Friday, October 14, 2005

Hong Kong under poor leadership!

Sometimes I wonder why Singapore is afraid of Hong Kong as a economic competitor. They have pretty poor leadership -the Donald guy isn't even a graduate!! how to compare with our elite leadership who have studied in the best universities around the world.

Many things the Hong Kong govt does confirms the poor quality of the leadership - one example is giving out welfare to the poor and needy. Our Singapore govt has proven that what is needed is workfare which costs very little money. The rest of the money can be given out as scholarship to promising foreign students to study in Singapore, spent on GLCs such as Chartered Semiconductor. Of course over the next 5 years Singapore is spending billions to try to produce a Nobel prize winner - through A* which is run by Philip Yeo.
The whole Hong Kong society is a mess. Every week end instead of shopping, the many citizens spend their time protesting. The picture on the left shows a couple supermans protesting for minimum wages and better working hours. In Singapore, our system is superior, our workers can be offered any pay even $800 per month to drive taxi, they are also agreeable - 200 people signed up for that.

Now Donald Tsang is really asking for more trouble. He is saying he wants the society to be even more Democratic - he is not afraid of fair elections. He wants universal suffrage for the people of Hong Kong and more open debates on govt policy and issues. Instead of introducing smart laws such as Film Act, Anti-Sedition Laws, Printing Presses Act, Internal Security Act and GRCs, he is going to adopt a Western style Democracy. Didn't he read what Singapore's PM Lee said about Singapore not having Western Democracy? What is important is harmony and peace among the people, and that is already lacking in Hong Kong society today - where people passionately protest every weekend for justice and equality. Hong Kong really has alot to learn from Singapore. I notice they allow their opposition like Martin Lee to appear on CNBC and criticise the Hong Kong leaders - don't they have defamation laws to bankrupt these people who embarass the Hong Kong govt?! Their newspapers are allowed to confuse the people on various issues by giving opposing views. That will agitate the people and make them unhappy.....

The Hong Kong govt has alot to learn from the PAP. Their political system is a mess and backward compare with Singapore's. If they keep heading in the wrong direction, how can they ever hope to catch up and compete with Singapore?!

News Article....

HONG KONG (Reuters) - Hong Kong leader Donald Tsang said on Thursday he wants the territory to have full democracy as fast as possible, and urged swift and orderly debate on the shape its legislature should take under universal suffrage.

Tsang, who took over with Beijing's support after the unpopular Tung Chee-hwa resigned in March, said he had no clear signals from Communist Party leaders on the mainland -- his ultimate masters -- about when full democracy could be achieved.

"I, for one, would wish to go towards the destination (universal suffrage) as quickly as possible," he told reporters a day after his maiden policy address.

"Their position has not changed," he said of the state leaders in Beijing. "I have not got a clear signal."

Hong Kong, once a crown jewel of the British colonial empire, has been governed by China since July 1, 1997, under a "one country, two systems" formula that, on paper, gives the territory a high degree of autonomy from Beijing.

Like Tung, Tsang was not popularly elected but selected by a Beijing-backed electoral college of 800 people, and only half of the Legislative Council, or Legco, is directly elected. The system was flawed, but transitional, Tsang said.

Hong Kong's mini-constitution, the Basic Law, says the ultimate goal for the territory is universal suffrage, but the pace of political reform is decided by the Communist Party.

Last year, China's parliament ruled out universal suffrage in 2007 and 2008, when the city's next Chief Executive and lawmakers will be chosen.

"We must realise that we are not a sovereign state, and we must move things in a way in which the nation as a whole and the people in Hong Kong are in unison," Tsang said.


Anonymous said...

To Lucky Singaporean

You Singaporean should be lucky that HK govt is not as efficient as this govt otherwise do you think that S'pore can catch up with HK.

HK people are more enterprising and aggressive when it comes to S'pore businessman and even MM Lee said that several years ago. If you put all HK businessman in S'pore, the S'porean would be out of job.

So consider yourself luck that HK govt lack directive and allow S'pore to play catching up. Look at them before the 1997 handover, they are better than S'pore in many area. Look at the number of rich billionaires on their list compared to S'pore. What does it says.

The problem about S'porean is that they always complain about other regional govt being inefficient. If they are as good as the S'pore govt, then do you think you stand a place in Asia with only people who complain with no natural resources. Consider yourself fortunate.

LuckySingaporean said...

Hong Kong people enterprising?!

Don't worry about it. We have GLCs for which Hong Kong has no answer to.... these are run by our best of the best scholars some even holding BG post in the SAF. Even HDB is run by former SAF scholar.

Once we have all these elite scholars in place, we cannot lose.

Anonymous said...

HK people are more enterprising and aggressive because they need to be so in order to survive! HK Government doesn't take care of their citizens and the poor HK citizens are left to fend for themselves!

In Singapore, everything is so well taken care of by our government that we have absolutely no need to be enterprising and aggressive! In fact doing so will only get us into trouble!

We have no worries since our selected top few elites will do the job for us! All we have to do is follow what our government tell us to, watch movie and shop during our free time, and we have harmonious society where everyone is happy!

LuckySingaporean said...

:::::We have no worries since our selected top few elites will do the job for us! All we have to do is follow what our government tell us to, watch movie and shop during our free time, and we have harmonious society where everyone is happy!::::::

Right on. Singaporeans are so lucky and some of them don't realise it.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Lucky Singaporean. We are so lucky ok, compared to Hong Kong. To begin, our system of controlled democracy brings about stability and also encourages creativity, ingenuity and entrepreneural instincts. Not like Hong Kong. That country gives too much space to liberal democratic tendencies left behind by the bloody Brits. What's the result? All these Hong Kongers protesting and all the businessmen got no fresh ideas. Not like Singapore. Led by our BGs, who are all over the bleeding place, our economy is choc-a-bloc with creative talent. Ideas flying everywhere. All these people who say controlled democracy is not compatible to entreneurship are all fools who haven't been to Singapore. After all, Singapore is home of the Zen. Now, have you seen how that product whacks that damn Apple I Pod crap. Plus the Zen marketing more power. All these stoopeed Apple I Pod black figures dancing about. That is the rubbish marketing you can associate with liberal western democracy with no fresh ideas.

I'm going to go listen to my Zen now and I'll make sure to spare a moment to thank my lucky star that I was born in this country where there is controlled democracy which, contrary to some damn intellectuals, actually allows creativity to thrive.

hmmmpphh to Hong if allowing contrarian views to flourish is linked to creativity and just need BGs....all your problems will be solved

Anonymous said...

mirror mirror on the wall
show me the right and the wrong
is the moon round here and there
I know I know I know

still seeking said...

I'm starting to get confused.. Is everyone being ironic or do people really mean what they write? Scaarrreeey..

I for one think one of the greatest ironies is that we claim to have one of the best tertiary institutions in Asia, yet only Singaporeans who go to overseas universities are considered 'elite'. Only such 'elite' are allowed to teach at this wonderful tertiary institution.
Duh. Something is wrong with the equation. We don't seem to trust our own products.
(btw, sim lim square uncles dun seem to recommend the zen...)

proud singaporean said...

don't get confuse. i love my country and is proud of it.

Anonymous said...

Actually, Hong Kong is a lot better than Singapore. Look at the better people in the world - most of them didn't even graduate.

Anonymous said...

Oii, one more thing. That article was biased and very generalized. And people in Hong Kong do shop - they don't protest every weekend. What do you know? And another thing - Singaporeans don't protest simply because they are afraid to. They have no people that are brave enough to take the stand and protest.