Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Suicide at Kallang MRT!

Another one?....Yes, today at 2.30pm. They should impose the death penalty on people who commit suicide at MRT!!! .....They are costing the MRT extra for cleaning the blood off the undercarriage, the MRT might have to increase fares due to these suicides.

Why do the lucky people of Singapore want to kill themselves anyway? Death by MRT is such a horrible way to go.


BEAST said...

National favorite past time: Jumping off HDB flats.

Nowadays, jumping onto MRT tracks comes a close second.

Anonymous said...

Kinda sad to hear such news when everyone still having holiday mood.

At least he is considerate enough not to jump during peak hours.


jim said...

you've written some decent stuff. but, satire or not, this post is a morbidity too far.