Saturday, October 15, 2005

Terrible News: Warwick Rejects Singapore!

How dare they! They say it is due to "lack of academic freedom". What are they talking about? Don't they know that NTU publishes more research papers than MIT? You're free to publish what you want. Except :

1. You cannot criticise the Singapore Govt. See Singapore students have been conditioned from young to learn that their elite govt is the best in the world and deserve its highest salary. If Warwick is allowed to do challenge, it will confused our local students and disrupt our harmonious society. Now we really don't want that.

2. You are not allowed freedom of assembly. Why does a university want to assemble its students for? I thought only primary schools do that.

3. You have to follow our laws on the Press. If you run a university newspaper, please model it after the Straits Times. We have to feed our students with consistent information so they can be relieved of the stress of politcal debates and concentrate on their studies.

4. You have to follow our laws on death penalty. Which includes hanging people for small amounts of cannabis, the amounts that probably some students at the UK campus keep in their lockers or smoke over the weekend for recreation. If they are in Singapore, they would have to be hanged, because these things threaten to destroy our Singapore society while it cause little harm in UK..... Why are theseWarwick people so concerned about a few deaths anyway? We Singaporeans seem to feel nothing about our fellow Singaporeans getting long as it does not interfere with our weekend shopping.

5. You have to follow our curbs on gay rights. Let the gay people speak up on this ...please put comments on my blog if you so wish.

They demand to enjoy same degree of academic freedom as in the UK. They are concerned that “the government will intervene if academic reports cast a negative light on their policies”. Of course the govt has to intervened what...just like the 2 NTU economics lecturers, Professor Lingle...and one guy who used to teach at NUS called Professor Chee (now known as CSJ). In Singapore everything must be co-ordinated and orchestrated with the govt, that is why Straits Times doesn't debate issues it explains them. This relieves Singaporeans from having to consider so many alternative view points and becoming confused in the process, these rules are laid for the good and happiness of Singaporeans so they have more time to watch TV and go shopping.

University of Warwick is so stupid to place matters of principle, freedom and academic integrity above all else.... especially with EDB dangling so many financial incentives.

Here's the knockout paragraph from the FT report:

Thio Li-ann, a law professor at the National University of Singapore, which said freedom of "speech is permissible as long as it does not threaten real political change or to alter the status quo".

The purpose of a Singapore university education is to change NOTHING and keep the STATUS QUO. Wise words indeed from a lecturer in NUS. No wonder after my NUS education all I wanted was to get a job earn money and use it for shopping.....yes there is NOTHING to change in Singapore because it is PERFECT. We are all so lucky to be living in Singapore.


Anonymous said...

Why do we need Warwick when we have world class university NUS, that has so many places that the have to give Foreign students scholarship to come fill the places...

Anonymous said...

Yes that is true. I fully agree with you and I feel so lucky to be studying in NUS. There are so many FTs paying the same school fees as me or less with a spending allowance to boot. I can surely learn more from the experiences of these FTs. We should pay for an even larger part of their education to be fair to them.

proud singaporean said...

nus is the best university in the world. warwick doesn't even come close.

Anonymous said...

Warwick is where one?? how come bo hear before...

Anonymous said...

Ya, we are very lucky to have a world class university like NUS. Even though they pay lesser school fees and get study allowances, we should be very happy that they are with us since they let us experience different cultures..

Really nothing can compare with our world class university. I really feel very lucky.

Whiteshirt said...

Of course we cannot change the status quo - you start with some small change, and the next thing you know, some irresponsible Undesirable Person (copyright PAP) will do something as outrageous as try to make the Govt accountable to the people, which will only Destabilise The Country (copyright PAP) and Threaten Our Uniquely Singaporean / Asian Values (copyright PAP).

Even worse, if the recession continues even longer than it already has, some idiot might even dare to suggest that our Elite Leaders don't know what they're doing and need to be replaced by competent people! The sheer nerve of these Undesirable Persons (copyright PAP)!

Anonymous said...

Warwick is an amazing university. Similar to SMU it is relatively new and hence many have not heard of it.

Similar to why NUS SMU and NTU would not want to set up a foreign campus, its not that Warwick rejects Singapore, but rather that it would not want to set up a foreign campus anywhere as doing so may dilute the value of its degree. If a degree is easily obtainable, then its worth may be lowered. Further more having a new campus will require new lecturers and professors will again will cause a dilution of the current teaching staff at Warwick University.

As for proud Singaporean, Im so glad that you feel proud of Singapore but please do not be so close minded to think that NUS is the best university in the world. It is widely acclaimed and famous but definitely not the best or near.

Before we rage on about "how dare Warwick reject us" we should stop and think about this from their point of view and not be the closed-minded myopic Singaporean Youth that many percieve us to be.

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