Monday, October 17, 2005

Good Speech, Bad Speech...

Harvard should invite our PAP leaders to do their commencement speeches instead of rock singers who don't cut their hair, aim to change the world, fight indifference and incite the people. ...this speech would be considered seditious under Singapore law:

Harvard 2001 Commencement Address is by a person whose long hair would have barred him from coming into Singapore in the 1990s. I won't recommend this to anyone who want to retain his indifference cultivated by years of Singapore education especially NUS.

"Freedom of speech is permissible as long as it does not threaten real political change or to alter the status quo" - Thio Li-ann, a law professor at the National University of Singapore.

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Anonymous said...

talking about hair. we should follow the example of north korea, making it compulsory for singaporean men to keep short hair.

this can be achieved by making men go for regular hair check conducted by our RSMs and CSMs. those who fail to keep short hair shall be court marshalled and send to DB.

still seeking said...

I believe you are quoting Ms Thio Li-Ann out of context. She was most definitely being ironic, or pointing out that ' permissible as long as it does not threaten real political change or to alter the status quo' is the working definition in Singapore. She would DEFINITELY not moot that as an acceptable definition.

Anonymous said...

Dear lucky, I wish to inform you that some ungrateful person has actually uploaded the videos of Singapore Rebel onto the internet! The videos can be found on Google Video. Outrageous! I hope someone deletes this slanderous video!