Friday, October 28, 2005

Remaking of Singaporeans....

Yesterday somebody wrote in the ST Forum - a girl was molested on the bus, nobody came to her help when she screamed, she went to the bus driver ...and 2 commuters complained that they will be late and the bus shouldn't be delayed due to such a "small matter".


Look like all the years of indifference training is really working. Singaporeans do what they are told, take care of themselves, don't ask too many questions and close both eyes when they see injustice. I would say all these traits are desirable for a harmonious society - you don't see protests, Singaporeans are always happy....even though it was reported that 300,000 (20%) earn less than $1200 income per month. If you're not one of the 300,000 who cares just enjoy life. If you see CSJ at Raffles Place shouting questions that will wake your conscience, walk around him. If you see beggers at the bus interchange from the corner of your eye, just walk a bit faster and that image will disappear. When I was in Ireland recently, the people were so busybody they were protesting poverty in OTHER countries (Africa).....why do they care so much about others half way around the globe...I don't know, I'm a Singaporean.

It is important to strengthen these desirable traits in Singaporeans in the internet age. We must not let our guard down:

1. Make sure students are fully focused on school work scoring As and getting scholarships. Better still make it a life and death issue for them - all else is secondary.

2. Make sure Singaporeans are always financially tight, be it car loans or housing loans - so they will never have time to think of anything else.

3. Build good shopping centres & casinos. Should they end up with some extra cash make sure there is ample opportunity to spend it, it will take up the spare time shopping.

4. Jail a couple of bloggers using sedition act. This will remind people that even in the internet age, nothing has changed.

5. On and off crush a few dissenters & protestors to show it does not pay to fight for your fellow Singaporean. Even a White Elephant poster is a cause for concern.

6. For those who have the urge to change things, provide "channels" such as feedback unit, meet the MP sessions so that their views can be slowly managed within the system.

As we refine our system, it will get better and better, things will become more harmonious and orderly. Singaporeans will be alot happier if they don't think so much about the less fortunate and the lack of rights. If they ever feel guilty, they can do their part by donating to the NKF, they can feel much better about themselves.


Anonymous said...

Exactly what I have been telling those inquisitive(ppl), those(pic) sleeping around except their 4walls pigeon holes are just that their definition of Swiss standard living is different(mah).
Begging is another Professional that can make (big)money, only regret would be just not recognised here. ppl choose not to believe...

Aiyoyo, these ppl!! .....LL7928

Anonymous said...

Our society still has a lot to learn from our Chinese counterpart! Read on.

"This happened on a highway in China. Forty passengers, mostly males were on an inter-state bus. Halfway through the journey, two thugs on the bus suddenly went up to the lady bus driver and demanded that she stopped he bus and follow them to a waste grounds nearby. The lady driver refused and began to put up a fight against them.

At the same time, she cried out to the other passengers in the bus to help her. However, the other passengers not only cruelly turned a deaf ear to her cries, they even suggested that she give in to the thugs' demands so that they can carry on their journey quickly when they are done with her.

One young man amongst the passengers stood out to chide the rest of the passengers and tried to help the lady driver. However, sensing that the majority of the people do not have the guts to resist them, the thugs grew even bolder and beat up the young man. They then forcefully dragged the lady driver out of the bus. Right on the side of the road, the two thugs took turns to rape the lady driver while the rest watched.

After the thugs have satisfied their lust, they commanded the lady drive to return to the bus and resume with the journey. With tears streaming down her face, the lady driver begged that they
drive the righteous young man out of the bus as she is too ashamed to face him again.

The young man felt absolutely stupefied. So much for trying to speak up for the lady and now he is thrown out and left stranded on a desolated highway!

Hours later, when the lady driver passed by a mountainous cliff, she sped up and flung the whole bus with all its passengers over the cliff, right into the bottom of the valley.

This story was retold later by the only survivor of the journey - the righteous young man, Manjeet Singh who was driven out of the bus."

Anonymous said...

Couldn't help lah, if got beaten and got hurt how? who will pay for hospital bill.Very high you know, can even go bankrupt lah. If die how? who will take care your dependants, spouse under stress may bring them to meet you.
Even not hurt, also cannot find time to be witness. Boss sacked you how? How to get a job now, scare or not.

Anonymous said...

We may be in the first world but our mentality shaped thru the years of cleverly written articles in the controlled press media and lack of opposing views have stunted our mental capacity to differentiate morality thus the indifference to everything around us except ourselves. Truly sad and pathetic...