Monday, October 10, 2005

The Reality about Service Standards in Singapore

Today's New Paper reporter goes undercover and found out that $200 per hour "bigalow" also got no inititative! that how can? Our govt already say to go all out to improve service standards. Singaporeans should listen and improve themselves, including this $200 per hour chap.

From my work experience, I find most Singaporeans lacking in one thing - INITIATIVE.
I don't know if you heard this joke yet:

3 men were stranded in s small boat after their cruise ship sunk somewhere in the Atlantic - a Japanese, an American and a Singaporean. The American was damn impatient ahd jump off the boat tries to swim to the shore, the Japanese cut out part of the wooden boat and made it into a spear - so that he spear for fish in case some fishes swim by. Now the Singaporean chap did nothing....for hours. Curious the Jap asked him what is going on. The Singaporean replied. "I'm waiting for my gahmen to tell me what to do".

See Singaporeans are so lucky their govt does everything for them until they lose this thingy called INITIATIVE. You see from young Singaporeans go through "indifference training", they are taught to be obedient, passive and to "mind their own business". This serves our govt well, as everyone lives in a state of harmony and happiness. Anyone who step out of line is taught a lesson - be it Andrew Kuan, racist bloggers, Catharine Lim or Martyn See. The problem is this line isn't clearly drawn, so a small number of people start to experiment where this line is. The majority of Singaporeans just stand passively by the side to watch. Some guy tries something new like starting the Talking Cock political satire website and nothing happens to him, then other clowns will follow suit. If they kena defamation lawsuits and shutdown, everyone else will stand by and do nothing. This creates a 'follower syndrome', just wait for someone else to do something first, the whole country loses its dynamism.

We then become more dependent on the govt even more, to plan our future, give out instructions and leadership. That is why our leaders deserve their million $ pay packages because they have so much work to do due to a passive population that is without its own initiative.

Now the govt is determined to improve service standards, they will persuade Singaporeans to smile more, be more courteous, be more thoughtful, have more initiative....they call this whole thing GEMS short for Go-the-Extra-Mile-for-Service. Before I knew what it was I thought it meant Government-Expects-More-Salary, since they are doing so much work to get Singaporeans to buck up on their service standards.

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