Friday, October 21, 2005

Ordinary Singaporeans like to ask funny questions....

Singers for Sitoh=Yes.
TV programmes about MM Lee & Ministers=Yes.
Movies about CSJ & JBJ=No.

Apparently Zhang Di likes Sitoh alot, although he is a Taiwanese and not a Singaporean. Of course, it is okay for him to say what he feels. Perfectly alright, once Singaporeans see a foreigner praise a PAP member, perhaps they will appreciate the good work the PAP is doing. Some ordinary Singaporeans become confused...they ask if it is okay for a foreigner say a singer to praise CSJ or JBJ? Of course not ....why? Because it is NOT okay for Singaporeans to praise them, so definitely we CANNOT allow foreigners to praise these harmful people.

Imagine the harm that is done if someone big like Jackie Chan come and praise Goh Meng Seng of Worker's Party and cause him to get elected to parliament. That will give him a platform to express his alternative views and confuse everyone : . I get really confused just reading what he writes, everything is opposite of what Straits Times says. For the good of all Singaporeans, this should not be allowed.

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