Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Easylink : $9M lost due to bus fare cheats!!!

How dare you Singaporeans cheat a GLC?!!! The EZ-Link card was introduced at a cost of tens of millions of dollars to prevent cheating. YET they reported that Singaporeans continue to cheat making the EZ-Link investment to prevent cheating useless.

Cheating a GLC is almost as serious as cheating the govt. It will not be tolerated and cheats have to be thought a lesson. That is why fines and jail is introduced to nap bus fare cheats. It is important for GLCs not to lose money to ordinary Singaporeans who cheat on bus fare. This will negate all the beneficial effects of transport fee hikes to help these transport GLCs make more profits. Therefore, for the good of Singapore, this cheating has to be stopped and the govt has decided to take harsh actions jail and fine to curb bus fare cheats.

I'm glad the S'pore fight so hard to ensure that our GLCs do well.....what will Singapore be without all these wonderful companies. It is time for Singaporeans to do their part...stop whining about fare hikes and stop cheating our GLCs!!!


Anonymous said...

Hahahaha tongue firmly in cheek! I LOVE this blog!

Snakeyes said...

Brilliant, as always!