Thursday, December 22, 2005

NKF : No laws broken!!!!

Technically speaking Durai and gang did not break any laws. What they did was unethical and deceptive but it will be a challenge to charge him in court!

1. High pay. So? Is it against the law to have high pay? Ministers also have high pay! It was approve by board of directors so we can say it is above board.

2. Wrong patient number. Instead of 1700+, it was stated as 2000. So? It was rounded to nearest thousand. Which law is broken here? None.

3. 10 cents per $ to patients. They were inefficient. So? It is not againts the law to be inefficient. BTW, how much of cost of HDB flat goes directly to building of the flat? ...NKF also market subsidy what. Compare the dialysis cost with Gleneagles hospital, patients save plenty.

4. High reserves. Hey hello?! NKF has $200M, the govt has $100B in reserves. What is wrong with high reserves?!

5. $70,000 study trip to Las Vegas. So? When the govt decide to build casino, they also send a team to Las Vegas. How much was spent?

6. Forte Systems business deals. Conflict of interest? So? It is a matter of opinion whether they give the best deal. It was the IT dept head that decided....where is he? Went back to India already.

7. Flying 1st class. So? Which law is broken? None.

8. No Transparency. So? Is everyone transparent? Is GIC transparent?

9. Abitrary increments & unclear HR policy. If staff perform well, why can't Durai as CEO increase pay?

10. Run on the ideas, whims and caprice of the chief executive. Sure. So? My current company and thousands of companies in Singapore also like that what.

What is left to charge him with is usage of company car by his wife. Maybe that will result in a fine of $5K or so.


paranoidy said...

please continue your blog. i believe it makes a difference, even to a small group of people.

Anonymous said...

Althought what you put maybe the facts. Its one side of the story. Your blog is highly brain washing.

Anonymous said...

The problem with NKF was that power was centred on only one despot. If NKF was run like our country, with power shared among the Holy Trinity of Father, Son and Daughter-in-law, then everything will be fine. Because like that got 3 people to check and balance one another.

anon said...

Actually, the Holy Trinity should be Father, Son and Holee Ghost lah.

Anonymous said...