Wednesday, December 14, 2005

How apathetic are Singaporeans? - Part 2

How apathetic are Singaporeans? ....Really trying to find the limits of Singaporeans' apathy is a difficult task, its going to take some time.

Man falls 4 storeys to his death. Lies dead next to a restaurant, people continue coming in and eating like nothing has happened. ..... Why should we allow a dead person to interfere with enjoyment of dining?

Highly emotional Australians who have not been through the same indifference conditioning are so shocked by the hanging of Nguyen - they protest, they lend support to his family etc - and Nguyen was just a non-elite salesman. They spend all their time and energy to save him instead of going shopping and karaoke - these Australians are so strange. In Singapore, the hanging is one big non-event, what is the big deal?

Singaporeans are so lucky. They have been trained to continue with their lives and own enjoyment no matter what happens to others in their society. long as their own well being is not affected, they can just keep going on.


Anonymous said...

3 cheers to PAP!!!!! what a job well done.

Molly Meek said...

The Sg way is to donate money to the family after the guy dies. (Think: Huang Na and mother). Be practical. Die already, nothing can save him. Later on see whether ST reports that his family is pitiful or not.

Anonymous said...

Ewww. I will try not to believe that newspaper article. If i was caught in such situation. I'll inform the authorities and not eat as thought nothing had happened.
If fact, being caught under such situation, I guess(but i think im wrong) nobody have the mood to eat.