Friday, November 04, 2005

Singaporeans are PICKY about jobs!!!

I had other incorrect thoughts about why so many FTs are needed in Singapore, I'm so glad that those thoughts have been corrected by the Today newspaper (you can click on the article to read it) - FTs are brought into Singapore because Singaporeans are picky!!

I read today's Straits Times about a worker in Beijing who died after working continously for 24 hours. Her pay was $210 a month. Singaporeans are indeed picky, the govt has highlighted the problem of 300,000 workers earning below $1200!! If we are not picky, we would have 500,000 workers earning below $800 per month. Isn't that more desirable a bigger pool of low wage workers to give our companies higher and higher profits?

The good thing about Singapore, is our govt is concerned about the good of Singapore. They have opened the floodgates for FTs to combat this picky problem. Other govts would be forced to implement minimum wage to ensure the lowest paid workers have sufficient for basic necessities and plan for retirement. The Singapore approach is smarter - we teach our workers how to live on $1000 per month:

1. Maggie mee tastes good.
2. If you run out, borrow from your richer relatives. If you have no relatives, your neighborhood loan shark can also help.
3. I have one neighbor who is so poor, his children watch TV from their looking at the plasma in the neighboring block! There are many innovative ways to save money. Singaporeans have been told by the govt to think "out of the box".
4. Buy 4D. I've never met a poor person who never buy 4D. One lucky number and the pain of poverty goes away for a few months.
5. Take bus to JB once a month for groceries, dental and haircut etc.

Other countries have stupid methods for solving the low wage problem like welfare, jobless benefits and special schemes for utilities & health care. I was shocked to find the Hong Kong govt gives welfare to its citizens - have they learned nothing from the PAP govt that giving this welfare will result in lower competitiveness. We are sure to beat them in the coming years. Cheers to the PAP govt for making Singapore so competitive for our own good. We are all so lucky to be Singaporeans!


Anonymous said...

Singaporeans are finding jobs that suit our qualifications, and these could have been taken up by FTs... You cannot say Singaporeans are picky just because of that... If you are a graduate and you can't find a job, would you work as a cleaner??? And it is usually not Singaporeans who are picky... With regards to white collar jobs, have you seen how much stuff the company wants to have in you before you are even being selected for the interview??? For lower income groups, they are trying to sustain a more decent way of life and trying to have their OWN personal saving that THEY CAN USE... $1000 a month minusing off the CPF, taxes and stuff, how much is left for yourself? Just enough for daily necessities... Not much savings for the children's future... Where inflation is happening everywhere, "deflation" is happening to the lower income groups... So as to say, not all Singaporeans are PICKY about jobs... MOST of them are trying to sustain their way of life as it used to be...

Anonymous said...

You don't get it, do you?

When Lucky Singaporean said that Singaporeans are picky about jobs, he was being sarcastic.

Indeed, not all Singaporeans are picky about jobs.

Look up the meaning of "Satire" in the dictionary.

Now do you know which angle he is coming from?

Anonymous said...

Perhaps it is his first time reading this blog. Obviously he didnt pick up from Lucky's angle. But anyhow, he share the same fustrations we all experience. End of the day, we are all on the same side. Working our ass off for that miserable pay.

proud to be singaporean said...

come on guys, $800 job is also a job. so what if you hold a dip or even degree? if you can't beat the angmoh for the $3000 job, u can still beat that filipino maid for the $800 job. if u're fine with it, you can even beat the bangla for that $500 job! i don't see what's the fuss.

Anonymous said...

I got a friend and he got a masters in I.T or something related to I.T. However, he doesn't have working experience when he came back sg from uk.

To his astonishment, employers here do not see his degree or masters as an asset or value-added and only offer him $1.2 to $1.6k.

After 3 months, he decided to go back UK and work for a few years. And the pay & benefits were so much better there.

To be a foreign talent in a foreign land. Irony, isn't it?

Anonymous said...

The life of a singaporean is to study, work than die. Why cant u guys just live with that? I dun see the fuss at all.

Thank God ive my own business to fall back on.


Anonymous said...

Your business will be failing soon and you will be out begging for a job.

Anonymous said...

if only.

Anonymous said...

Another government bashing blog. More originality please?

Anonymous said...

Not really a government bashing blog. In fact look around you, don't you see a huge increase of foreigners in Singapore?

Be it in schools or workplace, they are almost everywhere.

I do agree that a country do need foreign talents but there should be a limit. Even those simple jobs by admin, engineering, stat boards jobs are being taken by foreigners.

This will only deprive local jobs opportunity. Don't tell you expect a local eng. grad getting 1k salary and tell him... we must be competitive and less picky?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

sumhow, the HEN dunno how 2 count eggs..sigh

Anonymous said...

If there is no change in the FT policy, I'm afraid that in five years time, Singapore will be flooded with FT but no true Singaporean.

Anonymous said...

I earn USD8 an hr in USA. but i earn S$5 in singapore. Both are cafe waitering job... One is in NY, one in Spore. Both spending expenditure costs are the same( eg, i meal cost USD$7 and in spore S$7 too but look at our pay compared to the cost of the meal!)

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