Saturday, October 01, 2005

Techniques for Creating an Indifferent Population!

Ah yes, I heard they cleared all the squatters at the Changi beach. Quite easy and smooth. In another country a group of anti-poverty activists might turn up and prevent our park rangers from doing their jobs or thousands might gather outside to protest against our labor laws and policies. But really in Singapore, nothing like this will happen. Singaporeans rather spend their time shopping than standing in the hot sun for a bunch of homeless strangers whom they don't know. This is indifference among Singaporeans is an important trait to preserve if Singapore is to remain like it is for another 20 years. It took the ingenious PAP govt a full 40 years to reach this stage of social engineering. This is fantastic, they took a group of wild, ill discipline coolie descendents and turned them into docile, obedient citizens.

To maintain this the PAP has implemented many good control mechanisms:

1. Start young. Make sure obedience to authority is adhered to. Otherwise reprimand and cane. You can see this in action in the recent Blog incidents. Students have to understand they are NOT in America, there is no such thing as freedom of speech.

2. Shackle down the 'creative' people. Good example is the Film Act & Martyn See. It serves as a reminder that if they let you slip through the holes when you are child they will get you when you are an adult.

3. Spies, spies spies. There are so many amongst us, it makes the KGB look like Kindergarden.

4. Media control.

5. Fear is the best. Occasionally catch someone and demolish & humiliate him to remind others not to stand up and try to do something for Singaporeans - recent examples are Andrew Kuan & Ryan Goh.

Indeed the PAP has been highly successful. Recently, I asked a singapore student what he did during his June holidays, he said he went to Bangkok with his parents ate alot of good food, bought alot of cheap stuff, and bought a fake Rolex watch. I met an Irish kid at the Heathrow during transit and asked him about his holidays - he told me he spent 2 weeks making posters for the "Make Poverty History" campaign. Ah these Irish kids are so stupid, all the hard work to 'end poverty' in some African country?...when he could be playing X-Box all day or chatting on line. The govt of Singapore has a duty to prevent such stupidity from infecting the citizens. We are so lucky, they are building 2 casinos so that we can pass our spare time more enjoyably.


Cynical Man said...

excellent and wry comments

LuckySingaporean said...

They are not meant to be wry.
I'm serious.