Sunday, November 06, 2005

Profound PAP Debate on Low Income Workers!

There are about 300,000 workers who make less than $1200 per month. Among these many make less than $1000, the PAP has recognised this problem in its infancy and is applying its terrific problem solving machinery to fix this problem - a task force has been formed in NTUC and ideas has been given to a high-powered Ministerial Committee.

The BEST idea is to cut down the CPF contribution of $1000 per month workers so they can affort the rising utilities and transport costs - brilliant idea indeed !!! Yes our PAP elites have been debating for days on this very important issue. We can see from their deep thoughts the high quality of leadership that rule over us, here is a summary:

Halimah Yacob (NTUC taskforce) : Those earning just $1,000, or even a little less, may be better off if they can take home more in cash, and not see one-fifth of their pay channelled into CPF .

Ng Eng Hen (Million $ Minister) : : 'If they don't own homes because they don't have enough in their CPF, then what happens if you have a whole class of homeless low-wage workers?

Profound indeed - either you have enough to live OR you have enough to pay HDB to buy a home. Looks intractable to me, but don't worry in few months the PAP will figure out what to do.

The debate demonstrates the superior intellect our PAP govt. This superior intellect of the PAP elite is confirmed when I spoke to an ordinary average Singaporean with only 'A' level qualifications. This is what he said, my comments in brackets:

1. To solve the low wage problem - allow wages to rise then it won't be low (ooi, so simple why we pay minister million $ huh?!). Economic costs consists of capital goods, rent and wages, + various govt costs such tax etc if the govt can hold the other costs steady, a growing economy can sustain higher wages. (waliao, you mean you want our govt and GLCs to make less money?! That is a dangerous idea!).

2. Our wages are kept low by the floodgates of foreign workers (Hey! Blasphemous! Time to call the thought police on this guy, the PAP already said foreign workers are good for us.).

3. Necessities contributing to rise of cost of living such as transport, utilities, food, various fees should be keep in check and linked to the bottom 20% of income earners (how can?! you want our SMRT, SingPower, SingTel profits to be linked to the poorest performing segment of the population? that how to grow profits year after year and raise the CEO pay?).

I conclude that ordinary Singaporeans have nothing new to add to the debate. Their point all run counter to the interest of the PAP party which says it works for the good of the people. These ordinary Singaporeans who don't even have a Masters Degree, should keep their mouths shut. If the problem can be solved in the simple manner they describe, the PAP which hold the people's interest as its highest priority would have done it. There must be some flaw in this ordinary chap's economic reasoning - it is best for him not to endanger himself and his society by speaking up. I can see now why Singapore needs the Straits Time to constantly correct the wrong thinking of ordinary Singaporeans.

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LOUIS14th said...

teehee. dont go too far, lucky singaporean. we can take greater comfort in the fact that the PAP elitist has the BEST plans for our nation.