Thursday, October 20, 2005

No Questions plse, we are Singaporeans....

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Once I was asked to escort a foreign speaker to Singapore. I was asked to plant a few people to ask questions among the audience by the organiser. I was puzzled and asked him why? He told me the last time he invited a speaker, the speaker was left stunned and embarrass during the Q&A session, he stood there and wondered if anyone understood his discourse because noone asked any questions. ....everywhere else he went he was greeted by a torrent of questions on the topic.

It set me wondering what is why singaporeans don't like to ask questions:

1. If you ask the wrong question, your life will become miserable. There was one feller who once asked "Where is the money?". ....the next thing he knew is he had no more money because he was promptly bankrupted by defamation suits. The problem is until today nobody knows what a "wrong" question you?

2. Sometimes when you ask certain type of transparency questions riot police can turn up.

3. Sometimes when you ask a question you ridiculed and humiliated. Andrew Kuan asked "Why can't I be President?"....and the answers came down like a hammer.

4. Sometimes your question leads to more questions and you get tired out. I noticed the HDB uses this tactic.....especially when people try to ask if the HDB flats are subsidised.

5. Sometimes you speak up and they do nothing to you physically and financially but make you seem absurd and rude....ask Jamie Han, he is still alive but there were 4 articles on him being rude.

In Norway when a child comes back from school his parents will ask, "What question did you ask the teacher today?". In Singapore, the parent will ask, "What marks did you get for the test?". After the child reply, the parent will ask, "Did anyone get higher than you?".

It is questions that will change the status quo and make society progress. However, Singapore is lead by the best of the best and we are near unlike other countries, there is no need to ask hard questions.


Anonymous said...

who dares challenge the wisdom of our mm lee?!?!!?

Anonymous said...

small lee lar...duh

MySingapore said...

U Love Singapore? I'm a proud Singapore citizen. OK.

I think this country is fine indeed.

Anonymous said...

Damn... your blog is so funny yet sending a very strong message. Keep up the good write.

Anonymous said...

Keep up the GOOD Writes...
...Pictures painted by your Words is Always so Funny that makes people HAVE but no choice to Laugh..... HA Ha ha....:)