Saturday, December 17, 2005

Singapore Tourists Shocked in Hong Kong!!!

Sometimes Singaporeans expect countries they visit to be like Singapore. These people are just asking for DISAPPOINTMENT. Take Hong Kong as an example, people say, its size, history under the British and the fact that it is an island makes it somewhat similar. However, a number of Singaporeans were stunned by an event that occurs routinely in Hong Kong - protests.

When asked by the reporter if such events will ever take place in Singapore, the lucky Singaporean girl said:

"Never, our government is too efficient"

Yesiree, if 4 protestors appear in Singapore, 12 riot police will appear instantly to take care of them. If 200 protestors appear, the whole SAF can be instantly mobilised to take care of them.
That explains why protests don't exist in Singapore. It is illegal anyway, if more 4 people protest, the law is broken. If less than 4 people protest, it is also broken under miscellaneous disturbance of peace.

We are so lucky to be Singaporeans. Our govt is so efficient.


Molly Meek said...

4 protestors: 12 poliice?

I thought it was 4 protestors: 40+ police?

Anonymous said...

Enjoying your blog Lucky Tan. Please keep it up. I am Aussie but know Singapore quite well. Best iwshes


LuckySingaporean said...


Yes, I've been reading about Australia through a series of depressing articles in the Straits Times.

My condolences that you're an Australian citizen. Your streets are totally unsafe and filled with drug addicts. Race riots and total chaos. Homeless people fill the streets and the state of Vietnamese immigrants is deplorable.

All this I learned from Singapore's newspapers, which coincidently took an interest in Australia recently.

I'm glad we have newspapers that let us have this feeling that we are living in the best place on earth. Singaporeans are so lucky.

Anonymous said...

Wow! What a utopia. Nobody ever protests- if they do, they are 'taken care of'. My milk shake has more spice than singapore. No wonder nobody cares for singapore and its sad little citizens who think in terms of 'this is bad' and 'that is worse'. Your coutnry is truly a disgrace to the entire freedom-loving humanity.

A concerned Indian

Anonymous said...

why so concerned?

we mind our own business and we're happy. what more can you ask for in live?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Ok, before i post another comment, I need a clarification. Is this sattire? Are you guys actually protesting your government ways? If it is sattire, its perhaps too subtle. You should leave a bigger hint.
Now, if it is not sattire, then you are truly a disgrace to humanity. 'we are happy, what more can you ask for in life'- WOW. The technology that makes you so happy did not happen because people thought they were content. And no, Singapore minds everybody's business since it is an economic hub. You are truly, the parasites of this world. While we, in the rest of the world, push boundaries and experiment and become better, a singaporean sits on his couch and writes about how lucky he is. I cant hate you enough. If I was to puke on you, I'd think it wasnt enough.

An uber concerned Indian