Saturday, October 22, 2005

New way to measure unemployment!!!

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Singaporeans should be thankful, the PAP govt has found yet another method
to make you happy!
Unlike other countries that report unemployment among its citizens regularly,
the very innovative PAP govt has decided to report total EMPLOYMENT Numbers.
So no need to measure unemployment because this number conjures alot of negativity
just report EMPLOYMENT numbers and everyone should be happy. This is not
the only innovation of the current Minister Ng Eng Hen, who is undoubtly one of the
most brilliant people around:

1. When unemployment figures are reported lump citizens and PR together. Unlike other countries we report unemployment figures for "residents" and not citizens.

2. Classification of an unemployed. If you give up looking for a job, you're not considered unemployed. If you forget to update the MOM database, your unemployment is purged after a few months.

3. Count employment instead of unemployment. If employment improves, you are expected to feel that the unemployment also improves.

4. A job is a job. ...whether it pays $800 or $3000. By sheer logic no singaporean is forced to be unemployed because 25% of the workforce is foreign and a Singaporean can ALWAYS get a job if he accept lower pay than foreigners. Almost all the unemployed Singaporeans are unemployed by choice. The ministers have repeated said the unemployed are fussy people.

Reading about rising EMPLOYMENT makes me optimistic and happy. Thanks to the very innovative Minister of Manpower, Singaporeans can start feeling good again.


Anonymous said...
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still seeking said...

Brilliant job of getting the stats.
Let me guess - your favorite book is 1984? I'm reading it and it's one of the most depressing things I've read in a long time.