Monday, December 12, 2005

My views on NS and the Defence of Singapore....

Don't worry I'm not going to end up like Mr. Miyagi - getting warned for showing off our nation's marvelous secret edge technology on his blog. I'm just going to go through and cover the logic behind the need for defence and National Service. When you finish reading my article, you will serve your NS and reservist duties with utmost pride.

Where to start? .....

Lets just start with the facts:

1. In the past 20 years, there 're only 2 incidents of one country invading another. One is Iraq invading Kuwait, the other is US invading Iraq. Of course when US decide to invade you, the best thing to do is run and hide, don't try to fight them. Iraq was taught a lesson for its invasion, not only did they get nothing from it, trade sanctions were imposed to maximise economic pain.

2. Every single country around us depends on global trade and are inextricably connnected to rest of the world economy. They will kill themselves financially should they decide to misbehave. When their economy collapse, so will their leaders.....

3. Singapore is a little red dot. Taking Singapore will not expand your territory very much.

4. Invasions of other countries are usually carried out by countries that are run by dictator and whose actions are not accountable to the people. Our surrounding countries have become even more democratic and liberal than us........

5. In the whole wide world, only citizens of Israel serve a longer N.S. than us. South Korean living under the threat of N. Korea (which is run by a non-democratic mad man) serve 24 months of NS. Taiwan which is under direct threats from china requires one male per family to serve 22 months of N.S.

Why do we have NS? Here's why:

1. Exercise. Have you notice how many obese people there are in countries without NS? NS exists to help us save our health care cost. For some people their in camp is the only exercise they get.

2. Memories. You notice how everytime you meet your NS pals even after 15-20 years, there are always "the good old days" to talk about. NS is a great experience with many unforgettable memories.

3. Fairness. To be fair we have to keep the tradition going. Youngsters today must be given the same opportunity to experience NS otherwise its so unfair to them.

4. Discipline. It is a time to learn discipline because our schools seem to be doing such a lousy job.

I enjoyed my NS days alot and I'm glad that the govt gave me this chance to serve the nation. NS is an institution that should be preserved for as long as possible. Singapore men are so lucky to get to serve NS, I really feel sorry for those FTs who come here just for the well paying jobs, they are missing the best experience Singapore has to offer them.


Anonymous said...

'Side track abit...'
there are People purposely failed their IPPT..
Going for remedial IPPT complusary saved their COST for going for slimming course...

HA Ha ha.... LL7928

Anonymous said...

today went back ict. what i did... i slept the whole day! reservist can be a good time to take a break from hectic working life!!! thanks pap for sparing a thought for us, giving us chance to sleep relax kong jiao wei!

aNOn said...

I also agree 100%. I support NS 101%. NS really moulded my character. I become maturer, appreciate our gahmen more and love my country 102%. I think all of us who support NS should urge gahmen to extend it longer so that we have even more time to enjoy NS and become better Singapore citizens.

Anonymous said...

Are you crazy?

We have to spend 30 months playing at soldiers and suffer like dogs just to show the neighbouring countries we have a military and to attack would result in bloodshed. At the end of the day, we learn nothing and come first reservist people cannot even pass the stupid ippt. Pathetic.

And what of our women? They don't have to waste over two years of their time doing time like us. They don't give a fuck for what we guys have to go through and only know how to complain how lousy Singaporean men are. It makes you wonder if all this shit is fucking worth it.

Anonymous said...

piak piak the girls

Anonymous said...

personally i enjoy my 21/2 years and my ICT .. although at time we will curse and swear.. it is during that time that i come to know a group of buddies whom we went thru the tough and fun time as infantry soldiers.. i hate NS but i love all my buddies

Dr. Richard Lim said...

Dear "Diary of a Lucky Singaporean",

>>>>>> In the past 20 years, there're only 2 incidents of one country invading another.

It is foolhardy and extremely myopic to suggest that we base our national security on a mere 20-year history of international conflicts. You only need extrapolate a little further to recall our WW2 experience - a defenseless nation completely vulnerable to external elements. Did history not teach you anything?

On a further note, I find your analysis of various issues immature, myopic and biased. Obviously you try hard to be satirical. But it won't hide your childishness and politically-jaundiced mind.

Without Prejudice,
Dr. Richard Lim
(1 Jan 2006)

Anonymous said...

With MM Mental Monster Lee Con-You's billions stashed away, he should abolish NS and simply pay some Bangla FTs as NSmen

Anonymous said...

just found the sight, love the comments.

I agree, who would want to take over Singapore? consider, most countries would require at least 2-3 days to conquer. With a well placed blast to knock out TV and radio broadcasting, an invading army would have taken out the recall of the NS army. Perhaps even an EMP launched near the airports disables the aircrafts and a single off shore carrier with a few jets/bombers and a transport of soldiers would have the city toppled in a matter of hours. And this from the mind of a military genius that is a cook by trade. Imagine what a full blown general with all his troops at his disposal could come up with.

so, yeah, Singapore train your lads hard and strong. Only thing NS does is teach the men of Singapore to never ask questions, follow in line and never ever question your leaders. So, in the end, NS must work perfectly.

but, yeah, love your comments and posts. Very insightful.