Saturday, October 29, 2005

Xiaxue in trouble!!!!

To me she is the perfect Singaporean, the type that comes out our training system obsessed with : shopping, eating at restaurants, pubbing, tours. Her blog which gets 50,000 hits (versus 52 for James Gomez) per day is certainly what Singaporeans want to read about - handphone color, hair color, nail color, shoes etc. She excels at the Singaporean activity of whining about fellow Singaporeans. I thought she was on the way for a National Day award for being such a good Singaporean.

But that is not to be. My sources say she has violated the Anti-Sedition Act - by making a racist remark - this will be confirmed in the Sunday Times. It think it is wise of the government to clamp racial remarks to reduce misunderstanding and promote racial harmony. She was nearly perfect but for a few cancerous thoughts, I believe she can be reformed to be perfect Singaporean.


Anonymous said...

hey your link for James Gomez is incorrect, u got a man in america instead.

LuckySingaporean said...

Thanks for pointing out. Fixed it already...

soci said...

If this is for real you got to get a copy of what she said before it is pulled from the net. send it to me if you find it.

mooiness said...

luckysingaporean: the sarcasm. ;)

soci: she's already altered that post. There's some offensive sentences about hitting a Malay with a pig, and another about Arabic women.

Not to mention that rant about using the toilets for the disabled.

Anonymous said...

I really can't understand why she wants to rant abt the loos for the disabled. Rant without any consideration.

I guess the disabled,
the ageing citizens,
the uneducated and the poor
have no place in singapore because of these 'elite' people!

BEAST said...


Sure, she's a damn bitch; I could write much better than her even when I was in P6.

But alas, this kind of public lynching against bloggers speaks volumes of our uptight, rigid judicial system in Singapore.

I am not for racism; but surely a warning would suffice?

Anonymous said...

I am not sure why our media likes to promote her? Are we going to show to the teenagers that this is the type of role model should follow?

I find her blog full of Fs word and has no respect for almost anyone at all.