Monday, November 21, 2005

Importance of National Service!

Top pianist pays $5000 for defaulting NS. NS is indeed an important institution that all Singaporean men go through, it is not just the 2-2.5 years that we serve but a lifelong commitment - annual reservist duties and IPPTs. We should feel the pride for this chance to serve the nation.

Many schemes were put in place to ensure equal and fair treatment for all serving NS. One of these schemes during my time was the "White Horse" scheme, which former Minister Cedrick Foo explained was put in place to ensure that no-one is singled out for special treatment. We are so lucky that such safeguards are put in place to ensure fairness.

After his heavy punishment of $5000, the pianist is now a free man and can come back whenever he wishes. I wonder if he had been working as a taxi driver or cleaner in Austrailia, whether he will get the same heavy punishment of $5000 or get a light sentence of 3 years jail or both.


Anonymous said...

Can i pay 10k to mindef and tell them i don't want to serve my reservist, ippt and RT?

If i knew i can default NS by paying 5k fine....i would done that long time ago and work in overseas.

If only.... I'm Rich.

Anonymous said...


I've served my full time, but i wouldn't mind paying 50K to buy myself out of reservist and ippt.

Anonymous said...

You're always better off if you surrender your citizenship and become a foreigner. If this chap is still a Singaporean, they would have whack him so hard.