Monday, October 10, 2005

Singaporeans GULLIBLE?

Coming from an elite like Prof Lee Wei Ling who is the outstanding daughter of our Great Leader LKY and is part of his incredibly talented family, these worlds pierce though my heart like a dagger. Of course the IQ of ordinary Singaporeans cannot compare with that of our elite leaders and their offsprings but to say it so frankly hurts. Such truth about Singaporeans should never be spoken. That our leaders are superior to us is an obvious fact, that is why the rule over us and give us instructions to follow. Singaporeans already accept that we are only good enough to follow instructions and obey the mandate of our leaders. Even our bigalow gigalos are asking for instructions (see previous article).....

I was depressed all day over Lee Wei Ling's hurtful remarks and confided in a mainland Chinese colleague. This chap really made my day. He said, "Of course Singaporeans are not gullible, if they are they wouldn't have voted for the PAP govt in the past 40 years. Singaporeans are certainly smart to vote for such a good govt". I instantly felt better although I never got to vote in the past 30 years - but my fellow Singaporeans who strongly and smartly supported the PAP cannot possibly be gullible! ....We should bring more mainland chinese, they really know how to say the stuff that makes us happy.

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Your grammar and spelling are equally shitty.