Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Protests are now illegal in Singapore

Based on the latest ruling by Judge V.K. Rajah.

It boils down to this logic:

Singaporean citizens had no right to stage protests because this would undermine “the singularly stable and upright stature Singapore has managed to uphold.”

The logic is absolutely correct. The PAP govt has taken great pains to cultivate a worldclass image, and for the good of Singaporeans this image has to be protected. We cannot allow protestors to stand on the streets and shout demands at our govt. That is simply not nice and harms the flawless image that our govt painstakingly creates.

Anyway, it is for the protestors own good to be outlawed:

1. Why waste time protesting - nothing will change anyway? Might as well go to the latest AUDIO HOUSE sale to get cheap MP3 players.

2. You can write to the feedback unit like thousands of Singaporeans or drop your suggestions for 'greater transparency' in the HDB suggestion box. If your suggestion is good, there is no reason for HDB to reject it. Who needs to stand in the hot sun when there are suggestion boxes in all the ministries.

3. If you feel stress out and need to protest, please go to Hong Kong where the people are used to protests. In Singapore, people will stare at you like you landed from outer space. People will comment "why these clowns standing in the hot sun?!"....."why are they blocking my way to the shopping center"

4. Remember more Singaporeans will attend Robinson sale than your protests. It is so pathetic and sad to be a protester in Singapore. The law to prevent protests is for your own good, the govt does not want you to be sad.

5. Hong Kong protestors have been able to bring about greater democracy, accountability, welfare for the people, and improvements to the justice system. After reading Straits Times everyday for 40 years, all these things means nothing to Singaporeans so there is little reason to protest in Singapore.

We are so lucky that protests are outlawed in Singapore and that information given to the citizens are consistent and straightforward. It is a waste of energy and time to organise protests - instead of spending the time at a karaoke, buffet and shopping. We are lucky to have a govt that wants us to use the our time constructively for our own enjoyment, ...have you guys gone to the Crazy Horse show - simply spectacular. When the casino is built, there is even less reason for protests as there is more Singaporeans can do to entertain themselves. Banning protests is a wonderful step forward for Singapore!


Anonymous said...

The latest ruling by Judge V.K. Rajah on the right to stage protests apply ONLY to Singapore citizens NOT foreigners.

For those people who want to have the right to stage protests in Singapore, please give up your Singapore citizenship which doesn't cost much today.

Your damage is only S$5,000.00. Very cheap price to pay to "siam" your national service to the Singapore Inc.

Anonymous said...

gahmen say wat we follow lah why so many comprains? dunch understan eu peepur

Anonymous said...


Foreigners can protest all they want about their country'sissues. Just like the Falungong guys, who cares?

But if they harm our esteem organisations like the CPF, HDB or GIC - load have mercy on their souls.

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