Tuesday, November 01, 2005

SM Goh to Media : Use Freedom Responsibly.

Yesterday our very wise and experienced SM, gave a profound speech on freedom of our media. The excellent speech is responsibly published in Straits Times. I suggest you study it well to harmonise your thoughts with the PAP govt.

I've already studied his speech and here are my favorite parts:

"Even though Singapore is now more developed and our population better educated, it remains crucial for Singapore to maintain our own unique system of political governance and media model".

Of course the main uniqueness of our system is it is dominated by one political party. So it is necessary for the media to help maintain this for the good of Singaporeans.

"Nor should the media parrot the Government position."

Parrot the govt position? No it should enhance the govt position to serve the national interests. If the govt come up with a position, they should find examples and arguments to support the position. Sometimes it is even good to debate a little bit and then conclude the opposing views have no merits. As an avid reader of the Straits Times, I can say for sure that it does not merely parrot the govt position.

"As for economic prosperity, Singapore is way ahead many countries with better press freedom rankings".

Doesn't surprise me one bit. Sacrificing freedom for economic prosperity is a way of life in Singapore. Well take the example of a govt scholar, he takes the govt scholarship in exchange for a bond with binds him to work for the govt. Of course, from these scholars we choose the best for our MPs and ministers. So when they need to formulate policies, what will they trade off?...Freedom or Money?...You can't eat freedom. ...

Enhancing our economic prosperity takes precedence over our freedom. This prosperity can be seen in the magnificent govt buildings, outstanding infrastructure, excellent income of our top civil servants and ministers.....and of course the profits of our GLCs. What more can Singaporeans ask for? ...Overall, we are an affluent society.

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