Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Iraqi Regime Prisoners Released!!!


Very interesting article in The Times. After spending much effort to catch them and lock them up........ Iraqi scientists - Chemical Sally, Dr. Germ, etc, have been released by the US forces. Why? ....Because they can't figure out what these people did wrong!!!

These people no doubt worked for the Iraqi govt during Saddam Hussein's reign as scientists supposedly to develop various weapons including chemical ones for Iraq, but what have they done wrong? There are US scientists building nuclear weapons for the Americans and British scientists building missiles for Britain. etc. So what have these Iraqi scientists done that is different? Nothing. ...also the WMDs that the US was looking for do not exist, ...so how can these scientists be guilty of building something that doesn't exist...see the problem of locking them up?!

So after 2.5 years of jail, they were released.

The World is so lucky with US as the superpower. They are so good at eliminating threats even imaginery ones.

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whatever. non of my business. i'm a singaporean.