Thursday, October 13, 2005

LHL : No to Western Democracy,,,,!

Oops! I thought Democracy was invented by the West?! Guess there are other forms of Democracy such as ours which is non-Western although the it was the British that left us this Democratic Parliamentary system.

Definitely a liberal Democratic system will NOT work well in Singapore for next 20 years although it is implemented and working well in numerous other countries. Our nation is unique in the strong rapport between the govt and the people. The people understand that the PAP works primarily for the good of the ordinary citizens, although it seems otherwise sometimes, one just need to ponder a little longer and read the Straits Times more thoroughly to see this.

I urge Singaporeans not to be swayed by external influence that tells us otherwise. ...such as the outgoing US Ambassador to Singapore. I mean the US envoy behaves strangely, he was asked by our Singapore police if he wanted to press charges against 6 anti-Iraq war demonstrators and he said no, doesn't he feel that these people are causing embarassment to the Bush Administration?! We should not allow the same to happen to our leaders who command the highest respect from everyone.

News Article
--------------[LatelineNews 2005-10-06] SINGAPORE - Singapore will not adopt a Western liberal democracy with a multi-party system during the next 20 years, its prime minister said on Thursday.
The wealthy island at the southern tip of the Malaysian peninsula has been dominated by the People's Action Party of Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong -- the son of founding father Lee Kuan Yew -- since independence in 1965. Only two of the 84 elected politicians in parliament are from the opposition.
When asked at a Foreign Correspondents Association lunch whether he expected Singapore to turn into a democracy in 20 years where parties compete for votes, Lee said: "I don't think that's likely to happen."
"I think in 20 years our society will change. I think the politics of it will change. But I do not see a Western the target we want to aim for."
"We do not see (a Western democracy) as a model which would work well in Singapore. We have worked a system where there is parliamentary democracy, there are free elections and the electorate has given their confidence overwhelmingly to one party."
Singapore is a parliamentary republic and elections are held at regular, constitutionally mandated intervals, and some expect one in 2005 although it is not due until 2007. In the 2001 poll, Lee's predecessor Goh Chok Tong won 75 percent of the vote.
Opposition politicians have long complained the system is stacked against them and that frequent defamation suits by PAP officials stifles dissent. Opposition politician Joshua Jeyaretnam was bankrupted by libel suits brought by PAP leaders.
Lee, 53, took over from Goh last year after 14 years in office. Goh had taken over from Lee Kuan Yew, who founded the PAP and led Singapore as prime minister for 31 years.


Anonymous said...

i rike yer blog. i was here. kekeke

Beng said...

I guess our country's democracy has some communism-alike element in it, that's why it's so unique?

Anonymous said...

That's the way things should be. Anyone who dare goes against our government's ideal oughts to be silenced in order to achieve peace and harmony.

Anonymous said...

Hey I was directed to a blog at in Sammyboy Coffee shop talk.

The articles written in that blog are interesting. Since you are a PAP man, care to comment on that blog and see what you have to say on the several issues raised as a PAP or govt man.

Anonymous said...

To the anonymous above, either I don't get your joke or you've some problem with your sense of humour.

Our 'Lucky Singaporean' here is one very 'patriotic PAP man'. LOL.

Anonymous said...

I just feel so lucky to be born in Singapore - a place with equal opportunities to all including foreigners.

- It's good that you are proud of your country.

However it is not true that everyone has equal oppertunities in Singapore.

I read some of your post.
It's true but dont you think Singapore government is too strict on many rules that are useless.
The more you restrict people from doing things the more they want to?

Besides that I think Free of speach is allowed. What is Singapore? Some kind of civilised small island JAIl?

Anonymous said...

lol some of you guys are really clueless.

Anonymous said...

Like Mr Brown, I am deeply disturbed by the massive discrepancy in reporting between our beloved ST and MSNBC (FT). I mean seriously, I've had enough of this Financial Times man. Are they not aware that our illustrious ST is a world class newspaper? Are they not aware that ST's news angle are sacrosanct...almost religion in the journalistic world? How can these angmoh FT clowns come here and change the angle to make it seem like Lavin was critisizing Singapore, when in fact he was singing our praises by the buckets to the ST. These FT guys got a lot of answering to do man. Who do they work for...shameless western liberal democrats no doubt...unlike our beloved ST..neutral, and unflinching in their loyalty to the Singapore public till the end...(and perhaps the ISD a beet also lar_...I'm going out to buy my ST now...and I'm also buying that rediculously exorbitant online subscription too. I can't live without my ST. Without it I can't continue my undying love for Big Brother PAPpy...

still seeking said...

Hmmm.. you seem to be doing a 'screwtape letters' twist. Very technically challenging (and unfortunately, some people don't seem to get it). But press on man.

Anonymous said...

Our revered leader must is aware of limits when he said sg can't handle Western style democracy. Well of course, how can a guy who can't even handle simple financial questions on the budget cope with the complexities? One of his strengths is awareness of limitations and i admire that and applaud him for a well thought out decision.

atomes said...

So many of them who read your blog are so clueless, or are they waiting for the gahmen to tell them what to think?

Ten thumbs up for your content! I am loving it!

Anonymous said...

darn the ang mohs! twisting facts! the US envoy loves singapore too much to be criticising her. don't believe every word from that article! they're just jealous of our government's achievements! our is the best goverment in the history of mankind!

LuckySingaporean said...

still seeking,

what twist? I'm serious. I study my Straits Times religiously everyday. My articles are consistent with what I read.

Anonymous said...

I refer to the anonymous posted at 2.14 pm in reply to the comment posted at 2.07 pm.

Are you saying that a "patriotic PAP man" can turn a blind eye to what the govt is doing even if they are wrong.

Anonymous said...

the one above:

you're still clueless, aren't you? LOL

Anonymous said...

To the Anonymous who posted at 1.06 AM.

When you are engaged in constructive argument, you don't have to "hide" or "frame" your argument as to play hide and seek. Like the PAP govt always say "COME CLEAN". There are too many areas one can drop hints in the many articles. Which "clueless" are you referring to.

It does not matter which political party you subscribed to so long as you make fair comment, you are OK. If the PAP govt cannot accept fair and open comment, then what is the Feedback Unit for. Is it for show. If that is the case, that's why there are so many "YES SIR" man in the PAP that they do not know what are the real issues on the ground. People holding position like to hear nice things.

I noted that the blog at which raises factual issues that are ongoing in court have the courage to speak up. Look at the number of comments made in that blog, it appears that people are too afraid to say anything.

No wonder the PM has say it would not get 75% vote at the GE. Because too many YES SIR man who say nice things to office holder that they do not know what is happening on the ground.

fiber said...

An interesting site, offering funny and insightful satirical views on SG Governemnt.

Apparently, there's these few who doesn't quite get the irony.

Poster above me, our well qualified Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong once said 'Speak up, speak out, speak well,'. It actually means, 'Speak up for PAP you may, against you may not.'

PAP govt always say "COME CLEAN"? Why not? So that they can crackdown on you in the fastest possible time before damage is done to their reputation.

It DOES matter which political party you subscribed, even if you are making fair comment, you are NOT OK if you're against PAP. Dr Chee, Martyn See, rings a bell?

Feedback Unit is for wayang, just like voting is. You mean you take them for real? I only know voting means another holiday.

People are too afraid to say anything, with many YES-SIR man around. Why is that so? Thanks to PAP's 4 decades of brainwash.

2 Taiwanese and 2 Singaporeans are trapped on an island, what will happened? 2 Tainanese will fight to be the president, while the 2 Singaporeans will be awaiting instruction.

Anonymous said...

There are four million Singaporeans. Let us decide and it will be different from the PAP version of democracy.
In many ways we are more communist than the communists. Yet we jailed communists for decades without trial and even now when the evidence will have no impact on our stability, such evidence or justification has not be revealed.

It is a shame on us as a nation; the nation with the highest level of literacy in Asia (maybe) does not allow its people to decide on who should be the government in a fair and square way.

History will judge this government the most destructive polically ever. We are worse off than the Afghans, the Iraqis, the Malaysians, the Indonesians, etc.

Yet we are the most blessed?