Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Maids now get day off.

Yes well done! The Singapore govt has finally complied with UN basic labour standards, which stipulate that all workers should get one day off . We must congratulate the PAP govt for meeting this standard after decades.

Some maid employers looked very worried when this was announced. Why? ...Not because they want to over work the maid but because the Singapore govt demands a $5000 security deposit that will be forfeited if the maid run away or get pregnant. So in addition to worries about getting competent maid and honest maids of sound mind, employers have one more thing to worry about.

So how to ensure the maid does not get pregnant and comply with the one-day off rule? ....

1. Allow male maids.

2. Get maids that are past child bearing age.

3. Test the maid for moral values.

4. Chastity belts?

Yesterday somebody asked me why the govt has to earn $5000 (security deposit) when the maid run away? ...and how impossible it is 'control' the maid with one day off. I told him straight ..."No questions plse we are Singaporeans...."... if you start asking this type of question you will exhaust yourself ...why does 3 room flat cost $100K? Why you have to pay for TV&Radio license?...?????? .....all these have been thought out by our policy makers who have masters degree or Phd, for you try to understand everything will take forever, just focus on paying the fees and the left over can be used for shopping....don't think too much.


proud singaporean said...

ya loh the gahmen sure got their reasons one and it has to be for the good of us. we don't think just mind our own business can riaos.

btw today i saw an unattended bag in mrt station, but i know the gahmen will do something about it one, so i ignored it and mind my own business. i good citizen hors?

Anonymous said...

... Completely agree with your Say...
Problem NOT lies with Left over after PAYING..Paying... but rather not enough to pay(lei).
Also is Maid Hungry or Well fed? If not mischievous(act) will come into play. Tell me, my Govt already 'set it'... Or jus mine my own business. .....LL7928

Anonymous said...

Frightening isn't it the way they distort reality a 3 room flat with a 70 year lease is still worth more than $100k.

And a 4 room flat with a 75 year lease is worth $200k

The buyer is sharing a plot of land with 10 owners and each pays an average of $100k abd with a 10 storey building this plot of land is worth $1m - simply mind blowing.

This proves 1 thing singaporeans have loss all perception of monetary value.