Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Sporting Glory : The Singapore Way!

Read in today's Sports Section of the Straits Times that Singapore expects to win more medal in the coming SEA games thanks to the imported talents from GuangZhou, Fujian province etc. You see, these athletes have no hopes of representing China in international competition but when they come to Singapore, they can smash our national records with ease and win regional games such as South East Asian Games. Of course our regional neighbors like Malaysia are still stuck in old-fashion thinking that it is worthwhile to train up their own indigenous talents and improve the performance of homegrown athletes through sheer hardwork. Oh what a joke, while they try so hard to spot local talent, train them, nurture them, ....Singapore through its INNOVATIVE foreign athletes import method, beat them like nobody's business.

Singaporeans can sit back relax and busk in the glory that our imported athletes brings home. Why train so hard? Why sacrifice shopping time, tours, movies and good restaurant food? Singaporeans should give up competitive sports altogether - why? Because you can spend all your time trying to beat your fellow indigenous Singaporeans, then when you think you can represent Singapore, your sports council import someone from GuangZhou and you become the subsitute. Now how stupid will you feel when that happens?.... ....

We, Singaporeans have such good leaders that we get to feel the thrill and glory of victory without much effort, we should sit back and enjoy this success that our leaders have engineered. Other countries are so stupid to try to train their own indigenous talents to win, make all their school children take part in Sports Day to choose local talent. We should get rid of Sports Day altogether and call it Theme Park day where the entire school take time of to visit Sentosa or Haw Par Villa etc. We can eliminate the agony of defeat by importing the best, we can beat our Malaysian/Indonesian sporting rivals with consummate ease.

Look at these pictures below, ah these chinese they train so hard, they are so hungry for for success. Singaporeans, would you want to work your children so hard? can just import them later. Let our children spend more time shopping and watching TV and let these imported talents win for us.....glory to Singapore! Cheers to our enlightened leaders for their innovation in sports!

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