Saturday, December 03, 2005

Singapore makes MAJOR concession in Nguyen case!

Singapore buckled under pressure and allowed Nguyen's mom to hold his hand a day before his execution!!!

Boy this is serious. How can we make a concession of such magnitude. Just because Australia allow our troops to train there we allow rules in Singapore to be broken?! How can this happen?! No Singaporean death row prisoner has been allowed physical contact how can we make an EXCEPTION. This is Singapore, we cannot afford this type of things to happen, it will destroy us in the long run and ruin our way of life. Our civil service elite should have insisted that his mom wear gloves so there will be 'technically no contact'.

The PAP has told us that we in Singapore should not condone the breaking of rules - that was why Nguyen has to be hanged in the first place. If you forget to insert your cashcard passing through the ERP, you get fined. If you fail to pay your fine because your mother is sick and need the money for medical bills, you go to jail. If you can't afford to pay your daughter's school fees, you will be denied her PSLE results. Fill out one line in a form wrongly and you are not allowed to stand for election (James Gomez incident).

Singapore govt has always applied rules consistent and diligently, we cannot allow EXCEPTIONS to destroy us. NEVER. There should be a board of inquiry convened for this hand holding incident.


Anonymous said...

Wow. They even let them inside the prison. Such a compassionate country. Black and White.

Anonymous said...

So they let them hold hands. Big deal. Why shouldn't a bit of compassion be shown to Van Nguyen's mother, she is guilty of nothing.

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