Monday, December 19, 2005

Only 10 cents per dollar donated goes to subsidize NKF patients!!!

There you have it that is the bottomline in the KPMG NKF report:

See what horrors transparency brings. The heart pain of realising that for every dollar you donate during those NKF shows - half went to MediaCorp for organising the show, the rest went to NKF administrative overheads and 10 cents goes to the patient.

If every cent collected went directly to the patients, kidney dialysis would have been practically free like in Malaysia.

Let me urge Singaporeans NEVER EVER let another NKF type revelation happen, it is so painful to know the truth:

1. Stop trying to dig into various institutions to find out what they are doing. Just have trust, trust makes you feel good and sleep well at night. Don't ask what GIC is doing with our reserves just accept that it is in good hands.

2. Stop asking for more transparency - otherwise what we dig out can really shock us.

Questions like : "How much of the cost of a HDB flat goes directly into building the flat? "...should be outlawed.

We have to believe that Singapore is a country of high integrity and low corruption....and continue to perpetuate this view so as to retain our good reputation to outsiders. Others will view us with envy, so long as we believe, they will also believe. Straits Times will help to play a central role in these beliefs. Imagine - if Durai did not sue Straits Times, the good times and the NKF shows would have gone on forever.....and ever. That would have been so wonderful.
Lets not forget that NKF was once viewed as a world class organisation that other countries wanted to emulate.


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