Thursday, December 01, 2005

My other hobby.

After reading the Straits Times very thoroughly everyday and learning about all the wonderful accomplishments of the PAP govt, I find that I've very little time left for a handful of hobbies.

One of my hobbies is investing. I've been an active investor for many years. Of course as an individual ordinary investor I cannot hope to match the performance of our elites in the GIC especially Singapore's very own Warren Buffett - Ho Ching. ....whose leadership in Temasek Holdings has helped to return a remarkable 5-7% every year.

Here's my investment blog :

My first posting is on my investment rules and strategy. As it is self formulated without any reference to the wisdom of gurus, it might seem unusual and uneducated. Forgive me for I'm just an ordinary Singaporean of "non-elite intelligence".

I'll post every single trade I make with my initial capital of US$10,000. These trades are real and are actually executed.

For those with investment acumen and have read many investment books feel free to leave comments in my investment blog - I have not read a single book nor have I been tutored by any investment guru. .... but I invite you to join in and observe "Lucky Tan's Investment Adventures".....


Anonymous said...

"War is the means by which Americans learn geography."
   -- Ambrose Bierce (1842-1914)

Anonymous said...

hey, if you aren't already at, come on over and share your thoughts. we discuss mainly unit trusts, and insurance, stocks, property etc

LuckySingaporean said...

Dear anonymous,

I'm too lazy to read other people's opinion about investing. That is why I created my own methods.