Friday, December 23, 2005

Oh... will sure miss those NKF shows.....

The NKF patients and donors are not the only victims. The MediaCorp artistes who walked on knifes, hang upside down, risk their lives climbing tall buildings....these fellers are victims too. I heard from coffee shop talk that the each received an small gift like MP3 player for their efforts. For each show, MediaCorp received $2.5M for the production, hey don't be shocked now according to MediaCorp, this is a market subsidy of $2.5M because they gave a 50% discount on the commercial rate for charity shows. See how kind they are, why so shy to tell us only now!

I'm so shocked that Durai organised a study trip to Vegas - $70,000. Our NKF shows are so good, Vegas showbiz guys should come to Singapore to learn. Each NKF show takes in $16M, Vegas for its megashows, I don't think has a single show that makes so much in a single night. The only thing Vegas can teach us is gambling and casinos, I heard the PAP govt also organised a "study trip" to Vegas - I'm sure that trip cost much less than $70,000 because our govt is so efficient....and everyone on the trip flew economy.

I sure miss those NKF shows. It is one of the few occasions where we see MediaCorp artistes being themselves instead of acting some scripted role. The concern they showed the Kidney pateints, their immense courage and total dedication were a huge motivation for us all to try to do something for the poor. These artiste are such compassionate people, all of them were able to cry on comera during those NKF shows. Whenever, I see them cry, I can't help but to dial those 1900 numbers.

We Singaporeans are so lucky to get to enjoy those shows for so many years - I hope the new NKF continues to organise these shows - I'm sure Singaporeans will see them in a new light.

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