Saturday, October 08, 2005

White Elephant Case CLOSED!!!!

Looks like I was wrong about the whodunnit. It turned out to be people in the PAP grassroots.
They will get a reprimand and case is closed. No mention on the papers who these artistic
creative individuals are.

PAP MP, Charles Chong : "There's no criminal intent. I'm glad they exercise DISCRETION and decided not to prosecute".

Grassroot member - DISCRETION is applied by police. ...., this Martyn See harbour evil criminal intent and must be thoroughly investigated his friends also have to be investigated. You mean you expect a respected grassroot member to be treated the same way as a criminal like Martyn See?
Cannot be..... That is not the way our society works, otherwise there will be chaos, riots and instability.
What is needed is DISCRETIONARY application of the law. If the person in question is an ordinary Singaporean, an elite, an ang-moh, we have to apply the law appropriately for the good of our society. Don't worry, ordinary citizens are not the worst off, the worst off are the opposition members. Once they open their mouths, some law is broken and they have to pay damages, fines or even go to jail. So you don't have to feel too bad, just think of the suffering JBJ went through and feel better about yourself.

Singaporeans should be happy that the laws in Singapore are flexible and applied with DISCRETION.

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