Saturday, October 08, 2005

Racist Bloggers to be JAILED!!!!

Wow our courts has exceeded all my high expectations of them. I feel so lucky that these dangerous people be put behind bars. Hopefully, the will not be given access to the internet when they are in jail. I think Singapore laws are very advanced indeed compared with other developed countries, I don't ever remember any other developed countries being able to jail people for what they write- no matter what is written!

The judge in this case said this:
"They must realise that callous and reckless remarks on racial or religious subjects have the potential to cause social disorder. In whatever medium or forum they are expressed".

An enlighthened statement indeed. Since these bloggers were out to cause social disorder, I'm a little surprised they are only sentenced to 1 month 53 yr old woman was sentenced to 11 years jail for shoplifting by our courts (see previous article) !! Social disorder = 1 month jail, Shopping disorder=11 years jail. These bloggers should be thankful the judge has exercised discretion and chose to be generous to them. According to the judge, their act would have cause Singaporeans to abandon their favorite past-time of shopping and watching TV, rise up from their vegetative state and be inflamed enough to cause social disorder. Wow! I knew the internet is powerful, but it is only now that I begin to see its awesome force of being able to inflame Singaporeans - I thought NOTHING can do that after 40 years of PAP conditioning!

The judge also mentioned what can happen citing the only example in Singapore's history of racial riots in 1964 - May 13. A day that will haunt us forever infamous day that we will never forget. This day in 13 May 1964, will serve as strong justification for the application anti-sedition laws on Singapore internet users forever. We must never let our guard down, we must continue to be vigilant and hunt down those evil men whose desire is to cause disorder in our society....we must jail them for their acts....let nothing come between our peace and harmony towards each other.


Anonymous said...

The should be hung for endangering all of us! Jail is too good for these scums.

Tianlong said...

Yes, as with critics, they really are out to cause disharmony and social disorder.

If troublemakers like them do not be strongly dealt with, then when will it all end?