Thursday, October 06, 2005

Showdown at Potong Pasir!!!

Chiam See Tong is getting old. Steve Chia was suppose to be his successor but his 'artistic' endeavours makes it hard for him to win elections. Now the PAP is going for a showdown. As a happy Singaporean who loves his government, I have nothing against Chiam See Tong although he is Opposition. First of all he is always smiling and friendly. Secondly he does not write books and try to sell them at MRTs. Thirdly after so many years he knows what question to ask and what not to ask. In his early days as MP, he asked why HDB flats are so expensive. Now that is a silly question, because every Singaporean knows HDB flats are subsidised. He also asked for more benefits for workers in 2001 recession, I guessed at that time he forgot that LHL has already said that reducing worker benefits is good for workers because otherwise employers will run to China.

Chiam seems out of touch these days, fighting for the downtrodden, poor and unemployed. He still fights for freedom of speech and democracy. But what Singaporeans want is ENTERTAINMENT - SHOPPING and TOURS!

See his opponent Sitoh realised that and is organising a MEGA tour, he might even go as tour guide. Look at Sitoh's bright smile really lights up that banner wouldn't you say so. After 40 years of PAP, our citizens are happy with the state of our society, we don't worry much about the poor people, the sick people, unemployed people and the loss of Democratic rights and freedom. What we want as Singaporeans is good deals in electronics goods and good tour packages.

To win the next election, Chiam has to stop harping on issues like unemployment, poverty, medical care, cost of living, democracy and organise more budget tours and shopping trips. I suggest he organise a tour called "GIGA tour to Malacca" complete with stopover at JB for seafood and grocery shopping to beat this Sitoh feller's $88 MEGA Port Dickson package.

After 40 years of PAP and all the "indifference conditioning" (read my earlier articles), the Opposition parties and members face a uphill task. Unlike other countries, routine topics like unemployment matters little to Singaporeans whose pre-occupation is shopping.


Anonymous said...

dude u rawks!

max said...

Well,that's the view of a frog in the well !!!
I wish you well when the next recession comes around.....w/o job,how're you going to shop...hahaha!

Anonymous said...

yah yah yah n also crazy horsey and bar top dancing. wow what a heaven on earth...even the baskers are an orderly bunch ..where to find. Isn't it wonderful that u can sway minds with goodies... maybe i can get some votes by giving out some sweets?