Saturday, December 31, 2005

Another year in PARADISE!!!!!!!!!!

Happy New Year, Singaporeans!!! It has been a marvelous year for Singapore. Next year will be even better - you can be sure of that. Our new Prime Minister, promised that that Singapore
will become even more open in the coming years:

1. Crazy Horse has opened in Singapore and the topless show is so spectacular.

2. SexPo was opened to Singaporeans in Oct 2005.

3. The mega-Casinos will open in 2008.

See how open we have become under the new leadership of Lee Hsien Loong. However, during this year a number of people misunderstood the meaning of the Singapore govt becoming more open and did some really crazy things:

1. Andrew Kuan answered PM Lee's call for people to step forward. I guess he misunderstood that when PM Lee said step forward, it means step forward to support and join the PAP. He was severely humiliated and is now fighting defamation lawsuits. See how important it is not to misinterpret the words of our dear leaders.

2. Martyn See made a party political film about opposition leader CSJ and violated the film act. The police is now investigating him. This feller must have misunderstood the meaning of Singapore becoming more open. We are open to books and documentary that detail the great achievements of our PAP leaders but we don't want alternatives to confuse us.

3. A group of Singaporeans thought Singapore is now open to protests. Sorry wrong number! Singapore is open to protests by foreigners who will be allowed to during the WTO talks in Singapore but Singaporeans are NOT allowed to protest - the riot police will take care of you if you try.

Singaporeans should be thankful that we have become a more open society under Lee Hsien Loong. We are open to bar top dancing, casinos, gay parties, SexPo and the crazy horse cabaret. Unfortunately, some members of our society wrongly think the PAP govt is now open to alternative ideas?!!Thank goodness we have powerful laws in place to correct their misconception. For their own good, their thoughts have been corrected and people like Martyn See are monitored closely.

Singaporeans (especially the men) can look forward more openness in 2006, the kind of openness that matters - perhaps Cat 3 Hong Kong movie to spice up your mundane lives. As for the other kind of openness - alternative ideas, transparency, accountability, liberal democracy - it is totally useless and disruptive to Singaporeans' happy lives, I'm glad the govt is doing its best to minimise this wrong type of openness by outlawing protests, extending the official secrets act, and demolishing people like Martyn See.


Anonymous said...

You're absolutely right, Lucky. We are soooooo 'OPEN' now. I'm sure the whole world wants to become Singaporean and adopt our model of 'openness'. It's so fine that the moral and spiritual degradation of our society will lead to more economic prosperity for all! We are so progressive!

Who needs family bonding when you can have money and throw it away at the casinos in future, and tempt ourselves with lewd voyeurism.

I wonder, when we've seen all the nudity there is to see on the bartops, in cabarets and thrown away all our money at the casinoes, what will the govt do next to keep us entertained and keep us deluded that we're so 'open'?

Will they revert to Roman debauchery: Communal orgies? Have people thrown into the lions den at the zoo for sport? Ah, that'll be the day when we know we've finally arrived at the ultimate 'openness'.

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