Monday, October 03, 2005

Insight to White Elephant Mystery!

It is 4.30am. I was woken up by a sudden realisation about those infamous White Elephants. In case you have forgotten I show you picture of these notorious animals. After reading Chua Lee Hoong's article in the Straits Times on the matter, I'm totally convinced by her well reasoned arguments, and this quote from the article is deeply ingrained in my mind:

"White Elephants today, hammer and sickle tomorrow".

We MUST stop these White Elephant makers at once!!!! Otherwise its only a matter of time before it leads to the collapse of Singapore. I'm glad there are intelligent reporters like Chua Lee Hong to alert us to such dangers and keep Singapore safe.

Now back to the INSIGHT that woke me up in the middle of the night. I SUDDENLY realised the police is probably not on the right track otherwise they would have caught the culprits already. Newspapers report they are investigating the matter and are "looking for Singaporeans" living in the Buangkok area. My insight is this White Elephant thingy cannot be the work of Singaporeans.....NEVER EVER!

1. These White Elephants are simply TOO INNOVATIVE to be done by Singaporeans. Tell me in the past 20 years has there been anything half as innovative as this done by Singaporeans?....

2. Singaporeans have already been train from young to accept govt decisions. Even GST which hit their pockets hard, they understand its for their own good and accept it. Same with many other policies.

3. Singaporeans rather spend their time shopping for Plasma TVs than to do this. They would have known such methods are FUTILE. The Singapore govt and its superscale civil servants NEVER ever change their minds due to complaints and protests. They simply come up with more and more explanations to talk away your concerns ....a change is an admission of a flaw in the logic of the earlier decision. Better to vegetate at home than do this.

4. Singaporeans understand if they get caught the govt will make an example out of them, they will lose their jobs, put through public humiliation and ask the ISA to interrogate them to fish out other evil intents. All this is done for the future good of Singaporeans, we will feel safer if these people are dealt with the same way the deal with dissidents like JBJ, Francis Seow etc.

My conclusion? This is the work of the 4 Ang Mohs living in Buangkok. I'll inform the police of my insight. Of course, when the Ang Mohs are caught, nothing much will happen to them because if the govt treat them they way they treat Singaporeans, their own govt (Australian or American) will scream at us. Anyway they can be excused for not knowing they way things work in Singapore. ....the White Elephants are put up by WHITE people who mistook Singapore for a free country. Activism is not a crime in other countries, but it is in Singapore. It is a crime because our enlighten leaders prefer we spend time relaxing in our condo pools, go out shopping , eat buffet, play golf and drink at the cafe....instead of wasting our time on such useless activities. Yes our great leaders care so much about us to make sure we are happy....we are so lucky. Here's a picture of an Ang Moh activist, why doesn't he go for a movie instead of standing in the hot sun?! Ah ....these Ang Mohs are so silly, and their govt never teach them the joy of indifference and passivity......

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