Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Gullibility Part 2 : Some Singaporeans are Gullible!!!

Usually I take the bus or MRT home, I would read during the journey chapters from my favourite book - LKY. The Man and His Ideas....but yesterday I had to rush home for my mother's birthday. No choice but to travel in luxury by taxi - but I got more than just a ride from home because the driver had an interesting story.

I chatted with the driver about how long he has been driving. He told me about 3 years after his retirement from the police as an investigating officer. When he retired after 22 years in the force, the govt gave him $200K and a pension of $1K per month. Wow not a bad deal from the old days. He even showed me his medical card - he said it will 'protect' him forever should he get sick - he can stay at B2 ward paying only 20% of the fees. I took the opportunity to praise our govt for taking good care of these retired civil servants from the good old days. He is indeed a lucky Singaporean...so I thought.

A raw nerve was hit when I asked him about his family. He has 2 children a 17 year old son and a 22 year old daughter. He is quite happy with both of them. It was when he got to the part about his wife, that he became very animated and emotional. "That 'hun tan' woman!", he screamed. His wife is a 'business' graduate with a degree who did not work and stayed home as a housewife. He and his wife never quarrelled and he trusted her enough to gave her his $200K because she usually manages the family finance. As the children got older, she had more time in her hands. She started doing 'nonsense things' like attending court hearings of the many sensational murders in Singapore and all the 'useless idle things'. But those were okay because she did it to kill time. It was when she started befriending a young Malaysian 'xiao bai lian' (bigalow) whom she called her 'xiao ti'(little brother) that troubles started. This sweet talking malaysian started to spend alot of time with his wife and asked for money. I asked if all the $200K is gone, he snapped "Why do you think I'm driving a taxi!!!". As for he wife, he forgiven her for being so gullible but they quarrel alot these days. The taxi driver is quite a interesting feller, he took alot of pain to educate himself and took many courses while he was a civil servant, he showed off some of his knowledge from the "Law of Diminishing Returns" in Economics to Electrical Induction......etc.

I was thinking to myself....."wow these malaysian gigolos are really good can con Singapore women out of $200K of their husband's retirement money. Compared with the Singapore gigolos without initiative (see previous article) , they are miles ahead in terms of service". Singapore gigalos better buck or your jobs will be taken over by FT gigolos!


Anonymous said...

Wait till American & Italian gigolo come, Singapore women have not resistance against them...all will be totally conned.

Really like your blog...

Anonymous said...

We're not gullible!!!! We're just trained to follow instructions! People say do what we just do loh. No questions asked. Don't worry lah gahmen will protect us one. Our gahmen bery goots!