Saturday, December 10, 2005

Straits Times: London's Awful Homeless problem.

After reading Straits Times multi-page exclusive about the homeless people in London, I feel so glad that I'm living in Singapore where there are no homeless people.
There used to be people sleeping in tents at Changi beach but the govt managed to solve the problem by requiring campers to have permits. I guess they are now living in comfortable homes.

I have seen many people sleeping at HDB void decks, I was thinking these people probably fell asleep out of boredom and forgot to go home.

In the report above, each homeless person in gets 56 pounds (about S$150?) per week from the British govt, it is not enough for rent + food so the homeless people in the picture decided to spend all their pounds on cappuccino and sandwitch. Somehow the British homeless are not too smart right? .... You can't get a place in London for 56 pounds, but there are much cheaper places in Newcastle. ....guess they like the museums and art galleries in London alot.

We are so lucky to be in Singapore where there's no homeless problem and everyone has a nice comfortable home to go back to.


ereserves said...

i am sure we are luckier than our first-world contemporaries. we need to be self-sufficient. our people need to find their own ways to survive in singapore! mr. lucky tan...... if the government gave out money like that, singapore people would be very lazy.... and our machines will need oiling!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

The campers at changi beach are not without homes. These shitholes just want a free personal chalet by the side of the sea. My only beef is that they should have been chased out long long ago.

The thing about singaporeans is that you give them an inch and they will want to take a yard.