Sunday, October 02, 2005

Why the Govt cannot give too much aid....

The PAP can help every single poor, sick and aged if it wants. But if they do that it will create a hazard, by giving help to the poor, they it might make them lazy and dependent on the govt. That is the beautiful concept of WORKFARE, you work then you get help no work no help. Then some of you get smart and ask if really cannot get work how? This is actually impossible, there is no such thing as unemployment. Think about it, the govt hinted many times already, there is ALWAYS work, it is Singaporeans that are fussy. Don't tell me, because of FT cannot get job, this is hogwash. If the FT offer to take the job for $1000, Singaporeans can offer to take it for $800. ...why then should Singaporeans be unemployed?...It is because they are fussy.

If the govt helps HIV patients, people will become more careless in their sexual activities. Why make an exception for AIDS patients? Until today HDB does not allow single parents to buy HDB flats....because allowing them to do so will send out a wrong signal.The government has been very consistent in its thinking, it has to be very strict with the citizens it rules over for their own good. If they are not punished when they make mistakes, it violates our meritocratic principles - you get what you deserve. All this is done for the good of Singaporeans and our society. We are better off if we channel the money for our scholar elites to take their degrees in the best American universities so they can come back and help to perfect our system even more. We are better off if we use the money for things like the esplanade so that the elites can have access to the highest finest arts and thus can rule over us better. We are better off if the govt use the funds to attract foreign students through scholarships to study in Singapore.

We as ordinary citizens of Singapore should understand our place in society, we should be thankful we get to contribute by serving National Service, and have the best people rule us.

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