a rock to crawl under.

Anonymous said...

"Cousin Creep", if not for "liberalism", you would not have the pleasure of being an Australian - after all, convicts were sent out to Australia rather than executed for things as simple as stealing a loaf of bread. Are you suggesting that people should have been hanged for such an offense. Or are you _really_ a conservative and actually believe that the "punishment should fit the crime"? Liberal democracy is the foundation of your freedom, and that right-wing, theocratic claptrap they practise over there has more in common with a Muslim Caliphate than our society, where we believe in the rule of law, and rehabilitation rather than lifelong torture and punishment.
Furthermore if you're so sick of Australian liberalism, why did you run away to the most liberal (in name) country on earth?
The irony of the Nguyen case is that the Australian "mentally ill" you speak of are actually arguing it from an Asian point of view. That is, when viewed in context, Nguyen's actions are completely understandable and he was doing it out of love for a family member (fileal piety), to save his honor (face, and saving honor). It's not as if he was trying to get rich quick. Drug mules are always desperate, desperate people who are not the problem, and right wing nutcases like you conveniently forget to realise that slaughtering hundreds of pathetic MULES like him does NOTHING to fight the actual war on drugs. The drug barons treat those people as expendable, and they know that so long as they are the ones doing the actual smuggling, the barons remain untouched. I put to you a question : if you think someone like Nguyen really deserves to die, could YOU bring yourself to kill him? Think about that, and how you might feel for the rest of your life about murdering another human being. I bet you are against abortion too (some murder is wrong).
SO brave, slaughtering the mules. REAL bravery requires actually going after the top of the tree. But of course, you probably bury your head in the sand on that one, because it requires too much thought and an inherent understanding that there are no simple answers, and that drug smuggling will always be a problem so long as there is no regulation of an industry that makes more money in a year than Australia as a nation does in a decade.
"Liberalism is a mental illness". So what are you going to do? Kill all the liberals? You are the disease my friend, and it's called intolerance and rage.

"Arbeit macht frei".

Cousin Creep said...

Dear Anonymous # 344

I wasn't going to respond to your criticism and just leave my post as my point, but you just proved my point. You are showing all the emotive points that liberalism fosters while justifying their reasoning. Lets move onto Nguyen Tuong Van that he was caught smuggling heroin but it's not smuggling to you, he was a drug mule. He was willing to continue being a drug smuggler oh! I'm sorry, a 'drug mule' so by calling him a drug mule it leaves you with the sense that he was forced into it. Which is stupid reasoning for starters it's like saying "Well I didn't want to do it, but I did anyway" but that reasoning still doesn't make you above the law. Liberalism reasoning is to place yourself in the drug mule's shoes and understand why he did it so therefore he's not at fault. Except in some countries it's not reasoning it's called Drug Smuggling and Nguyen Tuong Van was caught in one of those countries. Australian are up in arms about this because it just proves that being an Australian doesn't give you special rights if you get caught doing illegal acts in other countries. Although Australia doesn't have the death penalty it tends to pick and chose it's time to comment on overseas death penalty cases. The Bali bombing verdict was meet with no protests from Australia that I recall (because the Bali Bombers were killing Australians) yet Nguyen Tuong Van verdict was wrong because he didn't want to do what he was caught for? The fact is that Nguyen Tuong Van was caught for doing something illegal and liberals still feel he should have avoided the noose as Drug Mules are so low in the drug cartel foodchain they're not worth the hassle? With this reasoning Liberalism will now encourage people that the only way to get back at Singapore is to boycott Singapore Airlines or Optus. If Liberalism isn't a disorder then why are they so emotive in ignoring the facts about the Nguyen Tuong Van case that he was caught and found gulity.

Anonymous said...

Cousin Creep : you're treading on very thin ice saying liberals act emotively. Wouldn't a knee-jerk solution to a problem (sometimes called "reactionary") be considered emotive?

Example 1:
Man caught with drugs.
State decides man's individual circumstances are irrelevant, and hangs him.
State wins.

Example 2:
Man caught with drugs.
State investigates man's individual circumstances.
State discovers man is acting under threat of death and had absolutely no choice.
State decides even though man had good reason to do so, man still broke law.
State decides to punish man, but not to the full extent of the law, given individual circumstances.
State maintains face.
Society wins.

This is why "hogtying" judges will NEVER work. In democracies we appoint judges for their ability to weigh up these dilemmas (lady jusice may be blind, but she holds a SCALE, and her hands are not tied) and decide upon the right course of action, whether that individual should be rehabilitated and let back into society, or they should rot in jail forever.

As soon as you take that power away from judges it is no longer a system of laws, and might as well be a dictatorship (which indeed, Singapore is).

cousin creep said...

Dear Anonymous number #345

So Knee jerk reaction is 'Emotive?"... So with that excuse then all forms of judicial sentencing would be emotive. No, that's called sentencing my friend. So how does that make me on thin ice?

Anonymous said...

Cousin creep, please stay in the USA.You belong in George Bush's America

MatyK said...

Wow, how can so many people fail to understand this website????

Good job man - nice site.

Anonymous said...

As an Australian you have my express permission to hang all the drug people you catch. Next time just hang them and then tell Australia. I have never seen so much drivel about this case in the media and with no-hoper politicians that Australia has. Surely one of them should have offered to take the place of the criminal? The most ridiculous thing is that he is not even Australian. So go ahead let Mr Singh do his job.

Fabian said...

Wow, good luck trying and convicting all those cigarette importers.

Malaysian said...

I think you are a pathetic and sick person with your little stupid life of shopping, tours and karoake. There's a lot more to life than these and I feel sorry for you that this is the only life you have.

You are emotionally handicapped, unfeeling and if it was up to me, I say that you should be hanged instead of poor boy.

Anonymous said...

I don't believe in capital punishment but I do believe that drug smugglers like Nguyen should serve the punishment according to the law of the land.

On the flip side it is bit sad that Nguyen won't be able to serve his country with drugs. This is the sort of message Australia is sending to the rest of the world.

candygirl said...

The reason why Singapore wants to punish drug smugglers is because they don't want their citizens or residents to be addicted with drugs. Take note that Nguyen Tuong Van never intended to harm Singaporeans. Rather, he intended to bring it back to Australia where he is a citizen of. With that said, the very core reason of why the execution was decided upon is already flawed. Singapore should have just hand him over to Australian authorities and let him be punished according to its laws.

Oh, and I also find the "chosen" executioner to be so disgusting. He seems so proud to have that gruesome job.

and i quote..

"To mark his 500th hanging four years ago, four of his former colleagues turned up at his home to celebrate the event with a couple of bottles of Chivas Regal."

Anonymous said...

The real criminals will always be able to find young naive people to do their dirty work, so killing this guy will not be a deterent to them. So this guy will die for being naive.
shru UK

Anonymous said...

Who are we to condemn another nation for their law?
If someone from Asia came to Australia and killed someone, and their culture allows that person to be killed, Should Australia law apply to that person, or should that person be set free, because their culture allows them to kill?
Different country has different way of dealing with social problems, if Singapore wants to eliminate drug use and they choose to do it by hanging drug trafficker, that is their choice. Us Australian should not have a say in the matter, no matter how barbaric we feel the practice is.
Some people might think that a mum/dad is barbaric, because they spend all their money on drugs, while their kids remain cold and hungry.
Some people might think that a system is barbaric because it allows easier access to drugs and therefore kids are not finishing their education and become prostitutes to maintain their drug habit. Every person has their own standards and it is not up to any of us to judge another person on their standards.

Anonymous said...

I think it's interesting to consider the contrast right now for us... This Week in Kaliforniya, everyone's in a tizzy defending pooky williams, convicted murderer of 4, trying to get the Governator to commute his sentence... and here's a 25 year old kid about to be murdered by a foreign government for dealing drugs.

Anonymous said...

You seriously have to understand the history of Australia to understand why Australians are so against capital punihsment and believe in "second chance".

If not for the "second chance" woud you be facing a community of 20 millions who are either descendants of refugees and criminals???

Yes. Refugees and criminals.


Anonymous said...

how dare matter who you are? How dare you even begin to think that in Van Nugyen's case or any other drug smuggling case, That you or your nation have the right to dicate the end of another human beings life.

He was not bringing drugs to Singapore he was in transit.

How dare any legal system stand to try and deny a mother her basic human right to touch her son One last time.

Shame on you Singapore, Shame Shame Shame.

Australians wouldn't try to bring drugs in to your country to harm you,

They dont even consider you or your country in our daily lives.

Singaporeans are so irrelevent to Aussies that why would he be doing to hurt you?

Sing kareoke, shop do what ever you do.

i will cry and morn the loss of a exceptionally unfortunate loss of my fellow countryman to a primitive barbaric sentence dished out by Monkeymen

Anonymous said...

All i can say to you Singaporean people coming to Australia... Lets hope you get some of the same sort of hospitality and compassion from us, that while in Singapore, Van Nguyen received from you.

FILTH, YOU ARE Filth. We are currently setting up a web sight to encourage boycotting Singapore

No holidays, diffrent stop-over destinations etc

Info to come soon

Justine said...

I am now a law-abidding respected doctor, with a lovely home and beautiful kids. When I was young I made some stupid mistakes- nothing as serious as Van made- but stupid none the less- it is human to err, and divine to forgive. If the Singapore governement wants to put to death those who endanger the lives of others by their actions- then look at the real killers in the world- alcohol, cigarettes, cars, and those who would ban AIDS preventing measures in the Developing World. When I wrote to the Singaporean PM, Attorney General and others about this case-not ONE replied...
Van was stupid- a perogative of the young- and Singapore will NEVER be divine....

hope for a better world said...

A young man is dead, many other have died a smilar death in a nation that on the outside promotes itself as civilised. Singapore's death penalty laws were initiated in the 70's trying keep out the unwanted 'Hippy' culture that was permeating though western cultures. Times have changed. No one argues that drugs cause unwanted deaths and can ruin countless lives but are we that barbaric that we have to hang a young man for being foolish. We don't hang white collar criminals who rob the poor of their hard earnt dollars leaving them destitute???

My brother was an addict, was jailed and now councils others full time... the chance he was given has saved many more from death over the years...

Put aside your racism, your national pride and think? In an era where we are spending billions on trying to save human life through science, why are we still allowing our governments to take it away so thoughtlessly?

If the Singapore Government believes so much in the their death penalty laws why not hang them in the middle of Orchard Rd on a Saturday afternoon for all to see... surely this would be more a deterant to foreigners and locals alike???

No, but that would sway public opinion against the government wouldn't it? That would be barbaric wouldn't it? It's in the nations interest to keep all these hangings quiet, unreported, silent to the world???

In a country where politics is almost a crime in itself and free speech is something Singaporeans do behind closed doors I hope that if anything the death of this young man has stirred up enough debate that Singapore takes a hard look at the pros & cons of their punishment laws. Its people truly think of themselves as Asia's most civilised country - it's time they did something to show they are true humanitarians.

Anonymous said...

So much has been said about Nguyen Tuong Van, but what about his twin brother Nguyen Dang Khoa ? The drug addict who has caused his brothers death by his drug addiction ?

And of the mobs who threaten the life of Nguyen's family and force him to be a trafficker? Has the Australian Police done anything to catch them ?

Anonymous said...

You are a truly disgusting and repulsive person. If all Singaporeans are like you, then we should let the Chinese have their way with you and your vermin countrymen. I hope your life is miserable.

Anonymous said...

Lucky and stupid.

Anonymous said...

In response to the post at 2.04 PM: your post purporting to be one of an australian is pathetic! It reeks of propaganda! this issue is not one unique to australia. The death penalty is counter productive and disproportionate.

If Nguyen had have murdered your entire family and half your city block - he would have received the same penalty. What is to prevent these people from extracting maximum damage if they know what there fate is to be?

He should have blown up your entire pathetic little island! Then we wouldn't have this propblem and Malaysia would probably be happier too.

Kind Regards,

Happy to be Australian said...

This Blog is absolutely repugnant - How on earth can you say Asia is 'drug free' - you are an absolute ignoramus if you truly believe that. Many of the drugs of the world are produced in Asia - China still is a haven for opium dens and has been for years.

To say you want to shop, go on tours and sing karaoke and not give a moments thought to Van Nguyen is surely a reflection of your character. And to have written this blog shows you to be even shallower than that - as you HAVE thought of Van and have decided to belittle the humanitarian aspect of his execution.

Sure, he is a drug trafficker - but hanging is not in proportion to his crime. Mass murderers, serial killers, pedophiles, etc who are unrehabilitable may deserve the death penalty - but a drug trafficker does not. We forget a simple thing, whilst drugs may sometimes kill people - IT IS THE ADDICTS WHO CHOOSE TO TAKE THE DRUG - the trafficker does not force feed them!

I have lost my fondness for Singapore already and after reading this post - have no wish to go there at all if there are numerous people like you around. With the highest per capita execution rate, it appears you Singaporeans believe that life is cheap - to be spent on trivial things such as karaoke!!

You disgust me

Chantelle Musk, AU said...

I say this with all due respect, to Singapores' culture, people and way of life. I'm sure that you do far more that karaoke, shop and tour! I cried to hear that Nguyen Tuong Van would be executed. I really do feel that the punishment does not fit the crime. I realise that drugs are a serious menance to all communities, and respect a government, people and culture who take positive steps to free their people from it. All this aside, I hurt inside from the pain of seeing (hearing, really) that another human being is to be executed. And believe me, Lucky Singaporean, I would be just as opposed to ANYONE, not just an aussie in that position. I feel that it is morally wrong for a government, a society or a person to decide the fate of another. I will not be boycotting your country, or be rude to your citizens, as this changes nothing. I wanted to say that in this case, I disagree with your policy and law, and I thank you for allowing me to post this.

Anonymous said...

wow, there are some really dumb people out there. if you put half the energy you use trying to be vitriolic into thinking about what you are replying to, you would realise there is more to blogs than you think. get your nose out of your soap-box thesaurus and be engaged by the real issues being (not) spoken about.

Australian patriot said...

Singaporean scum listen up. You
think you are so high and mighty.
Australians are amongst the toughest people in the world. If it wasnt for us your country would have been raped even harder by Japan.

Our Australian brother Van Nguyen has died in Singapore. A bad crime but not one worthy of death. kill the kingpins and dealers but give the mules 25 years.

People get off and do a lot worse in the world. I hope that when you next need us we give your country the finger!

Anonymous said...

Hey, Lucky Tan (A Singaporean) Please find a package of heroin in your suit case. It's for you as a gift. Enjoy !

Anonymous said...

Idiot Singaporean (Dummy Tan)...
Don't be surprised and ask for mercy when found a suspicious package in your luggage! You will be next to the gallow. See you there.

A Canadian

Laine said...

Oh goodness. To all the people who completely missed the point of the entry (ie - satire), please stop embarrassing other Australians. You're flaming the wrong person.